9 Essential Tips to Reverse Aging and be Young?

Natural aging is very common for everyone. This aging process is very normal and plays an important role in our life. The aging affects our skin and health both, but our skin shows the signs of natural aging mostly. It is very natural for our skin and specially face to lose the natural fullness. As the skin becomes drier and thinner, so it looks tired and aged. And the immune system also becomes poor with aging. Studies show that the woman looks or tends to look more aged than the men. Also a study carried out in 2012 showed that 57% of the women look aged in real life than their actual age. Even the bones and immune system of females tends to become weaker, that too by 14.7% faster than that of men. So in this article we are going to discuss how to reverse the aging process.

9 Essential Tips to Reverse Aging and be Young ichhori.com

Is reverse aging actually possible?

In 2019, a clinical study with some limited subjects was being carried out in California to understand for the first time if it is possible for reversing the epigenetic clock of the body that measures the biological age of a person. 9 healthy volunteers were being provided with a mixture of 3 common medicines or drugs amongst which 2 were diabetes medications and 1 was growth hormone. After a year they were found to shade 2.5 years on an average from their biological ages when it was measured through the analyzing marks of a person’s genomes. The immune systems of the participants also recorded some signs of rejuvenation. The results were surprising even to the organizers of the trial. But this finding was preliminary as the trial did not include a control arm and was small. But since then several experiments are going on for carrying out the process of reverse aging . But carrying out this process of reverse aging can be really costly and inculcating this growth hormone in diet might lead to some other ailments like diabetes. So, some easier methods of reversing the aging process are being discussed over here.

Hydrating, hydrating and hydrating

The basic step for keeping yourself healthy, fine and younger is by hydrating it. Drinking at least 3 to 4 litres of water everyday can really turn out to be helpful because if you are healthy from inside then it is definitely going to reflect outside. Apart from drinking water, consuming a lot of fresh fruits, mainly water based like lemons and watermelons can actually be helpful. Also keep on applying moisturizer regularly to your skin for keeping it hydrated and to make it look its best. 

Protecting yourself from overexposure of sun

We understand that spending a day on the beach can be really tempting but if you want to do it then using proper protection from the sun is very much essential. Always cover your skin by using a sunscreen containing proper UV protection with a broader spectrum that needs to be of spf 30 or higher along with being water resistant. You can also cover your skin with the help of shades, by using protective clothing, a wide brimmed hat or sunglasses. 

Intaking a healthy and well balanced diet

The findings from several studies have suggested that eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps in staying healthy and maintaining  the age in 92% of the population. Always try to prevent consuming lots of refined carbohydrates along with sugar as they accelerate the ageing process by 35%.

Reduce the rate of smoking or drinking alcohol 

Smoking is going to speed up the skin’s age very fast. It is responsible for causing a dull and shallow complexion besides giving you noticeable wrinkles. Also alcohol acts to be very rough on your skin. As it dehydrates your skin so with time your skin gets damaged which will make you look a lot older.

Doing exercises or practicing yoga

Findings from a couple of studies have shown that free hand exercises along with some moderate level exercises helps in improving the blood circulation besides boosting the immune system. Thereafter, it means that they would be giving your body youthful appearance. Practicing yoga helps in developing mindfulness which in turn helps to  diminish your stress level. Staying distressed means that you are going to look younger. 

Washing the skin time to time, especially after sweating heavily

You need to regularly clean your skin for removing the excess dirt and sweat from the top most layer of your skin. Also wash your face twice every day and follow it with a toner or moisturizer. Don’t forget to clean the skin after hitting the gym or any physical activities which makes you sweat profusely.

Taking aloe vera supplements

Definitely aloe vera has several healing properties. A study conducted in 2008 suggested that consuming an aloe vera supplement daily helps in reducing the skin aging symptoms within 90 days. Another study recorded that applying Aloe gel all over the skin significantly helps in reducing the appearance of the wrinkles besides hydrating the skin. So you can use  a gel or cream containing aloe vera or even take daily aloe vera supplements after consulting a nutritionist.

Using topical vitamin C

Vitamin C being an antioxidant boosts the collagen production of your skin. It naturally occurs in several fresh vegetables and fruits so by taking them would be making you to reverse the aging process from inside. Applying a topical gel that contains vitamin C helps to improve the appearance of skin by 41% and reduces the signs of other damages on skin. In 2008 a small study was conducted where 10 people were applied with vitamin C gel on one side of the face and on the other side another gel was applied which contained no additional ingredients. All the study subjects resulted by showing less signs of sun damage and ageing signs on the particular side of the face which was being treated with vitamin C gel.  vitamin C is excellent in hydrating the skin, promotes collagen production and also decreases inflammation.

Taking help of a dermatologist

As the skin is the outer source which makes the females especially to look aged, so a doctor can be visited who specializes with the conditions of the skin for some proper treatment. A dermatologist will be examining your skin visually and might be learning about your lifestyle and health habits before starting the treatment. The treatment for reverse ageing might include the following:

  •  Involving topical vitamin A retinol or topical antioxidants and collagen in diet. Because they are very active in rejuvenating the cells which helps in making you look younger.
  • Using some skin tightening therapies like that of ultherapy
  • Using soft tissue or dermal fillers
  • Carrying out facelift surgery.

Always remember that our lifestyle and environment choices can lead our skin towards aging prematurely. Especially smoking, drinking and over exposure to the Sun along with keeping the body dehydrated can be the real culprits. Studies have shown that smoking causes aging much earlier in 38% of women. So follow the simple steps which have been mentioned above besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to make yourself glow both from inside and outside. 

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