Why am I not able to Conceive? What are the main reasons?

'Conceiving the baby' is the prior most dream of a woman post getting married to her soulmate! 

Unfortunately, 18-20% may feel symptoms like irregular periods, miscarriages, menstrual cramps which are the direct signs that may lead to infertility. 

Inability to get pregnant can affect a woman's mental health severely which further may minimize the chances of her getting pregnant for a lifetime, researchers say. Staying calm and trying it naturally is the best way to get pregnant. 

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Patience is the key! Getting into sexual intercourse with a bunch of stress or pushing too hard to get pregnant can only leave you in distress and misery.

Let's understand today the underlying reasons for infertility -

Relevant Facts 

  • According to the CDC - National Survey of Family Growth, 2006 to 2010, approximately 11.9% (7.4 million) of women have faced the infertility issue at least once in their lifetime. 
  • As per the research, '95% of the couples can conceive normally after attempting to get pregnant for two years.'
  • As per the American Society For Reproductive Medicine, 'Millions of the U.S. people face the highest number of infertility concerns that's the result of the combinations of male and female internal issues or ⅓ of male infertility and ⅓ of female infertility.'
  • As per the CDC - National Survey of Family Growth, from 2006 to 2010, almost 12% of women OR every 1 out of 8 partners faced infertility issues.  
  • According to the 'American Society For Reproductive Medicine, Drug therapy and surgical treatments are carried to treat almost 85% to 90% of infertility cases. Advanced Diagnostics tools like IVF - In Vitro Fertilization, are required only in less than 3% of infertility cases. 

What's the right time to approach a Doctor?

Obtaining the solution as soon as it occurs can help you get into a happy place for a prolonged time! 

'As per Researchers, one should be aware of the age factors before jumping onto having infertility.'

The following age factors will define what to do next? 

Age till 35 - Folks falling under this age must attempt to get pregnant at least one year before visiting the doctor for an infertility issue.

Age between 35 to 40 - Folks falling under this age must attempt to get pregnant at least six months before visiting the doctor for an infertility issue.

Age above 40 - Folks falling under this age will be advised to get treated immediately for an infertility issue.

Why am I not able to conceive? Reasons for Infertility

1.Fallopian Tubes are Barricaded

Fallopian Tubes, if destroyed, damaged, or blocked can lead to stopping the sperm from reaching the egg. In case the egg is fertilized, it can stop its further route within the uterus.  

Below are some of the underlying reasons for the damage of Fallopian tubes -

    • Prior abdomen or pelvis surgery like Ectopic Pregnancy - where the egg which has fertilized, develops on the fallopian tube rather than developing itself in the uterus.
    • Pelvic inflammatory disease-related infections - which take place because of infections caused due to STD's Sexually transmitted diseases, gonorrhea, and fallopian tubes or uterus infection (because of chlamydia).
    • An unusual disease, rarely found in the U.S. is known as 'Pelvic tuberculosis,' which results in tubal infertility.

2.Existing Medical Concerns

If you are undergoing some medical issues and taking antibiotics for it, then it may cause infertility in both Men and Women. 

Some of the existing medical problems that might lead to infertility are -

    • Thyroid Issue  
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • Diabetic Patient
    • Depression
    • Lupus

As per the experts, 'You must seek advice from your doctor before consuming any medication. Tell your doctor everything about your existing health issues which may be the major cause of infertility.'

3.Underlying Endometriosis Issue

The situation of 'Endometriosis' takes place when the tissue that is supposed to grow on the uterus, ends up growing somewhere else. It causes extra tissue growth which needs to be further removed via survey. 

The usage of surgery leads to further scarring to that area which blocks the eggs from getting fertilized. In this state, the fallopian tubes get completely blocked due to which the egg and the sperm don't unite. 

Endometriosis leads to the following -

    • Severely affects the uterus lining
    • Cause the disturbance leading to fertilized egg implantation.  
    • Indirect side effects on fertility like egg or sperm damage.

4.Ovulatory dysfunction

It's what gives birth to INFERTILITY! Ovulation is the process of eggs getting released from the ovary.

Researchers also revealed the fact that - 'Almost 40% of the folks who aren't able to conceive with ovaries suffer from Ovulatory dysfunction syndromes.'

The two common types of Ovulatory dysfunction are -

    • Oligo Ovulation
    • Anovulation

'Anovulation,' is a state where the woman is unable to get pregnant because of 'Unavailability of egg to get Fertilised.' It's what we call the absence of an ovulation state! 

'Oligo Ovulation,' is a state where the women experience the irregular or partial ovulation.'

Researchers say, 'even after the normal ovulation, there ain't any 100% guarantee of getting pregnant.'

5.Male Infertility

You may encounter the case where a woman is completely healthy to conceive a baby but still, there is something that is holding this miracle to happen! Such things happen when the male partner isn't capable enough to get you pregnant. 

Male Infertility Facts -

  • Less than 1% of the males show the symptoms of male infertility.
  • According to experts, 'Semen Analysis - A test is Carried to check the male sperm & serum health and to detect male infertility issues.'
  • As per the research-based facts, in 20% to 30% of the cases, the problem of infertility lies from the man's side. 
  • As per the researchers, 40% of the infertility issues are from both the men's and the women's side.

6.Unclarified Infertility

Currently, we still hold the record of almost 10% to 30% of married couples who are healthy with no major health issues but aren't able to conceive yet. 

Doctors say these people fall under the category of 'Undiagnosed Fertility,' - we are lacking in our research to find answers for these category people. 

But, they should still be treated with fertility medications which work in the case of 10% of couples.

7.Jumping to Douches 

Douches may seem refreshing but these fancy products aren't a very great idea for fertility. They consist of antiseptics along with fragrances which may hinder the process of ovulation.

Douches normally change the PH value of your vagina and behave like a spermicide.

According to Dr. Curtis - MD and Co-author of 'Your Pregnancy, Week by Week' -  'Personal Lubricants used to increase the sex power, generally lowers the sperm count and hinders it's mobility to the right direction.'

Threatening Factors causing Infertility

  • Alcohol
  • Previous Sexual Intercourse  
  • Smoking
  • Improper Weight
  • Age Factor

Prevention and Cures of Infertility

  • Stop the intake of Alcohol
  • Stay Stress-Free
  • Manage the daily dose of caffeine (not more than 200mg)
  • Put a full stop to Smoking 
  • Avoid under/overweight

Key Takeaways

A great saying says "God Helps those who help themselves," - so, stop waiting for a miracle to happen and indeed create miracles yourself! What I meant to state here is - Approach doctors once you have tried your best enough and are still stuck with infertility. Take care of your age factor and approach the doctors accordingly, in case of any critical situation you feel you are in, like having enormous pain while having sex or lower abdomen pain after sexual intercourse, consult the doctor straightaway. 



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