Top 5 Tips to find True Love online in 2022!

Many people question whether they can actually find true love online or not. If you are amongst those people still trying to figure out how to find true love online, then you must know that if you have not tried online dating, it could be quite rough. In this age of Tinder, “sup” is a full sentence and boys are lurking beyond each swipe. Nobody wants to meet in a coffee shop or a bar. 

Contrary to this, everyday people very meet online, hang out and some of them end up spending life together. It is a wonderful experience. As per experts, you should be authentic at the same time, hook up, go on dates and not just play around. Many times, a person’s profile can be different from his real personality. Look for someone who is emotionally available. In this post, some tips are given by experts on how to find true love online. 

Find true love

1.Be Selective: As per Gina Stewart, a dating expert, the mantra to find true love online is “Get More Dates.” You should meet various people and figure out which one fits your personality. There is no concept like meeting enough. If you like somebody, try meeting more people. You never know, who is going to be your perfect match. 

Additionally, the selective way is to write an appealing profile. It should be very precise about your likings, choices and preferences. Make a very selective profile, so that your reader should come to know about you immediately and then, he or she can take the decision. 

 Make your profile attractive by putting likes and dislikes and reasons behind it. Make it clear and crisp. Even if something is controversial, do not hesitate. Let your reader know about you. Let your thoughts match with theirs. In this way you will be able to get a compatible match and true love.  Try and connect with someone on your true and unique stories. 

2.Be Positive: As per Elly Klein, dating and relationship expert, you will definitely find true love online as she believes in that and has used online dating, for her own benefits. For 10 years, she dated online and had several boyfriends. She has also written a book about dating named, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates. Where it comes to online dating, she is a big believer and her tip is to have a great and a positive attitude towards it. 

Online dating requires a lot of energy, time and effort. You should do everything with a positive vibe. Do not get disappointed if it takes time. Let go of your past and look forward to something pleasant coming in your life. 

3.An Engaging Profile: Klein says after a great attitude comes a great profile. Online dating can be successful if:

  • You exactly know what to say, what kind of a relationship and person you are looking for.
  • Whatever you say should be in an engaging manner. 

Now let’s take point one and discuss. You should know what to say does not mean that it should be like a tape recorder, what I had for lunch, breakfast, dinner, where did you go, what you did for the day etc. It means that you should know exactly what you are looking for in a relationship, what kind of a partner you want. Let the exchange of talks be open for surprises. Do not close your mind. 

Another thing which should be kept in mind is, don’t simply write adjectives. Turn them into stories or anecdotes. For example, saying that I am active would be too simple and boring, rather try and write something different like, I like to go around the town on Thursday nights or I keep myself occupied on the weekends. Another example would be, don’t say I am funny. Say I like cracking jokes as I am hilarious or my sense of humor is amazing. You can add some punch lines. 

These things might not be easy for people. They find it very difficult to write such lines and are not able to explain themselves well. With the help of above mentioned points, you can write an amazing profile. 

4.Be Authentic: MeetMindful CEO and Founder Amy Baglan says, singles are gearing up to online dating means for conscious and healthy living. It is not necessary that they are looking for a time pass. Many people get their life partners and true love through online dating websites. 

Amy’s company MeetMindful is "built on the premise of building meaningful connections with like-minded people." This website is not for physical attraction or casual hookups. While creating your profile on MeetMindful, you will be asked about how you integrate mindfulness practices in your life, what are your mantras on the same. It is not like Tinder. 

Amy says to find love, you have to be honest and your authenticity is shown by your profile as you are supposed to show your true self. Some people think that they will not be able to attract the right person, if they write about their true self. But for your information, how can your relationship last, if you are going to start it on a fake note. 

You are also supposed to share two pictures, one half-length and the other one in full length. If people like you, they will definitely approach you. It is advised that try and put natural pictures, avoid putting make-up etc. Do not waste your time in impressing, be your real self. 

5.Talk on the phone before meeting in person: Firstly, the conversations should be on call and not over messages. Hear their voice; communicate for about 15-20 minutes. Get to know each other. You will easily be able to figure out in that time whether there is enough chemistry or not or you are getting bored, or getting entertained, etc. Many people are too cheesy. Avoid such people. 

MeetMindful gives clarity to its users by providing options for expressing clearly about their relationship and what they are actually looking for. Everybody has their own perception about relationships, for example, long-term relationships, marriage, dating, friendship, etc. be upfront as to what you want and what do you see in your partner. A lot of people look for love and sex. So, by clearing their expectations, you will not waste anybody’s time. There is about me section in the profile section, fill it with each and every detail of who you are and what are your expectations. Do not beat around the bush. 

If you are looking for true love, then honesty is the key. Eventually, with true love, you get a very close intimate relationship also. If you are seeking only physical relationships, then that relationship also won’t last. When it is our first date, many people rush towards being intimate, but this would leave a very bad impression on the other one. 

If it’s your first date, then do not compromise your expectations and beliefs. Finding love is very easy, until and unless you know how to approach it. Try to ask meaningful questions and answer his or her questions genuinely. Make sure you are not a sex object, but a simple and lovable human beings that requires love. 

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