What if my Husband saw me on Tinder?

Have you been caught after cheating over your partner through tinder and now you have no clue about what you have to do? Might be your partner got the report from some of his acquaintances, friends or got to see the app on your phone. Either way you have actually been caught after betraying your partner to whom you have promised to be faithful forever. Although, definitely Tinder is a platform that serves for connecting people which does not have any barriers for married women, so you are not doing any illegal activities. But still if you are worried about saving your relationship or saving yourself then you have landed on the right page.

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We understand if you get caught by your husband then it is definitely going to be ugly only if it has not been already. That’s why we’re here in order to help you to deal with the toughest times of your life.

Understanding the reaction of your husband

Everyone has their own way of reacting to betrayal. It depends on the kind of personality of your husband that either they might get really angry and ask for a divorce. Or maybe they will throw things at you, will be screaming aloud or they can abuse you mentally or physically. They might even become really cold and quiet and stop talking to you or they can break down completely into tears. The reaction would also be depending on how intense your cheating level was and whether you were only having a fling with your connections, any type of one night stand with your matches or you have actually linked yourself into a serious physical and mental relationship! So your first step is to identify the reaction of your partner. 

Getting through the immediate aftermath after getting caught

You must be wondering what should be your role while you are facing any of the above mentioned actions. We suggest that just let your husband do whatever they want to and don’t try to calm them down initially. You have to understand that you have screwed up a big time right now and that is why your husband is going to freak out over it. 

Now it is the time to stop making the situation worsen

The worst thing which you could be doing if your partner is super angry over you is becoming defensive or gas lighting your partner about the whole range of activities. Do not tell them that they are overreacting or it is not a big deal and do not just create a series of lame excuses as it will heat up the whole scenario. Just never say that you were drunk while you started this or do not simply blame the other person with whom you have connected over tinder. You can obviously use some white lies but only if your husband believes them, otherwise you’re my escalating the things.

Fake it till you make it ladies!

Although there are several ways of hiding your activities of tinder from your husband, if your luck is actually bad and you get caught by your husband, then act smart instead of being nervous. If he accidentally finds your account from some other places instead of your phone, then you can always make it up that it is not your profile rather some other person may be using your pictures and details for creating a fake ID of their own and you have no idea about it. 

Hide all the evidences

If you do not want to confront your partner and you have already lied that it was a fake profile, then you have to destroy all the proofs like pictures, voice notes, videos or cash receipts or anything else regarding the app if you don’t want to get caught red handed by your husband. Also even if you have confronted everything to your partner then also you need to throw all the evidence because all these details will only make your husband feel worse.

Look up to how your husband found you out on tinder

Yes, it is very important to make it clear how your husband got to know. If he saw the app or any notifications  in your phone or any friend or acquaintance informed him then there is nothing you can do about it. But if he is also secretly on Tinder which you did not have any idea of and that’s how you got caught, then the game can reverse ladies. Confront him that why he was using tinder and then you guys need to sit and talk about your future. You can both move apart if you want a mutual divorce or you can talk about it and settle it down between yourself by giving your relationship a new chance.

Lastly, do not forget to ask yourself why you opted for tinder!

Definitely modern technology has been helping the women who are unsatisfied in their marriage relationships by finding a new way to their self-satisfaction. The technology is also providing so many impulses that,  56% of women who are  not contented with their relationships use various dating apps and Tinder is one of the best places for having a fling in the safest or easiest ways. We know it helps to find any men for friendship or relationships, as it allows you to market yourself in the perfect way. So, identify the points of your  unhappiness or restlessness in your present relationship and look out for what exactly happened. Was there something you were uncomfortable with, or have your husband changed and you can no longer connect with him, or you don’t find him sexually attractive anymore? Or did you just become bored of him! 

Research shows that mostly the housewives tend to use tinder other than the working wives and the ratio is 63% versus 28.2 %. It has also been found that 71% of the married women using tinder are only for fling or casual friendships or relationships, while 17% of the women are there for one stand and only 12.5% of the married women are there for serious relationships. 

Once you identify the answers of the questions, it would be easier for you to face your husband and you can make your life better. Ask yourself whether you actually connect with some match from tinder or you used it just for a fling or for spicing up things in your life? Even if you are unable to explain to your husband the reasons for your cheating because they are unethical, it is very important for yourself. In order to be in a better position you need to be totally honest to yourself about why you actually did it.

Although, it is always better to stay honest in the relationships and to discuss the reasons for your unhappiness  with your partner. But if you insist on having another partner on the side, then definitely tinder is one of the best places to start and that too as long as you can keep your account successfully secret from your husband. And even if you get caught it’s really important to identify that whom you want to live with in the future, so decide wisely!





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