Why Tinder bans account?

 “Why Tinder bans your account?”

Tinder is an international online dating service that allows you to meet new people, grow your social network, and meet locals in 190+ countries. In 2020, males made up 76.9% of Tinder users. Tinder has been used to make 30 billion matches. Tinder matches account for 13.6% of all marriage proposals. In the year 2020, 39% of users were divorced, single, or widowed. Tinder users in 2020 ranged in age from 30 to 44 years old, accounting for 19% of the total. About 15% of the population was in their late teens to late twenties. The Tinder app can be downloaded in 196 countries. The United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and France are the five countries with the most Tinder profiles.

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When you try to log in to Tinder, you'll get a notice informing you that you've been banned. While most people believe that getting banned from Tinder is difficult, each app has its unique set of rules. Tinder also has certain basic guidelines that are distinct from those of other applications, and if you don't follow them, you'll be banned very soon.

Tinder has implemented safety precautions and processes to safeguard its users. Both male and female Tinder users may face the possibility of being banned from the app. Your Tinder account, email address, and IP address are all banned by Tinder. This is to make it impossible for you to create a new account on their platform.

Reasons why your Tinder account got banned

Tinder takes reports very seriously, and you will be banned if you get numerous reports, or if many individuals report you. You might get banned from Tinder for a variety of reasons.

  1. Inappropriate and offensive language

If you use improper language, you have a good risk of being banned. When you use offensive language in a chat, the person on the other end of the line has the authority to report your account. It doesn't matter what sort of obscenities you throw at your matches; it's prohibited. Over 50% of those who have been blocked have used offensive or inappropriate language. On Tinder, hate speech is not tolerated. Do not promote or spread any content that incites hatred toward a group or individual. Religion, nations, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, age, and other aspects are among them.

  1. Spamming

Tinder may ban your account if it suspects you of spamming or having a spam account. If you keep messaging someone who isn't interested in you, you'll be blocked or warned. Tinder will also detect and prohibit copy and paste of the same message to various contacts. It's possible that it'll collect numerous "Feels like Spam" responses from the matching connection. Tinder doesn't like it when their servers are overwhelmed or when its users are irritated. Copying one sentence and putting it in all your conversations is one form of spam you should avoid. Even if it is well-intentioned, placing a link to an external website is considered spam.

  1. Posting inappropriate pictures

Tinder has a picture policy that is quite stringent. No one wants to view such photographs. As a result of these photos, you will be banned from Tinder. It's fine to post a photo with some skin showing, but it's against Tinder's rules to publish indecent photos. Tinder prohibits offensive pictures or animal carcasses because it feels they belong in an exhibition and are unfit for Tinder.

Instead of making you popular, posting nude or violent photographs will result in you being removed from the app. Nude pictures sent without their consent are disliked by 99.999 percent of women. Normal people, on the other hand, are not looking forward to viewing violent images. Nude photos receive 5x less likes than photos of the face, according to data. Any indecency will very certainly be reported, and you will be banned without doubt. Bios must adhere to the same criteria; no sexually explicit content should be used.

  1. Fake profiles and policy violation

One of the most common causes for Tinder account bans is a fake profile. On Tinder, there are numerous phoney or scam profiles whose goal is to breach data, engage in cyberbullying, or even belong to sexual predators. The first step in being unbanned on Tinder is to provide specific personal interests on your account using your correct information. Similarly, if you come across some fraudulent Tinder accounts, you may report them. Tinder's developers will determine whether or not to block that user once you notify them. Tinder's creators are always working on ways to deal with fraudulent accounts. 

Catfishing is a phrase that has recently entered the online dating lexicon. It's against the rules to pretend to be someone you're not. Some men and women pretend to be attractive when they are not. Some use it to attract the attention of individuals who would not otherwise pay attention to them. Others have more nefarious motives, such as extortion.

  1. Racist comments

If the Tinder team notices racist comments, the contact is promptly informed, and if the conduct continues, the account is banned. Tinder takes racism extremely seriously, so you won't get a second chance. Racism, in any form, will not be allowed. If you call someone out on a racial basis, you will be reprimanded, and there is no way around this prohibition. If the comment does not strike you as racist, it may strike them as such, and they may immediately hit the report button. Even the most insignificant things, such as song lyrics, may lead you into trouble.

  1. Being homophobic

Tinder is for everyone, including the LGBTQ community. As a result, if you're a little homophobic, you'll be banned from Tinder. As a result, while creating your Tinder profile, be sure to declare your sexual preference or interest clearly and respectfully. There's no reason to initiate a conversation with these individuals just to offend and chastise them. Tinder does not tolerate homophobic words or acts, therefore you might quickly be banned from the app. You're under no obligation to share their choices, ideas, or beliefs, so ignore them and focus on your matches.

  1. Being underage

Tinder decided to discontinue service for users under the age of 18 in 2016. Even making a joke about being underage is prohibited. It's not difficult to discover that you're under the age of 18, and if you're banned, you might not be able to make an account when you're older.

  1. Promotions

Tinder is not the place to promote a business, a campaign, or your blog, or shamelessly pestering people to follow you on Instagram. So if you're discovered advertising someone or something other than yourself as a date-worthy individual, you'll be banned from Tinder. You should not use the profile you created to advertise any company or product; it is intended for talking, meeting new people, and attempting online dating. Making people follow you on Instagram or other social media platforms is also part of the promotion process. Tinder isn't the best place to find new Instagram followers and likes. Tinder can readily detect this conduct, and after a few reports, you will be banned.

Other conduct that could get you banned from Tinder are:

  • Getting reported multiple times
  • Sexism
  • Inactive profile
  • Having multiple accounts
  • Promoting prostitution
  • Using third party apps

These few considerations should help you figure out which conduct is acceptable and which is not. Finally, it's up to the person who receives the messages - if he or she doesn't get the joke, you may be in serious trouble.


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