What are the Best ways to make money online SAFELY for females in 2021 ?

Since ages earning money has always been linked up with the traditional offline methods and it was restricted to offline methods only for several years. But currently with the surge in the internet and connections which is controlling a huge part of all our life, various online methods have been open up for earning money. Also as the  lockdown commenced in March 2020, since then most of the jobs have started with work from home options. Also it has boosted the confidence of more women to start their career online. Currently 58% of the jobs are going on through online mode. 

Benefits of doing online jobs or work from home

For women who are housewives the online route of earning money is a very good choice as it will help them in increasing the financial inflows of their households, thus giving them some extra power. Even working women are also opting for earning money online for having a secondary income stream. At present more than 35% of the female students in India are trying to earn money online with the help of their skills. But it is very important to stay mindful regarding the platform you would be using for earning money. 

Studies show that 42% of the females have ditched the 9 to 5 job and have started working from their home by using the internet. Undoubtedly, there are lots of advantages like the working hours would be flexible you can give more time to your family which means a seamless work life balance, a lot of time would be saved as you won’t have to travel to and from your workplace and also you should be able to connect with a lot of people. So some probable ways through which females can earn money online are given below. 


Since years freelancing has always been a popular method for earning some money online and the internet has several choices for it. Various websites are there who offer freelance tasks, to women having required skills and some of them are seasonal too. So, you have to get ready with your online account and then after browsing through the job listings, apply for the jobs which you think are suitable for you and your skillset. Some websites also offer you to create some personal listings by including the details of your interest and skills and then the clients would be contacting you directly. 

But always keep in mind that you would be paid after successfully completing the assigned task when it gets approved by the client. You might also need to revise the work various times as per the requirements of the clients you are working for.

2.Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging is one of the most popular sources of passive income. If you are truly passionate regarding a particular topic which ranges from fitness, health, food, travel, fashion, photography, cooking or even gardening, then you can definitely start working with your own blog. People are starting micro blogging by using Instagram. The amount which is being gained through blogging is really good and you can get your income from Google AdSense or influencer marketing. 

The video format of a blog is known as vlog. You can start with your own vlogs which can be travel vlogs, food vlogs, craft vlogs or DIY vlogs. You can even carry out some informative vlogs related to motivational talks. If you have got some talent for creating videos then you can definitely start up with your own channel . As your channel reaches a particular number of viewers for subscribers then you start getting paid for  it.

3.Online teaching or tutoring 

If you have interest in teaching and have in-depth knowledge in a particular subject or some subject then you can start tutoring some students online. You would be connecting with students coming from all across the country, of different ages and you need to help them in understanding the required subjects and with their homework after demonstrating your expertise in those subjects.  Various online platforms are there who connect students with teachers and maximum of them are in need of female teachers. You can access the platforms by submitting your resume, experience and qualification details. The platforms also offer convenient and flexible time schedules for working as an online teacher. 

4.Working as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant needs to carry out some corporate stuff from home only. VAs need to remotely work for their clients by managing the various aspects of the businesses, because their clients are very much busy so they can’t handle everything by themselves. For working as a VA you can set up your own website or you can work as an employee. You have to cover up some major areas of the daily e jobs for your clients which includes checking emails and mailing important things, carrying out phone calls, scheduling appointments, data entry, researching online using internet, writing and editing, proofreading, marketing, providing customer service or sometimes even handling their social medias. So, if you have good communication skills and you are capable of using some online tools and applications then you can opt for applying as a virtual assistant. 

5.Participating in Online Surveys and Reviews

Several online websites are there who offer money to the females for undergoing some online surveys, writing reviews for the products after using them and for carrying out some online searches. In India 30% of the women earn money by carrying out online service and providing reviews on various products. 

6. Being a Social Media Influencer

Do you have an impressive fan following on your Instagram or Facebook? Then you can definitely try out to be a social media influencer. Various big companies and brands sought after the influencers for promoting their products. As word of mouth marketing is very important for the brands, so they try to rich a larger amount of followers and audiences through social media followers. By being an influencer you would have to promote various products through the social media platforms and might also have to review their products. By depending on the partnering brands you can bag a handsome amount of commission through your activities.

Risk factors of online jobs

Definitely there are numerous ways for making money through online jobs but some of them are also fake, so you need to be aware of those fake jobs. Like for online surveys and reviews various websites are there who offer money that seems to be so good that it cannot be true. Also, evaluate the reputation of any website or company before joining for making it sure that they are not a scam.


Indeed the power of the internet is much higher in magnitude than what we can even imagine! You can also use the internet for upskilling yourself and learning new resources. So, what are you waiting for? Take help from the suggestions given in this article and start something new. But you have to always remember that you cannot make loads of money since the beginning only, as perseverance is the key. So, keep patience and definitely you would be able to get success and money through these online jobs.

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