What do women search the most on Google?

Google has proved to be a boon for everyone out there whether it be a male, female, or kid. It has all the answers to your questions even if it is the weirdest question ever. And like always it was used more often by men than women. But surprisingly on this International Women’s Day google announced that there has been a significant growth in the number of female users and not only that also happen to surpass men by 123% (women belonging to the age group of 35-44 years). Although the number of women users have surpassed the male users, there are certain things that women like to search in general and those are as follows:

what do women search most on google ichhori.com

  • How to lose weight? – One thing that most of the women desire is to have a perfect body and if possible then attain a perfect weight without doing much hard work. We all live in a society where body shaming is still very prevalent and this what makes one go online and search for ways to lose weight and have a picture-perfect body.
  • How can I cut my own hair? – Women and beautiful hairs go way back in times and they have always tried to maintain beautiful hairs either by using chemical products or natural homemade products but no matter what they have always been possessive about their hairs and thus the question of how can one cut their own hair arises when they don’t want to take any risks regarding that. And in a pandemic situation like now, it becomes all the more important to know how to cut your own hair.
  • Google myself – Like already mentioned people can ask the weirdest questions and google will still have some answer related to it and this is one such that women like to find on google and that I some information about them whether it be their name, place, profession, or anything but which is related to them in some sense.
  • How many number of cats and dogs can I have? – Women and pets always share a beautiful relationship and they love pets. At least most of them love pets and desire to keep a pet but it is not very easy to raise a pet with all the tight work schedule and living in small apartments, thus they ask such questions on google to get a specific answer and satisfy their query regarding something they love.
  • Pregnancy – This is one such topic that can scare people away if they don’t have the proper information to rely on. And with no formal education about sex and it’s consequences, women get scared when they miss their periods or feel nauseous even generally. And thus come to google for help.
  • How to find if my boyfriend is loyal or not? – Love has always been an interesting topic and people always tend to find it difficult to answer questions related to love and that is when they come to google for help and finding out if your boyfriend is loyal or not is one such thing.
  • Healthy foods that one can eat – With passing time and awareness about having a healthy diet and avoiding junk food, people are searching for ways to eat healthily. And women being the caregiver of the family and or even in general more conscious about health they want to know what are the different types of healthy food one can eat.
  • Buying wine in a bulk – possible or not? – Even though it may come out as weird as to why would one want to know if they can buy wine in bulk or no but there is a reason behind it. And the answers to this question help them plan their parties accordingly.
  • How to increase my social media follower? – Social media has hacked our minds and has become an integral part of our lives and thus it is very common to see people live their lives via various social media apps and thus the question of how to increase my social media follower seems very valid when you want to become famous via social media.
  • Irregular periods and why are my periods late? – With diseases like PCOD and PCOS on the rise it is very common for women to either miss their periods or have very irregular periods but also unprotected sex, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle can be a cause of it and to know the exact reasons for the same, women tend to search the reasons related to their irregular and late periods on google. 
  • How can I buy or get a Unicorn? – Unicorn has always been one such animal that we have been fascinated with since our childhood and women tend to have more liking towards this beautiful and magical animal and that is why they also search it on google, that how can they get a Unicorn?
  • Other than searching about irregular and late periods, pregnancy, increasing social media followers, healthy food habits, and such things, but the women have more on their list and some of them are:
  • Fashion and online shopping topping the list as women also love to be updated with their fashion and when they want to be updated with all the ongoing fashion trends they need to do some shopping and what is better than online shopping. 
  • Along with this women also tend to ask questions regarding what is a suitable career for girls or women? How to move on from a breakup? What are the best places to hang out around them, so forth, and so on.
  • And shockingly enough women also go on google to find out how to get fairer skin and this might be insecurity caused by the society which prefers fairer women over women with darker skin.

Even though women have various reasons to search for certain things on google but the increase in the number of women users on the internet as a whole calls for a celebration. And internet playing an important role in changing women’s lives but still, women have to be careful about what they search on google or various search engines as the internet at times makes you do things that are not very good for one’s mental health. 

Although the most asked questions on the internet the previous year regarding women in consideration to ‘The first woman to’:

  • Who was the first-ever woman to run for presidential elections?
  • Who was the first-ever woman to go to space?
  • Who was the first-ever woman to win the Nobel prize?
  • Who was the first-ever woman to fly a plane?
  • Who was the first-ever woman to climb Mount Everest?

Women are interested in knowing about other women and learn from their inspiring life and try something new. And truly Google has proved to be a boon for not only women but for the whole human race in general as it helps people get answers to their weirdest queries to the most difficult questions available. You type it – you get it. That’s the magic of google and the internet.

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