Why women drivers are bad drivers? Where this notion comes from?

On the one hand, we call it the era of EQUALITY & on the other hand we label the good and bad drivers based on gender! Based on the research, if we deep dive into this statement - we will come across numerous reasons for women being the best drivers taken as a whole.

Picking up one news of women driving failure accidents isn't going to make men the better drivers - as they too have committed similar disasters at least once in their life. On a whole, driving is based on one's potential to drive well by having thorough information about the Vehicle from V to E and not on gender. 

Women drivers vs Men divers - STATS

Who is the best driver - Men or Women? It will always be a topic of debate. By not being gender biased - let's deeply analyze this argument via some stats of the last 15 years - 

Stats against Women -

  • More than 30% of the women were penalized for driving without a driving license, abetting, or procuring. 
  • As per the research, women are 80% more talkative than men. They implement this thing while driving too. Henceforth maximum traffic rules are broken amongst Women because of talking while driving. Men on the other hand prefer not to talk while driving, research shows. 
Stats in favor of Women -

  • As per the records - In UK, 2017 - 'Almost 72% of the penalties for breaking of road rules was seen in the men.' Out of that 72%, almost 78% of the men were charged for overseeing the roads, and 84% of the men were penalized for driving in a drunk state.
  • According to the reports by 'Ministry of Road Transport and Highways,' - the percentage of men responsible for road accidents while driving is more than women.
  • According to one of the studies by the 'Michigan university of 6.5 million car crashes,' - only 20.5% of car crashes happened when both the drivers were women, 31.9% of car crashes took place in both the drivers were men and 47.6% of accidents happened when one driver was men and another was women.
  • As per the reports, there were almost 26 lacs challans in 2017 due to traffic rule violations. Out of this 26 lakhs of challans, only 600 women were a part of it. Hence, the women to men - license holders and traffic violators ratio is 1:71.
  • In UAE, 27% of the men were the victims of ruthless driving and road accidents where several women responsible for the same are only 15%. 
  • As per one of UAE studies, almost 79% of the Men had to go the court because of their over speeding. 
  • According to the 'New York City Traffic Study,' - Almost 80% of the road accidents that take place are from men. 
  • 71% of the road accidents were because of ruthless Men driving in the United States, 1970 this number was constant till 1975. 
  • According to the 'New York City Traffic Study,' - Men are more likely to get penalized for their irresponsible driving which comes to Men vs Women ratio of 3.41:1, for the violation regarding seat belts, or wrong turns its, 3.08:1, for the over speeding issues the ratio is 1.75:1 and for the traffic light violations the ratio comes to 1.53:1.

Are women drivers really bad drivers? 

Whatever happens, we put it on the woman's lap as if it's their fault always. Well, we saw the stats above, now let's check in to some research-based and psychological facts to prove our point -

  • As per the studies made by 'Ole Johansson who belongs to the - Institute of Transport Economics, Norway - Women hold the least possibility to get distracted amid driving which is comparatively higher in men.
  • Men's hormones are made as such which drives them crazy to drive faster as compared to women. You can call it HORMONES - But the fact remains fact! 
  • 80% of the sports cars and muscle car drivers are Men globally. Henceforth, they are more bound to be speedy when it comes to driving which results in accidents. Women, on the other hand, drive with patience, alertness, and care until and unless they are drunk. 
  • As per psychology, Men are born 'Women Pleasers'. While driving they are more likely to get themselves into trouble while driving by getting distracted by a beautiful woman crossing his path. It ultimately leads to more accidents.
  • As per psychology, the load on Men from childhood and the frequent hormonal changes makes the Men more and more aggressive as they grow up with age. They are more likely to put this aggression up while driving by being careless, breaking traffic rules, and getting prone to catastrophes. Moreover, on the other side psychology says that women are born caring and known for their calm, compassionate attributes since they have the power of becoming mothers. 

Where this notion comes from?

Two incidents happened in the past which aired the notion that "Women at the bad drivers", we have written the summary below - 

  1. Notion Arrival from First Incident - Long back, in 1962 there was the cartoon named 'Jetsons' which was the television's first colored cartoon. The show was about the Jetsons family who stayed in the future - 2063 where they had flying cars and future gadgets. In the same show, there was one episode named 'Jane’s Driving Lesson' which was projected how terrible the 'Women Drivers' are. In the same episode, George Jetson was seen flying a car just next to the female driver on the air. He seems to get confused by the hand gestures made by that female driver and he said "Oh women driver it is, that's the problem!" 
  2. Notion Arrival from Second Incident - At the time of world war I, in 1914 - there is one incident narrated - Men were going out for the war, and women showed their interest to learn driving too. At that time, Men after coming back home after the war used to feel fearful thinking about the freedom the driving could give to women. From there as well, the notion of "Women are either going to be bad or average drivers" arrived.

On a whole, we can say that Woman drivers have many pieces of evidence to be a better driver than Men. Although looking into the stats we can say that the competition was a bit close enough - ideally in some cities women surpassed the number of being the more effective driver, in other countries men surpassed the number.

Let's understand one thing that this will always be a topic of debate but to conclude - Women have proved themselves to be better vehicle drivers than Men in the last 10 years in terms of obeying traffic rules, carrying their driving license, and not driving while drunk.

Also, we can say that the women of this era are becoming smarter than ever - so in the upcoming future, the gender and such topic won't get much importance as it will thoroughly depend on person to person's ability to drive rather than men or women! There are many reasons why women should learn driving and you can read about them here.

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