What is a Mis-Carriage ? What are the symptoms and treatment of Mis-Carriage?

'Miscarriages - A word that breaks down every woman witnessing her motherly emotions getting shattered.' It's what we can call an 'Involuntary Abortion' which happens all of a sudden without carrying out any planned abortion procedure. Medical reasons and day-to-day habits can lead to this undesirable outcome. Well, putting myself in a shoe of a mother, I can feel that there is nothing more devastating and soul taking! It can adversely affect the mental as well as physical health of a mother. 

As per the data given by 'Mayo Clinic,' - Risk oriented with miscarriage surely is directly proportional to age. They also stated that -

  • More the age, the more the risk of miscarriage occurrence.
  • Miscarriage risk accounts for almost 20% of the women who are at 35.
  • Miscarriage risk further increases to almost 40% for the women who are in their 40's.
  • Mishappening of the Miscarriage grows larger up to 80% for the women who are at her 45+.
  • Witnessing one miscarriage by a woman doesn't mean that the further risk of miscarriages has risen.
  • Miscarriages increase when a woman touches the age of 35. Women who are below 35 have the least risk of facing a miscarriage.

Vastly, many a time, mothers will be left wondering why does the happen? I was all alert during my pregnancy? Why me God...why only me? Well, several medical reasons behind this are happening aren't in our controls. Instead of panicking out in his situation - learn to accept that whatever happens in life, happens for a reason. Learn all the symptoms, precautions, and healthy measures you can adopt via this article to avoid this misery in the future. 

What is a miscarriage? 

Mis-carriage is a situation where a woman faces losing a fetus before completing the time interval of the 20th week of pregnancy. 

As per the stats given by ACOG - 'American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' - Miscarriage has the chances of its occurrence in the 10% of the women who are pregnant. 

What are the different types of Mis-carriages?

Miscarriage may seem like a failure in becoming a mother but it isn't! It says nothing like you can't become a mother again.

As per the 'Cleaveland Clinic,' almost around 87% of the women who once had a miscarriage have conceived a baby afterward naturally. Adding to this, the source also stated that only 1% of women had three to four more miscarriages afterward! 

Understand from below, the different kinds of miscarriages that might take place -

  • Incomplete Miscarriage - Chances of Incomplete Miscarriage happens when after passing on the placental material or the tissues from your body, some still dwell inside!
  • Inevitable Miscarriage - An inevitable Miscarriage can be judged when the woman has cervical dilation, cramping, and limitless bleeding. 
  • Missed Miscarriage - Occurrence of the situation where 'Embryo is Dead' inside the women's body without her awareness on this topic. And, in this situation, she doesn't deliver it.  
  • Complete Miscarriage - When all of the tissues responsible to cause pregnancy have been evicted from the women's body, then we can say that a complete miscarriage has taken place.
  • Threatened Miscarriage - It's an alarming miscarriage where the continuous heavy cramps and bleeding warns you of a sign of the upcoming possibility of a miscarriage occurrence. 
  • Septic Miscarriage - Unwanted happening of the infection in woman's uterus might lead to the miscarriage named as Septic Miscarriage.

What are the symptoms of miscarriage?

Get to know beforehand that miscarriage has happened to you before the doctor tells you about it! If you are the pregnant women facing the following afflictions, then its time to know that miscarriage might have happened to you with 90% chances - 

  • High abdominal discomfort and pain
  • Unignorable back pain
  • Spotting massively
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding randomly
  • Fluid/Tissue discharge from the vaginal area 

What causes Mis-carriage?

Handful things in existence are out of our control! But, if you know that you are the victim of the following things - you can get prior measures to control it before 'it controls you.' 

As per 'Mayo Clinic' - Many times the cause of miscarriages remains hidden like a mystery. Adding to this, they stated that almost for 50% of miscarriages, the reason is related to chromosome problems.

Check the list of causes that causes Miscarriage in the section below and take precautionary measures beforehand to avoid miscarriage in the future -

  • Disastrous Food Poisoning
  • Undergoing Obesity Problem
  • Intake of Different Medications
  • Uterus having abnormalities 
  • Painful Thyroid Health Issue
  • Unavoidable circumstances leading to High Blood Pressure
  • Cervix Related Issues
  • Malnutrition or improper diet
  • High consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • Hormonal Imbalances

What is the treatment of a miscarriage?

There are three proven ways, to treat a miscarriage. Based on the intensity, the women and her body has suffered because of a miscarriage, one of the following means can be chosen after the proper consultation from the qualified specialist -

  • Medical Management -  As the treatment's name - 'Medical Management', itself suggests that some medical way must be involved in treating the miscarriage. It generally requires the consumption of a lot of medications to let the remaining tissues get a pass from the woman's body. 
  • Surgical Management - Involving the use of surgical instruments in your body, it is the least preferred method among women - as per healthcare reports. The surgical Management method involves the removal of all the leftover tissues by the means of performing surgery.
  • Expectant Management - As the name suggests, it is the natural way of removing the leftover tissues from the women's body. Here, the woman waits and expects the leftover tissues to get past the body on their own. One of the most effective ways, if it works! As it doesn't involve any medications or surgery or other harmful things, it is the best and most preferred method among women after proper consulting. 

Precautions to avoid a miscarriage - Miscarriages can be painful emotionally! Not to worry at all, you can take care of your PREGNANCY - a beautiful blessing by taking the mandatory precautions beforehand. 

Maintain a healthy pregnancy by avoiding the trash habits that some of us might have. Let's state each of them below -

  • Strictly get rid of Trashes like 'DRUGS', 'ALCOHOL', & 'SMOKING' by the time you decide to conceive a baby.
  • Increase the intake of 'PRENATAL VITAMINS' - It will ensure the supply of nutrients to the mother and the fetus.
  • Stay hygienic - Bath daily, wash your hands often, maintain distance from people who are sick physically and mentally.
  • If you are a caffeine addict, then this is for you - Avoid taking more than 200 mg of it per day.
  • Inculcate in your routine eating fruits and green veggies and other healthy things.

In the world, we dwell in, people's comments can be harsh enough for a woman who isn't able to conceive! Don't let that stupidity affect you at all. Every problem comes with a solution. Henceforth, as soon as you encounter any problem, get it checked and rectified. 

You are not far away from holding a baby in your hands again! You only require the in-depth knowledge of such issues which every woman face and get prepared to tackle all the strings of a fire with a big SMILE on your face:)

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