How fibroids affect/ impacts sex life? / fibroids and sex problems: do fibroids affect your sex life?

How fibroids affect/ impacts sex life? / fibroids and sex problems: do fibroids affect your sex life?

how fibroids affect/ impacts sex life? / fibroids and sex problems: do fibroids affect your sex life?

Dealing with fibroids? No worries we got you covered

Greetings of the day. I am delighted to have you on board again. It feels that we are in the part of life where we can connect and mark a striking presence in each other's life. One of our active colleens from the reader's community posted a beautiful comment regarding women's reproductive and sexual health. The whole 'ichhori community' discussed and had done a formative research foundation to get a synopsis of the subject matter.

We will discuss the issue that most women prefer to stay silent and numb in front of their tribe. Women linger comfortably and feel the journey of the terminology called "Fibroids." Now, what are fibroids? Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that often appear during the childbearing years. Also called myomas, the uterine fibroids, the abnormal growth that develops into the women's issues. The tumour can become enlarged and acquire severe abdominal pain and heavy periods. The magnification is typically benign and causes severe abdominal pain. In accordance with the office of women's health, up to 80% of women have by them at the age of 50. Now, we understood what is fibroids, Nevertheless before you think, what are the conditions that women can face fibroids to such an extent.

1) Hormones:

Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones produced by the ovaries. They cause the uterine corrugate to regenerate throughout the menstrual cycle and may stimulate the growth of fibroids.

2) Chronicle diseases: 

Fibroids may run in the family. It has a maximum possibility of heredity transmission and it may get developed in you within the course of time.

3) Pregnancy:

Pregnancy can be the main genesis and increase the production of oestrogen and progesterone in your body. Fibroids can grow rapidly while you are pregnant. 

I gave you a pinpoint glance at how the Fibroids work. Our agenda is to discuss how it creates reverberations in any women's life. Women who are living with fibroids commonly report experiencing at least some level of twinge during intercourse. Accordingly, women with uterine fibroids 23.5%  percent of women with uterine fibroids reported painful intercourse compared to 91.1% without the diagnosis. There are thousands of other women whose intercourse life has impacted in other ways. Understanding the root cause of the fibroids and how you empower in your life gets impacted in you. There are two primary factors that make painful or uncomfortable sex in your life. 

1) To begin with, it will decrease sex drive, hormonal changes will be there, including irregularities in the flow of oestrogen. Imprudent oestrogen can have a detrimental assertion on sexual intercourse. 

2) Addition, one of the unfortunate happenings for a woman would be period and can leave those who are diagnosed more vulnerable to anaemia

3) Intermittent compulsion and self-doubt image can also impact the ability to acquire healthy habits and enjoy intimacy with fibroids. Along with this, it can also impact blood loss that can from fibroids can leave those who are diagnosed.

Colleens, do not be panic and stay relaxed. I can truly understand what is going on in your mind, Although healthy and enjoyable sex would be difficult, your diagnosis does not have to be completely prevented intimacy in your life. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand the fact that how it is important to have a mutual understanding with your partner.

1) To have an open conversation and honest articulation of feelings, your needs, your struggles. It is time to acknowledge the fact that you need someone to hold on and understand and share as much as can with your partner.

2) Intermittent consultation with the doctors, is the most important thing to do, whenever, part of the care of any chronic disease acquire your body. Streamline the communication process to the care provider that intimacy is essential for you and see what treatment options are recommended.

3) Exploration of different patterns. This is something you can try to make your life comfortable. Make severe demands on the fact that to try most comfortable for size and location of your fibroids. Experts recommended exploring other means of vaginal penetration.

Checklist of dietary supplements: A pro-tip from the seniors and experts. The researcher suggests the transition of balanced diets such as avoiding fats, which in turn decreases the flow of estrogen and nourishes the fibroids.

In conclusion, physical therapy and pelvic exercises can also help to improve sedentary lifestyles and stamina. You all are entitled to enjoy your life. Advanced medical treatments and synergies can help to stabilize your biological body and will help you to gather confidence and self -esteem in your life.

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