Anger Management for Teens. Ideas to manage the Anger for Teens.

Anger issues in teens can arise because of multiple reasons with no absolute solution to it! Once its roots are identified, the solution to this problem is not far away from us. The most common thing teenagers need to learn is management skills when it comes to their anger. 

As per one of the surveys, conducted by the Psychologist named W. Doyle Gentry, found that - 'Almost 11% of the teens are currently experiencing the chronic anger issues caused due to the aggression.'

Multiple ways have been discussed on this page to observe and manage your anger well. Once you work accordingly, you will be able to see the difference by yourself. 

Rawhide Youth Services; Teen Anger Statistics 

According to one of the articles published by the Rawhide Youth Services, the following discoveries and facts about anger in teens were found -

  • Almost 7 out of 10 teenagers can manage their anger effectively after the proper medical treatment.
  • According to the study, teenage boys are 3 times more at risk of developing anger issues at an early stage in comparison to teenage females.
  • Almost ⅔ of the teenagers were reported to have the anger issue for a lifetime where they were indulged in violent activities like property damage, injuring other people, and involvement in killing them.
  • Anger in teenagers, if not managed properly and if treated with aggression might lead to depression. 
  • Depression caused due to unmanaged or aggressive anger is the number one cause of suicide among teenagers.
  • Depression triggered via a wave of aggressive anger affects more than 20% of teens.
  • Not more than 6.5% of the teens undergoing aggressive and violent anger willingly get timely help.

Anger Management for Teens

The management of anger in teens may seem tough but it's not impossible! Teens can adopt the following ways to manage and control their anger by minimizing the chances of coming again in the future.  

Idea Number 1: Hold on & RELAX

Practicing techniques that relax your mind, body and soul can be highly effective here. All you need to do is -

  • Take a deep breathing and watch the flow of air coming in and out.
  • Do morning and evening exercises rigorously and wash out all your frustration and anger via this medium.
  • Write down the things making you angry and then tell yourself 'I'm fine and then burn the paper.
  • Listening to a piece of calm music that soothes your soul can be highly effective.
  • Watch your favorite series of movies to calm yourself.

Idea Number 2: Watch Standup Comedians

Open youtube and search for the stand-up comedian episodes - observe their sarcasm, laugh..and then laugh more! 😃

Laughing is the best medicine for every problem whether it's anger, stress, or pain! So, laugh a little more now:)

Practice this way -

  • Observe your actions and expectations - whether they are realistic or not?
  • Fantasize about burning the stress and tension while laughing.
  • Know the roots of things that make you angry and whether they are worth getting your reaction? 

Idea Number 3: Take small Breaks

Small breaks at the power builders! Whenever you feel extremely frustrated and annoyed from within - just pause for a few minutes or an hour to distract your actions with something you love doing! 

What can you do in a break?

  • Take a half an hour nap.
  • Go for a walk and watch the beauty of nature.
  • Meditate during the break.
  • Eat something you like for eg., chocolates - best to improve your moods, etc.
  • Talk to a friend that makes you laugh.
  • Play instruments like guitar, piano - whatever makes you happy.
  • You can even play a game - Indoor/Outdoor doesn't matter.

Idea Number 4: Be Mindful of your actions

Mindfulness is the key - to stay away from all the anger and violence! 

How to become a Mindful person?

  • Be mindful of your current actions and dwell in the present moment.
  • Observe the wave of thoughts crossing your mind, talk to them, then tell them to calm down, and then take a deep breath. 
  • Become friends with your anger, and tell them that it's not their home anymore. They have to go back to where they belong! 
  • Think twice before you speak and act.

Idea Number 5: Discuss rather than Act

Communication is the key. Instead of holding grudges within and bombarding or bursting all at once with anger can be troublesome to ruin everything around you! 

How can you replace your action with discussing?

  • Tell them what made you angry and annoyed instead of showing your anger.
  • Come with a solution and discuss the things that the other person might have done instead of what he did, that would have avoided such anger reactions. 
  • Ask the person to change the way of doing things whenever he is with you rather than imposing him on how things must be done. Don't be a dictator rather be a narrator!

For example, 

You can tell the person that 'You didn't like the way and feel bad when he makes fun of you as a joke' rather than bursting into anger and telling him that 'You are a culprit, you don't respect others emotions, I'll ruin your life.' See the difference in delivering your point of view without complexing the situation. 

Idea Number 6: Become Solution Oriented 

If you can't change what made you angry, then change yourself! 

Whenever you confront any problem, think of the possible solution to deal with it instead of getting angry for no reason. 

Put all of your focus on the problem and think - what can I adjust in me to tackle the current situation well without getting angry. Now, think of all the possible ways to do it. 

For example, 

Situation -1 Your kid always has a messy room! 

  • To deal with it, whenever you feel the wave of anger arising, just close the door! 
  • Then later think of the possible ways to deal with it like 'Educating your kid on how problematic it can get to have stayed in a messy room and how germs can affect him.' 
  • Or you can tell him that he will get a surprise gift every month if he keeps his room clean daily. 

Situation - 2 Your husband is always late for the meal!

  • To deal with this problem, readjust your schedule of cooking.
  • Instead of fighting with your romantic partner about him coming late daily and ruining your relationship, you can tell him the alternatives or you can adjust to the fact that he will be late every day.
  • What you can do is change your cooking time by 2-3 hours late which will match his schedule and avoid the wave of anger coming from an unnecessary argument.

Such tricks always work! 

Managing anger wisely is the major thing to debate upon nowadays! So, beware to keep a track of your actions and hold on to the multiple ways to get out of your anger zone by manifesting new ways of dealing with them. 

Once you create a higher level of awareness about your actions, and purpose on this earth, then there isn't anything that can stop you from dealing with your anger issues maturely.


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