Can a bipolar woman Truly love and be in Relationship?

 Can a bipolar woman Truly love and be in Relationship?

Can a bipolar woman truly love?

The answer to the above mentioned question of the article is YES, a big and full YES! Just like any other normal  women, ladies suffering from bipolar disorder can actually love someone truly and also their bipolar disorder won't be a barrier for carrying out a long term and healthy relationship. 

First, let us know why bipolar women are avoided in cases of relationships and marriage?

Can a bipolar woman Truly love and be in Relationship

Bipolar disorder which is also known as manual depression is a case of mental health where extreme mood swings are being noticed which generally includes emotional highs and lows. Either the bipolar disorder patient becomes hyper or hypomaniac, or suffers from depression. The incidences of bipolar disorder are more common in women rather than in men and it is usually 37.2 % more in women. Bipolar disorder might be a lifelong condition but the mood swings and the other symptoms are definitely manageable by following it with the proper plan of treatment and diagnosis. In maximum cases bipolar disorder can be properly treated through psychological counselling and medications.

What does statistics have to say about bipolar disorder women and their relationships ?

One of the computer software engineers from Portland, named Daniel, recalls that his wife Julie was being diagnosed from bipolar disorder suddenly in the year 2001. He described her moods in 2 clear ways; either she was so irritated that she kept one screaming at her husband or she was so depressed that she did not want to get out of the bed. He said that all these were pretty hard but the diagnosis helped them a lot and by investing in their marriage saved the 24 years and they actually won. Any marriage or long term relationship is not easy and statistics show that a minimum 40% of the marriages fail in the United States and Canada. According to an article named as Managing bipolar disorder, show that in 2003, on an estimate, around 90% of the broken marriages were caused because of bipolar disorder. 

But the good thing is that the rate of broken marriages due to bipolar disorder are generally decreasing because in the previous years firstly there was not much scope of mental counselling for bipolar disorders and also the women did not have much knowledge regarding mental awareness and mental health. Only 2% of the women actually got diagnosed from bipolar disorder till 2008 which has increased to 17% in 2018. Also 78% of the married women in the last decade were actually shy and fearful to visit a psychiatrist or mental counselor as they and their family considered bipolar disorder as a shameful issue and it acted as a barrier for them.

On the other hand, currently 93% of the married women are aware regarding mental awareness and bipolar disorders and so they do not hesitate to seek the help of a counselor. Also 78.3 % of men who are in a relationship with women suffering from bipolar disorder actually support them and understand their limitations.

Helping other women who are suffering from bipolar disorder

Definitely it can be very hard for the women suffering from bipolar disorder as they have to deal with all the ups and down continuously and they are actually guilty of their activities. They know that their activities due to their mood swings or odd behaviors tremendously affect everyone surrounding them especially their friends and family members. It can definitely put a strain on their relationship. So if you know a woman suffering from bipolar disorder then you should always be understanding. Either you be the lover, acquaintance, close friend or family member of the person always let them know that you are present if they require a sympathetic ear or some assistance. If possible motivate them about love and getting into relationships because they are actually frightened of falling in love or engaging themselves in some serious relationships. Keep in mind the following points if your lover is suffering from bipolar disorder:

  • Educating yourself about bipolar disorder because if your friend or girlfriend is suffering from bipolar disorder then before you can do anything about it you need to learn everything about it. The more you get to know regarding the mental health condition of your loved ones the less frightening the symptoms turn to be.
  • Always being caring, understanding and being empathetic to the situation helps them to be easy and act normally. Besides showing patience to them, always encourage them to get medical help because the sooner the bipolar disorder gets treated, the  better is the result.
  • Treatment is the only and best option for bipolar disorder and so keep on encouraging the women suffering from bipolar disorder to get treated. Gone are the days where electric shock therapy was being given and nowadays only some medications and regular counselling helps to maintain the static health condition of mind.
  • Understanding the limitations of your partner is significant. Do accept their mood swings and do not blame them while they go absolutely crazy as if you take them easily, then it would be also easier for them to accept and move forward.
  • Lastly, please treat your partner or girlfriend as a normal person and try to stick by them through every situation.

Motivating and helping yourself if you are suffering from bipolar disorder for having a better future ahead

Firstly, make yourself clear that you can absolutely love someone truly and have a normal relationship. Both you and your partner need to work over your relationship and 67.9% of the relationship survives when the effort is from both sides. We know that the symptoms of bipolar disorder can turn to become overwhelming at certain times but it is definitely possible to work over it. 

The most important thing for running out a successful relationship after being a patient of bipolar disorder is to tell everything about your mental health honestly to your partner. Do not hide things or lie  as it can even worsen the situation. Please remember that if your partner really loves you then he will stay beside you in every situation darling! Do visit the counselor regularly and if possible take your partner along with you as it would be also easier for your counselor to recommend the needful to your lover during emergency times. And do not skip or forget to take your medicines timely otherwise it will have a great toll over your mental health. 

The most important thing is not to take stress and stop blaming yourself for every negative situation. Take out regular time slots for yourself in order to take care of your mental health. You can join a support group or you can even join some hobby classes or do some activities which actually produces the happy hormones inside you. Whenever you feel depressed or angry try to remember about the happy times you have spent with your partner and it will prevent you from venting out the anger over your partner which in turn will be saving your relationship.

So ladies don't try to combat the problem alone and take the help of your partner because when you two will act together to get over your bipolar disorder the result would be much better. Also don't forget to remind yourself everyday that you can win over this.


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