Free Mental health counselling for Women in India

 With the fast-paced hectic life, mental health problems have shown a big increase in the last five decades, researchers say. Especially talking about women, most of them handle their jobs, household work,  and children simultaneously. Getting depressive episodes and anxieties is a bit normal in such a scenario. Women should look after their health and go for mental health counseling for better mental health status. 

Free Mental health counselling for Women in India

The article below is intended to provide you a clear picture of the organizations providing free or minimum costing mental health checkups in India. 

Free Mental health counseling for Women in India 

After compiling various renowned sites, we have brought the best mental health counseling organizations for women in India free of cost. 

  1. Mpower 1 on 1

Mpower is the combined effort of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and the Maharashtra Government. They have inaugurated a free helpline number during the start of the covid 19 pandemic period, in 2020. If you are above 18 years, you can avail of their services 24 hours a day. You can contact the team at 1800-1208-20050 or by visiting their official website

  1. Kashmir Lifeline

Kashmir Lifeline, based out of the beautiful city - Kashmir offers you a one-on-one consultation online with an experienced and trained counselor. The identities of these counselors are left hidden from you but you can smoothly talk to them about your worries and anxieties. This is one of the projects integrated by the Healing Minds Foundation. All of their consolation services are free of cost and are also applicable to the discussion via email or a chatting medium. The foundation works from Sunday till Thursday. The timings of this organization are from 10 am morning till 5 pm evening. The direct number to reach them is 1800-180-7020 or you can go to 

  1. Sumaitri

Sumaitri is meant for folks going through suicidal thoughts or depressive episodes. The Well-trained team of volunteers works hard to provide you with all the necessary calmness and mental relief. Their timings start from 2 pm and go till 630 pm. The schedule goes for the entire 7 days of the week. To understand more about their concept or to directly seek help, you can contact at 011-23389090, 09315767849, or you shall go to for more information. 

  1. Now&Me

Now&Me is a good platform for teenage girls to go ahead and talk about their love and sex life freely. Instead of finding the wrong pathways, you can approach this organization to comfortably share your feelings and your identity and the counselor's identity will be kept hidden. Since there is a 24*7 monitoring, so no biases or misbehavior shall be tolerated by each of the parties. The platform's motive is to bring you at ease by providing you with a friend in the face of a counselor who can guide you through your way. The official website to reach them is

  1. Arpan

Arpan is a Mumbai-based organization. It provides free helpline services which are majorly meant for reporting child abuse cases. If as a girl you feel assaulted or poorly treated, then the mental health counselors here will help you overcome such phases of life. You can speak to them by directly texting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or through their chat support. Their counseling timings start from Monday till Friday from morning 9 till 5 pm. You can directly approach them through 09819086444 or visits their official website

  1. Sneha

The organization named Sneha is in Chennai city. It provides a helping hand to anybody who is feeling suicidal or having the tendency to attempt suicide. The organization completely works on suicide prevention. The working of the company starts from morning 10 am and goes till 10 pm late evening. The organization is connectable at 044-24640050, 044-24640060 or the website

  1. Lifeline Foundation 

The lifeline foundation is based out of Kolkata city. It is willing to help anybody who is dealing with mental illnesses, anxiety, loss, grief, etc with open arms. The timings for their session initiates from 10 am morning and goes till 10 pm late evening. To create awareness, the team conducts awareness and training programs to help people all around India. To reach them, you can dial - 033-40447437, 09088030303 or you can click at

  1. Vandrevala Foundation for Mental Health

All the sessions offered by this foundation are from clinically experienced psychologists and psychiatrists. The entire session is free of cost. You don't have to pay anything to avail of their services. You can get counseling in multiple languages and are also available for emergencies.  You can contact them at the number 09999666555 or click at to get more details. 

  1. AASRA

The team at AASRA offers mental health counseling 24*7. They work 7 days a week without any break. The counseling is available in English and Hindi languages.  They hear you with their open ears and never judge you for whatever you went through. The counseling from AASRA is meant for somebody who is badly struggling with life, traumatic events, and having suicidal thoughts. You can contact them by dialing 09820466726 or directly going to

Key Takeaways

During the uncertain times, even the Covid 19 itself, where not only women the whole world struggled badly - seeking help from the counselor became extremely important. During such uncertain times getting immediate mental health counseling is going to be of great help to women. They must go after these online counselors, it will save most of their traveling time, or are shy to meet face to face or feeling stuck on how to get out of your house to schedule an offline meeting, this online help will work like a charm and miracle for you. Seeking help from such organizations will cure your mental health, keeping you strong enough to fight against any obstacles life puts you in! 


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