What is Digital Rape and how to avoid it?


DIGITAL - 'The first impression this word creates on people is that something might have happened online or digitally.' Well, it's not what you are thinking right now - DIGITAL RAPE has got nothing to do with digital abuse, sending nude pictures, or harassing digitally. Instead, it's a term used for categorizing multiple rape cases. 

Digital Rape in India is a seriously alarming problem - It has shown an increase of 350% since 2008 to date. 

According to the researchers, 'More than 80% of the Digital Rape cases are left unsaid, unfiled and in dark.' 

You must have a thorough knowledge of what is digital rape before further studying this topic. Let's discuss its meaning in the beneath section -

What is digital rape?

'Digital Rape' is the kind of rape situation where instead of penis the rapist uses their toes, one or more fingers, or thumbs to take pleasure by putting any of these into the vagina or the ass or even mouth of the victim forcefully. 

With the help of 'section 35A under the Crimes Act 1958,' - digital rape in India can be defined as follows -

" 'A' person is said to have digitally raped the 'B' person, in the case where the person 'A' has put his toes, thumb, or finger(s), inside of the vagina or an anal of the person 'B' without his or her consent."

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Statistics on Digital Rape (941 Patients) - 'Pubmed.ncbi'

  • 81% of the patients were having genital injuries.

  • 34% of the patients had the erythema problem.

  • 29% of them were seen having superficial tears.

  • 21% of them had abrasions.

  • Almost 56% of the digital rape injuries happened in the four main regions namely the cervix, fossa navicularis, posterior fourchette, & labia minora.

  • 6% had digital vaginal direct contact with fingers.

How to avoid digital rape?

Be smart enough to take care of these four alerts to avoid digital rape-


1.Be Mindful of Drinks/Food you intake at social parties

  • We often go high while doing office parties and with friends' night outs. Don't consume more than 1 drink/hour.
  • Drink according to your capacity. Avoid a situation where you can lose your consciousness. 
  • While attending dates, don't eat the pre-ordered food, it might be mixed with some drug to misuse you later
  • Get your drinks, juices, and water on your own. Don't let the other person surprise you with drinks! 
  • Or else let the bartender or the staff person deliver it directly to you without any hidden picture. 

2.Keep your trusted ones around you
    • While going to clubs, bars, and similar places, always go with a trusted group of people. 
    • Prefer using restrooms in the female friend's groups for safety.
    • Keep your friends near you like your shadow in such parties. 
    • Don't try to act smart by exploring mysterious places all alone.

3.Carry a fully charged power bank along

    • Make sure that your phone is 100% charged before stepping your foot outside your home.
    • Carry a power bank along and charge your phone as soon as your battery drops to 60%.
    • A charged phone will help you contact the police or loved ones if you are about to come into the trap of digital abuse.
    • If you face a situation where even the power bank's battery is finished, then give this intimation to your loved ones asap with your location details.

4.Keep your confidential information safe on Social Media
    • Don't broadcast too much information on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc on your current plans, your current locations, etc.
    • Keep your personal information like location, address, and about your life confidential.
    • Never share your pictures with a stranger on social media.
    • Avoid meeting the unknown person from social media in reality.
    • If you know him through your friends, then as well prefer meeting in public.

ALERTNESS - 2 Trust your gut and the action of the potential rapist

1.Keep an eye on the way somebody treats you 

    • Stay away from the extra nice people like 'Should I drop you home,' 'You look so sexy...my eyes are on you only,' 'Shall we dance,' 'Are you alone in this party,' 'I bought you some refreshing juice..you look tensed,' 'Uhh...I love this song... let's get on the dance floor if you don't mind,' - Such people are surely not having good intentions toward you and might make you the victim of digital rape later.
    • Speak with the bartender, security guard, or call the campus safety number to address if something is off.

2.Create Disturbance and seek help

    • You can always create a scene by shouting, turning off/on the lights, and seek others' attentions to embarrass the 'To-be-a-digital-rapist,' - to avoid him from harming you.

3.Be confident to intervene in the awkward situations

    • If you see the potential rapist, trust your gut if something is off.
    • Intervene in between the people talking, if you feel that one person is making use of another person. I know it sounds weird but this awkwardness is worth saving somebody's life.

ALERTNESS - 3  Manage your safety when no one is around in public 

1.Make sure to carry the defensive items 

    • You can take along red chili powder spray - it works.
    • Carry an umbrella
    • A knife
    • Pointed purse

2.Draw public attention

    • Well, let the people gather and fight like a wild cat - if somebody tries to digitally rape you when you are alone.
    • Carry a loudspeaker-enriched alarm keychain. As soon as the attacker tries to snatch a keychain - the loud siren voice will come out drawing people's attention.

3.Self-defense Course

    • Learn karate, basic exercises, and positions of hand and leg movements to fight with the attacker.
    • Do a course in Rape Aggression Defense.

4.Scream asking people to 'Call 112/911/Emergency Number'
    • Doing so will scare the potential digital rapist making him run away in fear.
    • Use 'Bystander Strategy - According to the experts, point out to the people and ask like 'Yes, you sir, in the red coat, please help me...this man is trying to attack me with digital abuse.' It works!

ALERTNESS - 4 Keep yourself safe at home

1.Lock Everywhere

  • Keep your main and side doors locked from everywhere.

2.Keep attacking tools and a society alert alarming bell

  • If something threatens you in your home, you can ring the bell to let others know you are in trouble.

Some of Cases of Digital Rape in India

  • US Women, Delhi (Digitally Raped by her Landlord's son)
  • 60-year old, Delhi (Digitally Raped by autorickshaw driver using iron rod)
  • 4-year old, Gurugram (Digitally Raped by a Bus-Conductor using his fingers, August 2016)
  • 2-year old, Mumbai (Digitally Raped by her Father with his fingers)

Educate yourself enough to avoid not only digital rape but another kind of abuses too. Be a supporting hand if you see others in trouble. Apply the same techniques for them. Always keep the important tools with you as a matter of self-defense to protect yourself from such digital rapes. Institutions and general awareness sessions must be held to safeguard the minor girls less than 18 years who aren't aware of the fact of what's happening to them. Support each other in the tough times, take action as soon as you witness the digital rape threat happening to any woman.  Be safe! 




Image Source: DSG

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