Which is the best dating app for extramarital affairs available in India?

In India, infidelity has always been a contentious issue, both legally and morally. However, the rules for men and women have frequently been different. Men in India could sue other men for having affairs with their wives, until recently, and they could also be punished for conniving in the affair. Women seem to be closing the so-called infidelity gap more than two years after adultery was decriminalised. According to a recent study, an increasing number of women in India are choosing extramarital relationships, with the majority of them being mothers. 

Although men are generally believed to be the ones cheating on their spouses after having children, a recent research assessing women infidelity dynamics has shown that the modern-age mothers are more likely to give in quickly to temptations and start looking for a potential lover when their husbands are no longer able to satisfy their desires.

According to the results of a study, 64% of women who engage in extramarital affairs did so due to lack of physical intimacy or a satisfying sex life with their married partners. As per the survey, 76% of women seeking love outside of their marriage were educated, and 72% were financially self-sufficient.

Prevalence of extramarital affairs in India

In a study conducted by Gleeden, a dating app, with over 13 lakh users in India, findings showed that around 48% of women who engaged in extramarital affairs are mothers who are cautious about their husband’s inability to satisfy their sexual desires. The survey represents the views of urban, educated, and financially independent women in India between the ages of 30 and 60. Economic freedom gives them an optimistic perspective of life and on themselves, which they do not want to spend on plodding and boredom. Hence, they look for thrill and excitement.

Almost 76% people think their partners are less attractive than them. Around 64% expressed sexual frustration due to a complete lack of intercourse in their relationship and disrespect for their sexual gratification.

According to a study conducted by the same in 2020, almost 55% of married couples in India admitted to have cheated on their spouses. Women made up 60% of the group, which was surprising. According to the report, 48% of 1,525 married Indians aged 25 to 50 believed it was possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time.

Best apps for extramarital affairs in India

  1. Amoure App

Amoure has been a pioneer in the Indian dating app industry, pushing the limits of marriage. With a rating 0f 4.2 on Google PlayStore, Amoure makes naming a relationship easy for deserving and interested brides and grooms. This app assist you in overcoming problems with dating sites and also assists you in finding the “one”. It is perfect for married as well as divorced people who feel comfortable meeting new people, and to get to know one another after a few conversations. Thousands of married and divorced men and women have been matched by Amoure. And the best part is that all these services are free of cost.


  • Crafted with utmost privacy in mind so that it does not intrude on your privacy.
  • Amoure allows you to view profiles without any restrictions.
  • When you wish to keep your privacy secure, you can do so.
  • If you have a spouse or divorced, you can find love on the app.
  • Chat with the profile you like. Look at and assess the age, place, and photos on the profile.
  1. Gleeden -Extramarital Dating

Gleeden is like the undisputed king of married and coupled experiences. Gleeden is the first extramarital dating site designed specifically for women. It has over 7 million members and a rating of 3.8 . Gleeden is the perfect place to shake it up a little, if you are looking for experiences that are confidential, anonymous, secretive, and safe. Signing up is free with a few in-app purchases. 


  • A safe and secure community where you can reach thousands of users in your region.
  • The strictest moderation in the industry, involved and attentive 24 hours, to maintain a high-quality network made up entirely of authentic people.
  • Cutting-edge features to safeguard your privacy.
  1. Extramarital Affairs

This app is for married people who want to have affairs outside of their union. The app’s mission is to provide a secure and anonymous environment for members to meet and date. Users can use the app to search, flirt, send emails, join community forums, and build favourite lists. The apps connects people to a wonderful group of like-minded people who share the same dreams and outlook on life. It has a rating of 3.3 on Google PlayStore. It can be fun to have a private romance, and this app caters to the perfect environment for just that.

  1. Tinder

Tinder is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, whether single or married, with over 30 billion matches. In addition, according to a poll, 30% of Tinder users are married, making it a hotbed for extramarital relations. With a 4.0 rating, the app brands itself as a dependable wingmate who can even help you find a partner wherever you go. Tinder Plus is a premium option for those who need a little additional assistance.


  • Sign-in with Facebook/Google.
  • User-friendly profile.
  • Suggestions based on your location.
  • Search function equipped with filters to customise your search.
  • Calendar integration or sync.
  • Live video chats.
  • Offline access to the app.
  • Option to block users.
  • Notification and real-time alerts.
  • Personal security.
  1. Ashley Madison

The site’s slogan, which reads, “Life is short, have an affair,” pretty much sums it up. Ashley Madison continues to be the most popular dating site as well as app on the internet, with thousands of active users. However, after the 2015 debacle in which a hacker leaked 35 million members’ personal information to the media, the ratings have dropped to just 2.5 . Following this, Ashley Madison redesigned their app, introduced a dynamic new way to browse and amongst many other excellent features in order to have the most secure and private dating experience possible.


  • The updated homepage makes it easy to see who has been viewing your profile and who is near you.
  • You can swipe to like or reject photos in Discover mode, or you can request for more photos.
  • You can refine the app with a long list of filters to find exactly what you are searching for.
  • Updated messaging tools make it simple to connect.

For certain people, these apps are entertaining and thrilling. But we do hope you have your spouse’s approval before diving in. Although the figures may indicate that infidelity among married women is on the rise, evidence from other research suggests that the increase is due to a shift in patriarchal attitudes toward infidelity. 

No longer content to be regarded as a drab prop at home, these modern Indian mothers despise being treated as a showpiece held in the bedroom or being pushed into the role of being caretaker of child and husband, with little regard for her own emotional and physical needs.

The concern that such surveys as those done by Gleeden should answer is why women choose extramarital affairs in the first place. Both partners in a marriage have the right to demand sexual and emotional satisfaction. In a culture where women’s access to their bodies have been limited, infidelity is better seen as a symptom of an inherent issue rather than the cause. 


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