How To Court A Man? (13 Stress-Free Ways)

How To Court A Man(13 Stress-Free Ways)

How To Court A Man? (13 Stress-Free Ways)


It has always been customary for the alpha male to make the first move, leaving us, the women, to wait patiently. It's 2022, after all. Equality reigns supreme, and there are no clearly defined gender roles. If a man can ask a woman to court him, a woman can also court a man.


Nowadays, we live in a time of baby mamas and undefined relationships, which is why, despite its antiquity, courtship has become an enviable and valued goal in most relationships.


So, let's say you like a certain guy, you've been on a few dates with him, and you think he's Mr. Right. You know he has feelings for you, but he may be unsure whether you are his Mrs. Right. If you've been waiting for him to ask you to court him for a long time, dear woman, now is the time to seize the bull by the horns and get your man.


However, courting a man can be difficult, especially in societies where women's reputations should not be tarnished. It can be a bit constraining at times, because, at the end of the day, women need to maintain their reputation and avoid coming across as immoral and promiscuous. Without a doubt, courting a man is very normal in some other cultures.


That being said, if you want to court a guy but aren't sure how, here are some tips on how to court a guy whether you're in a liberating environment or not.


13 Tips On How To Court A Man


1. Know the difference between dating and courting

Courtship is when two people get to know each other better with the goal of marriage, whereas dating is focused on companionship and is usually short-term. As a result, it is critical to understand what you are getting yourself into.


Knowing the difference between the two and where you fall on the spectrum defines the parameters of your relationship. The definition of your relationship with your guy would save you time, future heartbreaks, and incorrect assumptions and expectations.


2. Court to marry, not to date

Courtship is when you and the guy get to know each other better and is always geared toward marriage; it is more serious than dating and solidifies the relationship. While the goal of dating is companionship, having fun, or going out with someone, the goal of courting is different.


When you decide to go to court, you should be aware of the steps you are taking. It implies that marriage is not far away. And, rather than dating and engaging in careless behaviour, it's time for you to be very intentional about your actions.


3. Confirm your sentiments for the man you have intentions of marrying

This is a time for introspection. Have a discussion with yourself. Ask yourself, "Are you sure you want to do this?" What if the man isn't prepared? What would the next step be? What should he do now that he is prepared to go to court?


Also, are you certain that you love him and that this is why you want to court him? Are you in love with him or lusting after him? Is he, in fact, Mr. Right? Are you physically or sexually attracted to him? Is he grown up? Can he carry on a conversation when something is wrong without exploding in rage?


For the sake of your happiness, keep truthful answers on hand. This is a dialogue with yourself. Because there is no one to impress, you do not need to be dishonest. Include a close friend or family member in this process as well, so they can point out obvious behaviours that confirm or deny your feelings about him.


4. Start with friendship

Friendship is the foundation of all good relationships. Friendship allows you to see your man through a friend's eyes. Sometimes it's difficult to understand your boyfriend because you're just being a girlfriend. There are also times in a relationship when friendship must take precedence.


Starting a friendship early enough in the relationship establishes the line so that your guy knows when he needs a friend at a specific point in the relationship. He can run to you, and you can play the role of the chaser.


5. Talk to him about it

Tell him you love him and want to be in a long-term relationship with him. You've probably been seeing each other for a while. As a result, you should be able to tell if the interest is mutual. If not, respect your two-way relationship. It's possible he loves you as well, but he's been getting cold feet.


Some men may be moved by your audacity and accept the fact that you have made things too simple for him. He now knows where he stands in relation to you. That depends on how progressive he is, as well as your approach to initiating the process.


6. Know his friends

When you're courting, it's critical that you know your guy's friends. One of the many benefits is that it allows you to better appreciate your hobbies. This is due to the fact that men typically share common interests with their friends. The fact that you know his friends is also a message in and of itself. It indicates that the man is committed to the relationship.


7. Know his family

Knowing his family puts the relationship in context because these are your future family members as well. You must establish contact with your man's parents and siblings, if he has any. The way you interact with them can either advance or regress your courtship.


Couples have had to split up because their partners couldn't communicate with their parents or family.


In addition, the parent has a strong influence in some cultures, particularly in Asia and Africa. So if the parent says no, that's the end of the storey. If the relationship continues, the parents will have to stay out of it. A marriage that is condemned from the start can put a lot of strain on the couple. So, make an effort to maintain good relations with his parents.


8. Acknowledge boundaries

In every relationship, intimacy is essential. Understand and be aware of your partner's love language. Know what intimacy means to your partner and definitely acknowledge it. Some men may wish to protect themselves prior to marriage. Respect his boundaries and don't make him feel bad about it if that's the case.


When you try to initiate intimate relations with a man, pay attention to his body language. Some men may not express their reluctance.


9. Be affectionate

Show him how much you adore him by being affectionate. Make it clear to him that you care about him and are committed to the relationship. If you can't show him you love him from the start, how will you get the message across later in marriage?


Also, do not be overbearing with the love nicknames you give him (such as honey, sugar, sweetheart, etc.), or they will lose their significance in his eyes. When you use his love nickname, let him know you mean it.


10. Surprise him

According to sources, men often feel unappreciated and unloved because they are accustomed to going to great lengths to make women happy. Making each other happy is not a gender role, and it is past time for women to recognise this. Change the narrative by surprising him from time to time. Prepare his favourite foods and buy him gifts. Make it a habit to do this on occasion during your courtship.


11. Don't jump into bed with him at the slightest chance

Because you know the goal is marriage, it would be tempting to jump into bed with your man at the first opportunity to show him the ways of a woman. A word of caution: DO NOT DO IT! In the same way that sleeping with a guy on the first date is inappropriate, there is no clear path to marriage. Usually, the risk is not worth it.


It also calls into question your reputation as a woman. It would not be out of the ordinary if your man suspects you have succumbed to sex with other men so easily. When there is insufficient trust in the union, your courtship is doomed to fail.


12. Go on dates

Have a good time getting to know each other better. Before you get married, go on dates and enjoy your courtship. This is due to the fact that children and responsibilities take over and suck all of the fun that only you two can decide to have. So, make time for your guy and have fun with him.


13. Being so obvious about your courtship is a big no

You must understand that you do not have to inform the entire world that you are courting because you have a reputation to uphold. Do not allow your guy to pay you a visit at work. It is unavoidable that questions and gossip will arise, especially since our previous boyfriends have been frequent visitors.


You should also not allow yourself to be alone with your guy in his room. I say this because men are known to prefer free or easily obtained items. If you can make yourself easily accessible to him, he'll have a field day with you.


I'm sure you've heard of cases where a man dates someone for ten years but then marries another woman for three. The distinction is in the availability.


Also, only tell a small group of friends about your courtship. The unfortunate reality is that not all of your friends have your best interests at heart, so be cautious.



1. Is it OK for a girl to court a guy?

This is determined by the woman's environment, beliefs, and mindset. In some countries, women are expected to seduce a man or ask him out on a date. In other countries, however, this same act will not only raise eyebrows. These ladies would be labelled as promiscuous.


2. What does it mean to court a guy?

The period preceding a commitment is known as courtship. Because the focus is on marriage, this is the time when two people get to know each other better with almost no intimate relations. Men are more likely than women to initiate a relationship. However, times are changing, and women (depending on their level of maturity) can also initiate the courting process.


3. How do you judge if a guy is right for you?

According to dating experts, the following signs indicate that a guy is right for you: he is never intimidated by your success, accepts you for who you are, makes you feel good about yourself, he does not try to change you, your happiness is his happiness and your sadness is also his, he listens, understands you, does everything to make you happy, and he never makes you doubt yourself.


4. How long should a man court a woman?

If you don't meet up every day, courting should take about two years. This way, you'll have a better idea of who you're about to marry. However, if you happen to meet up every day, six months to a year should suffice, depending on your ages. The time should be set in such a way that distraction does not enter the picture.


5. How do you get a man to chase you?

Here's how to get a man to chase you: keep yourself busy, keep him waiting, have personal time for your friends, have an exciting and fun life, raise your standards, and don't give him boyfriend benefits if you're not in a relationship. Also, use his actions rather than his words to judge him, don't rush out of the single-stage, and be willing to leave him if he begins to misbehave.


In Summary

Finally, when it comes to courting a guy, it's best for women to pay close attention to these tips. You will not only win his love, but also his respect.


I hope you found this article interesting. Please let me know what you think and don't forget to share.


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