How to talk to girls on Tinder? ( What to say?)

 How to talk to girls on Tinder? ( What to say?)

How to talk to girls on Tinder? ( What to say?)_


So you've created a good Tinder profile for yourself, with all the right pictures and a well-written and solid bio. Let's get the games started! They do, in fact.


So, what should you say to your Tinder match now?


How to start the talk & continue it?


And how on Earth are you supposed to get the date?


Here are some pointers on what you should and should not do if you want to increase your chances of her saying yes and agreeing to go on a date with you. Let's get started!


How to start a conversation on Tinder? 

Before I impart my wisdom on what you should definitely do, I'd like to go over a couple of things you should definitely not do. After all, how can you fix something you don't know is broken?


So, let's see if any of these are applicable to you. If they don't, that's great; you're on your way to Tinder success; if they do, well, it's time to reconsider some of your strategies, my friend, because this could be the reason you're not getting as many dates as you'd like.


Starting with something extremely explicit:

To begin with, if you're looking for more than just hook-upson Tinder, NEVER do this.


You'll be jeopardising your chances of having a genuine conversation right there. Now, if you're only looking for flings... Still, don't begin in this manner.


The chances of getting what you want by starting with an explicit message aren't great.


You may have heard that it worked for someone else, but trust me when I say that they are the 1% and got lucky. Is this to say that no girl is looking for a hook up? No! There are girls out there looking for exactly what you're looking for.


But the majority of them don't want you to hit them with it out of nowhere before you've even said anything to each other. So, err on the side of caution and start a conversation, test the waters, and if you realise you're both looking for the same thing...well, then go ahead and explicit away.


Trust me on this: you're more likely to get that casual thing this way.


Another thing we can take away from this example is that even if you have a ready-made pickup line, you must decide whether or not to use it. This also applies to the milder ones.


If you want to start with an opening line that includes a question but the girl's responses do not match the punch line, switch strategies! It's better to try and fail than to try and fail because you didn't try to adapt.



Ugh. Now and then, a little self-deprecation can be amusing or even endearing.


But you have to be careful with this one because it can come across as boring, sad, or, if I'm being too harsh, pathetic. And is that really what you want to instil in that person you've never met?


Consider how attractive people with such low self-esteem are. Why should we like you if you don't like yourself?


So if you’re doing it to be funny, be careful.


And if you truly believe this, perhaps you should consider the positive aspects of your life and focus on them rather than on what you perceive to be your flaws!


Tell her she intimidates you

This is a common line among women, and believe me, it is grating. Why are you approaching her if she intimidates you?

What about her intimidates you?


Her beauty? So you are ugly.


Her success? So you are a loser.


Her intelligence? So you are dumb.


I'm not saying any of the preceding statements are true, but that's how it reads. And the "you intimidate me" thing says a lot more about you than it does about her. You'll be on the low self-esteem end of the spectrum, which is something you should work on before venturing out.


Not only to get more dates, but also for yourself and your life in general. You're more likely to be dissatisfied as a result, and there aren't many options from there.


Demeaning pick-up lines

And keep in mind that you are a complete stranger!


There are demeaning ones alongside the explicit ones. I'm not saying there aren't some people who are into it, but getting it from a complete stranger is probably not what we girls are looking for. As a result, you should avoid saying these lines to Tinder girls.


So don't be surprised if you don't get an answer, if you're unmatched, or if sarcasm is directed at you as a defence mechanism, because all you're going to do is put her on the defensive, when what you really want is to get to know her, even if you're not looking for anything serious.


Lame Puns

I'm sure you've seen someone make a joke or write a poem with the girls' names in it. It's a good way to start a Tinder conversation. And it certainly is!


But, just like trying to make an opening line work against all odds, if you use the name incorrectly, such as insulting her or making fun of it, you're unlikely to get an answer.


Furthermore, keep in mind that a name that may seem strange to you may be a normal name wherever she or her parents are from, so don't go around making fun of her name, because you'll probably get unmatched.

Now that we've covered the don'ts, let's move on to the do's! I sincerely hope you are not doing any of the preceding activities, and if you are, please remember that it is all in the past! Let's get ready to talk about how to start the conversation and get that date!


A joke with her name, done right

I've seen it all, from poems to jokes, and they're all effective at attracting the girl's attention.


What's the catch?


If you thought of it right away, it's very likely that someone else thought of it – and sent it – first.


So think about it and come up with something funny but unique. Remember, the goal is to elicit a reaction, and making her laugh is one of the best places to start.


This one is a good example of making it funny without being too obvious, which she may have gotten a thousand times before.


And this one is simply making the best of a bad situation by making a very unusual name work in your favour.


Also, kudos for being bold enough to go for it.


Remember, if you want to ask her out right away, make sure your profile is fantastic! She'll most likely double-check it before agreeing.



Self-deprecation, done right

As I previously stated, you can be a little self-deprecating, but be careful how you do it.


A good way is to make a joke about dating or Tinder and how you might not be the best at it, but you're willing to give it a shot.


That kind of vulnerability is endearing, but it's safe; it won't make us think you'll start crying in the middle of a date or that you'll be a bore who only talks about how sad your life is.

First and foremost, he made certain to begin with something he noticed on her profile, which is a great way to stand out from the crowd and pique her interest.


Second, he made a joke about himself using a lame pick-up line, which is both funny and relatable to everyone.


And third, and definitely the cherry on top, he went for the Snapchat right away, indicating that he is interested in her, all jokes aside.



We live in a technological age where memes are available to everyone, so why not use them?


Gifs are a great way to start a conversation with a girl on Tinder. If you use something related to a specific topic, it could even become a topic for you guys to discuss. Furthermore, the "be funny" part is almost certainly guaranteed.


For instance, this one is amusing, and if you're a Star Wars fan, you might discover that your match is as well, and this one is a great way to continue the conversation!


The first date trick

Now, there are a few variations on this one, but they all have a good chance of working.


What's the big deal?


Starting with a joke or something enticing, but including a comment about when your first Tinder date might be.


I saw one a week ago in which the guy pretended to be her future husband and was arguing about where they had their first date, and could you please remind me?


The genius of it is that the first is funny – if absurd – the second is that you engage her with a question, and the third is that you even let her make a suggestion for your first date!


So it's a good way to break the ice, have fun, and actually ask her out!


This is a variation on the previous one, and it works quite well.


What can we say, the majority of girls adore men's hoodies?


They're ridiculously comfortable. So this is a good enticement because you're offering something right away, and you can either make it a condition or just insert it as a comment, and it works like a charm!


So there you have it: some tips on how to not only break the ice and talk to girls on Tinder, but also how to be so smooth that you get that date in record time! Remember that the key is to be witty, but with the right kind of wit.


You're still getting to know her, after all!


I understand that "online thoughts" can make us feel closer or further apart from the other person, but in the end, we're all humans, and you should treat them with the same respect you would any stranger on the street. This is especially true if you're trying to get them to go out with you!


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