What happens when you get a match on tinder

 What happens when you get a match on tinder

What happens when you get a match on tinder ichhori.com

It's a match!!! Yes, that's what happens when you perfectly match your ideal partner, but how to know whether he is an ideal match or it's just a two-way right swipe on both ends? How to find it? What is the most effective method of locating it?

The easiest way to discover delight is to engage in a good conversation with a good sense of understanding and maybe with a lot of jokes to share. Now the question is who should take the initiative? Well, it makes little difference who starts the conversation first; most of the time, it’s the guy who does the thing, but there's no harm if a girl makes the first move as the only thing that matters is to give your conversation an ideal start.

Statistics -

According to Wikipedia, Tinder releases almost 1.6 Billion swipes per day out of which just 26 Million count results in matches. When we convert it into percentage, the match rate is just approx 1.63 percent. Active Tinder users login to the app approx 11 times per day. If we calculate the sessions and divide them into two categories of male users and female users, it is seen that male users use it for 7.2 minutes whereas the female users use it for around 8.5 minutes. So, collectively the number comes somewhere around 79.2 minutes and 93.5 minutes respectively, as per day minutes count. 

List of probable things which happens after you match with someone on Tinder -

  1. When you right swipe a person on tinder, you get a match, and the same thing happens on the opposite side as well and after you've matched with someone, you'll talk only if he's not too boring to bore you, but if he's a charismatic lad and you get along well with him, then you'll have a lot of fun to share. Whatever you want to do, whether it's a date, coffee, or a hook-up, it all depends on your interests and, of course, how your guy responds, since "consent is always necessary," and if it fits you, then why wait? You're all set for a date, girl.

  1. Although the tinder chat box is a weird area to deal with. Even if the guy has a cute bio and a Greek god body, he might still be a total geek. Guys on tinder assume it's a site where girls come to have sex and hook up and nothing else, so they don't hesitate to inquire about it, and in some situations, the first text you receive is "do you want to hook up?" But never mind, you always have an option to unmatch guys like these without even thinking twice. 

  1. Anyway, when there are nerds on one side, there are also nice folks on the other. Every girl prefers a guy who makes a decent gesture, and when you find one, the talks are easy and pleasant, and that there is enough to talk about. There are even those people as well who are as dull as a Bollywood horror film, but you can always unmatch them as well. 

  1. The fundamental talk that generally takes place after getting matched is regarding the bio that you have mentioned, or if the person is too sophisticated to talk jokingly, he will start the conversation with some elite references from your bio or from his imagination. However, bios are always a good way to start a conversation, so be sure to have the ideal one. Although, if you are the type of lady who is too lazy to write a bio, don't feel obligated to do so; simply wait for your ideal date to come. Even you you do not want to write a creative bio, just write random words from your interests. Write about what you like and what you don’t. For example - Live| Laugh| Eat | F.R.I.E.N.D.S| Sleep | Repeat. This is not much creative but definitely appears to be creative and it serves both purpose. You need not write a creative bio but still your potential match or date knows what you like and who are you. These information are enough for a bio. Rest of the conversation can always happen in chat! Make them excited and curious from your bio, let them match and take the conversation forward. 

  1. Now, if all goes well and you guys are having a good time, you may gradually go on to other social networks, usually the ones you use on a regular basis. Consider WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, as well as the increasingly popular Snapchat. But, once again, if a guy is desperate enough to ask for your Whatsapp number or Instagram id, try to avoid them to the best of your ability,  as you should always prioritise your social security information above handing it over to some random guy just because he is too cute or too hot.


  1. Right after you match, if you feel something is fishy, unmatch them right away. Don’t take the conversation forward. 

  2. Don’t take the conversation in a friendly tone right away, take some time to get to know the person before sharing any personal information.

Final words 

And now that everything is in place and you've been talking for a while, you're ready to go on a proper date, not a virtual one or a video call, but a proper date, and then take any further steps you want. And if by any chance you get bored of your match at any point in time, then tinder is always open, so come back and start swiping fast until you find your next ideal match.

As a result, these are the most likely scenarios that arise when you receive a match on tinder. Some pointers are very common, while others are completely unacceptable, and some are even worse, that depends on the match you receive. However, there are also good ones, so be specific with your matches and choose the perfect one, rather than being charmed by their physical appearance because “all that glitters is not gold” but you are a goldsmith who knows her jewellery well.



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