How to impress a girl without talking ?

 How to impress a girl without talking 

Well, when there is less talk, then there is exchange of glances and trust when people say that eyes can do the ultimate magic if they are used correctly. It is not just about talking. Even your gestures can impress a girl. One just has to make sure that the gestures are impressive and you are good to go. Good gestures, good dressing sense and other physical attributes can also impress a girl without talking.

Impress a girl without talking

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According to an article by men’sXP titled 9 ways to attract your crush without saying a single word , the writer mentions that body language definitely has a major role to play in attracting someone without even talking a bit. 

Another article from wikihow states that a good attitude  plays a major role in impressing someone without really talking to the person. A good personality definitely helps to impress a girl at the very first sight. Girls definitely love that. It mentions non verbal cues as the ultimate key.

The above information from well known websites clearly suggests that non verbal cues can really do the magic which anything else cannot do. You can talk and things might go in a different direction, so the key is to impress first and then approach. Girls fall for very particular non verbal cues. They like many obvious things about guys like tattoos , voice, good dressing sense, good gestures, behaviour. They like guys who are smart , confident and self dependent. Girls have a very bad impression about guys who have nothing to do but just roam around. For example - three guys in a bike roaming around following a girl , is definitely not a positive approach to the non verbal cue game.

How to impress a girl without talking?

Have a positive attitude and feel free kind of approach - girls like boys who are smart and have a good attitude. When we say attitude, we mean a good attitude and not a negative one which is a form of arrogance. So make sure to pick out the difference between the two and act accordingly. Being arrogant doesn’t work, why? Because it isn’t a movie. Real life has different rules. Have an amazing attitude and an easy going nature to show that you get along well with others.
Be friendly whenever you are around her- whenever you are around a girl you wanna attract or impress without talking, make sure to be very friendly around her. Girls like that. You need not be friendly towards her but be friendly whenever you are around her. That is an amazing way to impress her. Girls fall for guys who are friendly, it creates a very different aura. Don’t be rude around a girl you are trying to impress. Be friendly, sweet and kind. It gives the girl good vibes about you. She would feel like being sound to you.
Be confident about who you are - whenever you are around the girl you want to impress , be confident about yourself and never try to be or pretend to be someone who you are not. Girls like self confidence but not over confidence , so measure the amount of confidence you have. Don’t try to act silly to impress the girl. The main motto here is to attract the girl without talking. The key is to let her know you are trying to impress her but don’t be too obvious about it!
If you are fun loving, the game is yours - some girls love guys who are fun loving! These kinda girls love to see guys playing volleyball, football, swimming, running. They also like guys who hang out cheerfully with their friends. Laugh , talk and have fun. Girls fall for these things easily. They get attracted towards guys who are very fun loving and jolly. Yeah, girls find it cute. 
Have a very good dressing sense -  a good dressing sense attracts girls very easily. It can be full formals, can be semi casuals , or smart casuals. Girls like good dressing sense. The best combination would be a white shirt and denims or a smart tee shirt with chinos.wear good clothes and you would definitely have all her attention towards you. In addition to good clothes, wear good shoes, watch and belt as well. Girls find it attractive if guys dress well. 
Exchange glances with each other - exchanging glances doesn’t mean that you need to wink at the girl. Just look at her all of a sudden and if your eyes meet , your work is done. Just happen to look at her by chance. At Least she should feel that. Staring for a long period of time is definitely not a good option. Girls find it annoying. Winking at her out of nowhere is a very bad way to go. Eyes can do magic but don’t use it in a negative way. 
Maintaining a perfect body language- guys with a good body language definitely attracts girls and they fall for it. Whenever you walk, hold your body straight and don’t slouch your back.  Don’t have a shabby look, girls don’t like that. Be confident in every way possible. Walk smartly , talk smartly and make the girl fall for you just like that. Guys with confident body language appear smart and girls like it.
Have a guitar? Start singing! - imagine sitting in college canteen around the girl you like , how about picking up a guitar and sing a song for her ! few girls love guitarists and they also fall for the voice. They either fall for voice or the guitar or both!

Impressing a girl without talking to her is definitely an art and the only thing which can help you ace it is by winning . Girls don’t get impressed easily but if you use the correct ways , she will definitely get impressed even with your non verbal gestures. You just have to make sure that the gestures are really positive and correct. Any kind of non verbal gesture you use, should not offend the girl at any cost. She should not feel uncomfortable. Keep these two points in mind and you are good to go!

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