How to Cope with Your Ex Dating Someone New?

How to cope with your ex dating someone new?

How to Cope with Your Ex Dating Someone New?

You need to get out what you are going through the negative emotions.

You are drinking coffee and scrolling Instagram with some good music tuning, and suddenly you saw the ex getting engaged, popping into your screen. Some mixed feelings are definitely going to arouse, you will either throw your phone or maybe get a breakdown for 10 minutes. Whatever it is, get with it, and please try to acknowledge, the fantastic moments won’t come. But you have to stay with the moments because you know this is the life you have to deal with the emotions. In your subconscious mind, you are well aware of not having any complaints, but it is difficult to share and hide. You need to understand the fact that you should know that you have to work on things properly and effectively because you can't swallow a pill. It will take time and help you realize how things grow effectively and smoothly at your end. I, being a part of your life, who is a member of an “Icchori Community”, will tell you how to get out of the feelings and establish yourselves the way you were back then. Don’t you miss your real self, how you forget that self in view of chasing others? 

There are three concomitants you should follow immediately when you feel about the repercussions in your conscious mind.

1) Empower your tenderness 

I know it is easy to speak, but trust me, not that impossible to undergo the journey. I, being your friend, will suggest that you acknowledge your feelings. It is an important part to understand the fact that you deserve your power and it is absolutely conventional to feel the way you feel. 

2) Remember why you divorced? 

That is something you should antecede to why you were separated from the person, despite having the love of your life. There may be some valid, convincing arguments to condemn the fact that you divorced that person. And it does not matter to you anymore. Yes, you are now allowed to choose your reality, whether you can think about yourself, whenever negative emotion perceives in your life. Please make yourself remember why you divorced.

3) Try to be cheerful for ex:

You married that person because you wanted to marry them and you thought of him as a nice person. Don’t you feel a person has a right to be happy and causatively in their time? Letting go will take time and making it will make you feel the process and the journey will go through it.

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