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In this trending new digital world, many people love to get connected to people domestically or internationally and the Covid-19 pandemic just made the people to take a break from this machine-life routine to spend their time with their loved one as well as to gain new friendships. In the year 2020, as we all know the whole world stayed indoors and spent their quality time on self-care and relationships, people are restricted from going to parties or gatherings anywhere. Many people spent their time in developing new hobbies, trying out new recipes and mastering any of their talents. 

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There are also people who utilised this time to find their soul mate where before the pandemic, had no time to spend their time to actually go in-search of their future sweetheart. Before the advancement of technologies, people usually go on blind dates arranged by their friends or families.

They may happen to get introduced via mutual friends or families in social gatherings like balls or weddings or any parties hosted among their status circle. For some people it would be love at first sight and they chase their partners of their dream. All this involve risking of chasing, strong luck and much hard-work to get a good impression on them from the person they love.

This also rarely makes the people to judge on the selection of the person whom they love. Although the rate of blind dates became low, they do still exist.    

There are no words to express our heartfelt thanks to the development of technologies which we all have felt grateful during this time since they made us to connect to the people to the nooks and corners of the world. Many applications were developed to make the people’s work a lot easier, quicker and faster than any human can ever imagine. 

One among the apps category are the dating apps which makes people to get closer on mutual interest based on the looks as well as the hobbies or the things both are interested. One among the dating app is the famous fiery app – The Tinder. Many youngsters from age 18 initiated their account in tinder to find new friends as well as to find their partner for life and the app actually have 3.08 billion users round the globe with billions of swipes every day where the app has 72 per cent men and 28 per cent women as per the record on 2021s. Tinder is being spread over 190 countries with 40 different languages and the tinder management expects over 57 million users in 2021. About 23 per-cents of the users from tinder went out on dates after getting used to each other through the app and around 12 per cent of the users from tinder found their one true love. 

As per the survey conducted by Global Web Index in 2017, they exposed that about 38% of people using Tinder are belonging in the category of 16-24 age groups while around 45% users belongs to the category of 25-34 age groups. The management of Tinder however argues that more than 50% of their users were among the 18-24 age groups while almost 3% Tinder users are widows or widowers. The survey of Global Web Index also claimed that there have been 76% of the users from urban areas and the remaining 24% users are from the rural setting. Also, if we look at the ratio of men and women users on Tinder, it has been found that men outnumbered women by 2:1 based on this particular survey. Tinder tries to make every user of them to find their love of their life and stay loved. 

In order to use tinder, the first thing is to do is to sign up an account using your email id or your phone number or via Facebook. Then enter the details like your name, activities you are interested in and choose the details you want to be displayed in your profile. Now all you have to do is swipe right to find the right match and swipe left if you don’t wish or want to get to know about the person. If the person you swipe right has right swiped back at you, Congratulations, It’s a match! And the two people are connected. Then the two people can talk and develop their bond. They can take it to the very next level. Love is in the air! 

What about the people who want to find their crush or the guy/girl they are stalking in other social media platforms in tinder? Will they be able to do? Are you one among them? Then read through content below. 

If you want to find the person you are looking for by their name in tinder, the answer is no. Don’t worry people; we have a backup solution for you! If you actually have the phone number of the person you are looking for, then we are happy to say that you can identify the person using the people search services like Spokeo, Radaris and Social Catfish Tinder Lookup Search Bar. These services can help you find the social media accounts as well as their court records. But Spokeo and Radaris are limited to the USA and US overseas territories, while Social Catfish doesn’t. 

All you need is the name of the person you are looking for, email-id, username of the tinder profile, and their profile image. Now let the Social Catfish do the honors to find the person you want to find among the billions of records. If you don’t have any of the above mentioned details apart from their mobile number, try searching the number in Instagram and Facebook since tinder requires to sign in using Facebook or Instagram or by their email-id. People usually use the same mobile number for multiple social platforms and they can actually direct you to their profile unless and until the number you have doesn’t get expired or it’s not the number of the person you want to find.  

Don’t panic because tinder don’t actually expose your phone number but if you share it in the tinder with your match or you choose to display your phone number publicly are the only ways to uncover your mobile number. 

If you want to find it in a quicker manner and money is not the problem, then the best solution is to enter the details and login to your account in the website https://www.tinderfind.me/ and search the person after making the payment which follows after giving the details. If you want to do it in free of cost as well as only in tinder, we can do that by narrowing your search based on the person’s age, range in the Settings and adjust your search. Press ‘Done’ once you are done adjusting and start swiping till you find the person you are looking for. Don’t worry if you can’t find the person. We all know that if you guys are meant to be, then nothing can stop you from meeting and loving the person. Try to search patiently and you may get it in the upcoming days. Have happy right swiping and feel loved all-time!  


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