Can you find the Facebook profile of Someone on Tinder?


Tinder  is that enthusiastic friend in every single person’s life who helps their friend find a good match and make a beautiful bond and as tinder says “ start something epic “ in their lives. It’s the platform which makes beautiful pairs and is the author of some beautiful love stories in the future.

Can you find the Facebook profile of Someone on Tinder?

Tinder profiles are the sneek peek in a person’s personality. So one needs to do a little investigation to make sure whether the person is genuine or not. Whether the information which is given is true or not. And many a times , one simply out of curiosity also wants to find out as to how the person is , what are their likes or dislikes and so on, therefore one needs to do a little research work after they start talking with a person on tinder.

Now here a question arises that how can one find the tinder profile of someone on facebook ??? is it possible to find a tinder profile owner on facebook??

Facebook and tinder can be real best friends if tinder does not uses its privacy policy. Tinder has a privacy policy wherein it claims that they donot share the information which is being given to them by its users. 

But the problem here lies that if a tinder user wishes to find more about the person with whom he or she is talking to then facebook is the first thing which comes in mind.  But again the tinder privacy policy is a obstacle which brings a question in the minds of the people that can someone find the facebook profile of a tinder user??

So the answer to this question is YES. One can find the facebook profile of someone on tinder. One needs to follow few steps which would help them to find the facebook profile of a tinder user.

  • Type their name into the facebook search engine.
  • Refine  it to the location which you have set in tinder to find your match. This step actually helps to make sure that you feed the same data which is being given to tinder.
  • Now insert the job or the educational institution which is being listed on their profile.

This procedure is actually done to make sure that you feed the same information which is displayed on the person’s tinder profile in facebook. By doing so, one can find the tinder user’s profile on facebook because both tinder and facebook has saved some keywords which are common for the same person on different platforms. 

For instance, the job or educational institution which is given by the tinder user in his profile would also be same in his facebook profile, so if we try to search by that then one can find the facebook profile of a tinder user

There is another way of finding the facebook profile of a tinder user .

  • Take a few screenshots of the profile’s images and then transfer it to your laptop or desktop.
  • Crop the images so that the tinder app part is removed.
  • Now do  a  google  image search on those images.

This particular method is actually based on the google image search , its also helpful because again some images are common of the person which he or she has uploaded on both these platforms so google recognizes them and helps to find out the same person on facebook who is on tinder.

Now in lieu of the above search method , one can also do it this way that , get as much information as possible about that person’s profile on tinder like name , work , school etc, after doing that, then perform a normal search on facebook for it. This way is actually the simple way which would definetly give you results.

There are actually quite a number of ways in which one can find the facebook profile of someone on tinder. But the obstacle here lies that one needs to be alert enough to know the right ways as tinder has its privacy policy, it doesnot shares its information to anyother platform, so one needs to be a bit tactful to do the research work inorder to get the results.

Also, one needs to keep this  in mind that you cannot find a facebook profile directly  of a tinder user. However , it is commonly seen that a tinder account is made using the facebook account . so one can search the profile owner name along with the city using the facebook graph search . The  graph search will show a list of profiles and many a times the facebook profile picture matches with the tinder profile. This is also a way by which one can find the facebook profile of the tinder owner.

 Another  way can be through a common connection.  Its like mutual friend helping to make to people beautiful bond. Now here the common friend is facebook.  One can look for the profile of the tinder profile owner in the facebook account of their common friend and know more about them. This is also helpful as one need not to do a long random searches in facebook , rather your search is directed in a particular way.

Also, another common way can be just using the information which one has collected by conversing with them , this helps the person to do a methodical search on facebook to find a profile. Information like their job , places they went to for their education etc. is helpful in searching the facebook profile of a tinder user.

Now, the simple and straightforward way is the best. That is , one can always ask for their facebook account handle so that they could know more about the person with whom they are talking to. One need not to hesitate even an ounce because , rest assured , this does not make them look bad or desparate. This is simply a sign that you want to know more them as an individual and therefore facebook account is the simple and the effective way to know more.


The digital era has made things such that inorder to find whether the person with whom we are talking to is genuine or not , one needs to find that through another app itself. Facebook has become the basic information provider for the people who hold some digital presence.  Therefore one needs to do little investigation on facebook so that they can get themselves assured regarding  the person they are talking to.

There are n number of ways in which this can be some. Few of the common and effective are listed above .  However one need to keep in mind that if the tinder profile owner has a facebook account which has few of the privacy settings then these searches can be less fruitful .  So , before jumping into this investigation , one need to keep this in mind that there is no guarantee that you will retrieve a lot of information even if you manage to find the facebook profile. Therefore one needs to keep these points in mind before going into the digital ocean.

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