How to make your present Boyfriend stalk your Ex- boyfriend without use of social media?

 Stalking her Ex-Boyfriend without the use of Social Media

Stalking her ex –boyfriend? But why do you need to do that? Well, there might be various reasons for you to do so. 

Stalking – Stalking is the unwanted act of continuous surveillance by an individual or a group against an individual disrupting their normal daily lives as well as mental health. Stalking is considered illegal as it disrupts the regular normal lives the victim and not only that the victim also has go through a mental stress as well because of someone continuously keeping an eye of them.

stalking your ex

So some the reasons because of which you would want to stalk her (your girlfriend’s) ex – boyfriend may be as follows:

  • You want to see what kind of a person your girlfriend dated before meeting you.
  • You want to see if her ex – boyfriend has moved on or not?
  • You want to understand the reason why did they break up?
  • You want to know if there is any chance of them getting back together.
  • Do they still meet up as friends?
  • To understand your girlfriend better. (because understanding the ex like how he is, what his likes – dislikes are, will give you an idea of your girlfriend’s likes – dislikes.)

So the above mentioned thing can be some of the reasons why you need to stalk your girl’s ex – boyfriend, who is no more a part of her life and shouldn’t matter to you. 

Well, now that we know that what are the reasons because of which you would have the need to stalk her (your girlfriend’s) ex – boyfriend, let’s have a look at how can you stalk someone using the traditional way instead of using the all common social media stalking technique.

So, How can you stalk someone without using the Social Media?

Life has become pretty with the advent of the internet followed by that of the social media. Because of these technologies, it has become easier for us to communicate with each other along with a lot of benefits in our personal professional lives. And thus internet has also made spying, stalking easier. 

You can stalk, spy on someone just by using some Medias and platforms and by sitting at a comfortable corner of your home. But this can turn out wrong and against you as well because of the developing IT (Information Technology) when they find out that someone is stalking them, prying into their personal lives unwantedly they will report you as it easier to find about your whereabouts by using the technology. So better be careful.

And thus, at times like these, using the traditional way of stalking that following someone around everywhere they go seems better. So, how exactly can you stalk your girl’s ex – boyfriend without the use of social media? Some of the ways are as follows:

  • First and foremost if you have to stalk someone, you need their daily schedule so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Follow them around everywhere – After you have got their daily schedule and you know what they do at what time, start following them everywhere they go and keep a strict eye on what they do and what not.
  • But it may be difficult at times for you to keep an eye on your target always, so you can take help of your friends.
  • You can ask them to do some snooping around and get more information about your target from his friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, etc.
  • You can also ask your friend to do some acting for you. Ask them act as your target’s friend, hangout with them, so that they can tell you more about them, their habits, likes – dislikes, may be even the reason why he broke up with your current girlfriend, etc.
  • Or you can directly approach him as friend, talk to them, get to know them better on your own, so that it will be easier for you to fulfil your motive, meaning the reason behind why you started stalking them in the first place.
  • Hire a detective – Yes, you heard that right. Hire a detective to get all the correct information in a professional way without the risk of getting caught. Yes, that’s because doing all the stalking on your own can be risky and there might be a fear of you getting caught, so what you can do is hire a detective, who will help you stalk your target and get you all the needed information just by sitting at home and paying some money. 

So the above mentioned methods are some of the ways that you can use other social media to stalk your girlfriend’s ex - boyfriend, or someone in general. But also keep in mind while stalking someone that you should be cautious and well aware of your actions, target and surrounding and be ready with a proper justifiable answer if you ever get caught. So what should you do in order to be safe while stalking?

  • Don’t make it obvious – Yes! Don’t make it obvious to your girlfriend neither everyone around you that you stalking her ex – boyfriend, because if it out in the open it may/will create a lot of problems in your relationship as well as people might report you to the police because of the fact that you are disrupting someone’s privacy for your own personal gains.
  • Learn to run fast – It may sound funny but yes, you have learn to run and walk fast if you have decided to stalk someone using the traditional way, that is following them around everywhere they go. Not only that being a, fast runner will help you save your life if you are on the verge of getting caught by your target or someone else.
  • Be secretive – Yes when you are stalking someone, try to be secretive. Try out a disguise and always try to mix in the crowd so that you are not easier to spot and if needed you can be mia as soon as possible. 
  • Be calculative-  Be calculative of your steps. Make sure to have a proper full proof plan before you go and stalk someone or your girlfriend’s ex - boyfriend. Because having a perfect plan will help you stalk better and get information in a limited period of time without getting noticed by anyone better. 

So to conclude, I would like to say that the above mentioned methods are some of the effective ways through which you can stalk her boyfriend without using social media and some of the reasons because you might be doing so and how to careful or what are the things that you need to keep in mind before you start staking someone. 

But on a positive note and my personal opinions I also feel that there shouldn’t be any need for you to stalk your girl’s ex – boyfriend when they no longer exist in her life. Instead have confidence in yourself and the relationship/bond that you share with her, that no matter what you won’t end like her ex wit broken heart but will surely walk down aisle and have a happily ever after with her. 

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