How can housewives get students to teach via Facebook?

A housewife is a woman whose primary focus is caring for her family. While her husband or partner earns. Being a housewife isn’t easy. Taking care of the house, husband and in some cases, in-laws and kids too. Even managing domestic affairs and performing chores. It drains you out. Some women choose to be housewives while others are bound to. Sometimes the husbands have a transferable job so in most cases, it is not possible for the ladies to get a job. More than 160 women are housewives in India. Indian housewives are the Sun, around which the home solar system orbits. When you become a homemaker, there are no vacations or vacations; you are hired as a daughter-in-law, a wife, and a mother for 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of your existence. This implies you've forgotten about your hobbies, old times, and childhood buddies. An Indian homemaker has a series of dilemmas, which are multiplying day by day. One of the most serious problems that housewives in India suffer is that they are UNPAID. You may say that you thank her with your love, care, and commitment. Otherwise, she is the ideal personal maid you can have who will help you clean your house, and take care of you appropriately. The family starts taking her for granted. She is also starved of her husband's attention, albeit not completely because he remembers her when he can't find his shirt, wallet, or when he gets home famished at midnight from an office dinner. 

housewives teaching via facebook

Are you one of the wonderful ladies who does the bigger job of taking care of the family? But despite the issue, for reasons unknown, Indian housewives continue to swear they love their work and thousands of them do so every day, with vermilion on their foreheads and a black bead necklace around their neck. Perhaps there is some charm in the "out of love" phrase.

But, even after all of your efforts, do you feel undervalued and unappreciated? Or do you want to be independent? Whatever your reason is, we’re at your rescue! 

You must have heard of Facebook. If you haven’t, we’ll help you out. Facebook is a social media platform founded in 2004. Through Facebook, you can communicate and share content with family and friends online. But Facebook is no longer restricted to connecting people for fun. Over the years, Facebook has enabled a lot of features. These features have changed the complete functioning of the platform. Now people can sell, rent and offer several services which need to be legal. People can also put up donations for several causes. They can also form communities that have similar likes. More than 320 millions Indians use Facebook out of which 24% of users are women. Have you ever wondered why there are so few women in India that are on Facebook? Most women users in India belong to the age group of 18-24 years. These women are students or recent graduates. The older ones believe that using social media, especially Facebook, is a waste of time. We need to break this bubble. It is not a waste of time. All you need to do is learn.

Let’s start with teaching, shall we?

So before you start your journey of having your own identity, let us clear a basic doubt. In case you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t know how to proceed, it is simple. Visit or download the Facebook app and click on create a new account. Fill in the details, verify your identity and Voila! You’ve got a Facebook profile now! The next thing is to add other secondary details and a beautiful profile picture. And you’ll be good to go. 

And those of you who already have an account must be thinking that Facebook and teaching are two ends of a spectrum. Well, we don’t like saying it, but you’re wrong.

Let us give you three basic reasons why we’re right:

  1. Youth:

Almost the entire youth is on Facebook. Connecting to them and gathering students will be the easiest for you. If you are successful in proving yourself as a teacher, nothing can stop you. 

  1. Online:

You may reach out and build your connections online. Isn’t this the best part. You can be at home and help several students around the globe. This removes almost all the restrictions. You can be free and accessible to students easily.

  1. Communities:

There are several groups on Facebook that are primarily there to connect all the teachers or students. All you need to do is be a part and prove yourself.

  1. Ads:

Facebook run sponsored ads. Through these, you may reach out to your desired audience. Although this will only work if you have a good budget.  

Let us come to the things you may do to start your classes:

  1. Post:

You may post simple statuses or make posters and share them. Ask your family and friends to share them and reach out to maximum numbers of people.

  1. Content:

You need to prove yourself. There are hundreds and thousands of teachers out there. Why will the parents choose you for their kids? Or the students choose you for themselves? Don’t freak out yet! Make videos or write articles about your teaching methods or something that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Showcase your skillset. Be an artist and fill the empty canvas.

  1. Attract:

Put out offers to catch attention. Give out free classes for the first week. Use this week to engage your students so that they don’t want to have another teacher.

  1. Keep greed away:

Do not ask for an unreasonable amount for your classes. Especially not when you’re starting out. You need to understand that people do not want to spend much on the first go especially when they aren’t completely aware of the service. And in cases like Facebook, they’re bound to be doubtful. You’ll have to grow with time and prove your worth.

Now that you know what to do, prepare for it. Use the resources carefully and start engaging. Build your network and in no time you’ll be independent. It is always beautiful to have your own identity, In no case is we saying that a housewife is less than anybody. But sometimes, you might have an urge to have something of your own. An identity that would know you as you and not as someone’s wife or mother. Independence has its charm. The power of earning is addictive. The power of showcasing your skills and abilities and getting appreciated for the same is better than drugs. And always remember to not give up on your dreams. Keep trying until what you want finally happens. Building a network might take some time but do not give up hope. Because hope is all you’ve got. Have patience and keep learning new skills or methods. Never give up on learning. Update yourself continuously. The world is advancing rapidly on technology and you should too. Being a teacher isn’t easy and your primary weapon is knowledge. Remember to study before you begin classes. A bad reputation can ruin everything in secs. Never let your hard work go in vain and always remember to trust yourself.

Good luck with a new independent identity! Happy Teaching!






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