How to go viral on social media?

 Going 'Viral' on social media is the dream of every individual. Depending on 'Luck' to get your video to go viral on social media is a foolish concept. It would help if you were persistent, have a strong marketing plan & other mandatory knowledge that could make your video go viral. Today's influencers' communication on various subjects to their respective niches has changed drastically from last year. It is due to the emerging growth of social media, changing preferences of people, and lifestyle modifications. 

How to go viral on social media

Suppose you show people what 'Triggers' them - or - what they want to 'See' the most, then the chances of video getting viral on social media increases. It is often because a lot of sharing happens in such cases, making the video go viral. 

Understanding that going viral on social media isn't a matter of a single day, we have come up with the following tips to help you on this subject in a much better way. Make sure to follow these tips for going viral on social media. 

How to go viral in social media

Getting viral on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter becomes straightforward if you Focus on - 'What your customers want, rather than what you want.' The customer-centric approach works well in most cases. Find some helpful and handy tips to make your video go viral in the section below -

Join hands with Influencers
To create a buzz in the market and increase your presence, you can join hands with the influencers. These influencers will play a significant role in creating awareness about your brand and its content. Ensure to collaborate with influencers who already have a good amount of followers and existence in social media. With the good words stated by them about your content on their pages respectively, there are high chances of your content to get viral and shared to the maximum crowd. 

Partnering with the right set of influencers who holds a good set of your targeted audiences is the most intelligent strategy to make your content go viral on social media. 

Emphasis on quality content
Quality content matters the most. A quality less content will fail to catch the attention of your targeted audience. 

It will surely get your content many shares, henceforth ultimately making you go viral on social media. It is the best way to gain popularity in a short period. 

Targeted Niche Study
Studying the targeted niche, i.e., the audience who will resonate with your content and share the most, is quintessential. Once you know them, then accordingly you can do your marketing such that your content reaches the right audience. If the content released goes to your targeted niche, it will engage with your brand via comments, likes, and shares. 

The above step is the most important part to drive people crazy about your content. The more it is shared among like-minded people, the more chance it getting viral on social media sooner than expected. 

Use Interactive Tools on your content 
The content should not be monotonous that makes a person either scroll or sleep. To ensure that your targeted audiences are engaged, you can create a poll, a quiz and ask more & more questions in it. 

Once the audience finds that the content put over the intelligent interactive tools is based on what they want to give their opinion in - the engagement rate will go higher. 

Reposting on famous Accounts 
To become the market sensation within days, you need to make sure that your content is reposted on the accounts that have gained immense popularity, lakhs of likes, views, and recognition in the market. The larger the opinions of the audience, the more chances it getting shared on social media. 

Doing so will ensure that your content reaches maximum people through the popular accounts, and people viewing it will share it, retweet it, and like it - if the content is worth it. 

Entertainment & Relatable Content
Ask yourself which content you like to view and share more? I guess my answer is similar to yours. I like the content which is relatable to me in some aspects, as a school memory, gentle home things, or anything women experiences in their daily life. You can create a fictional character that resonates with the knowledge of the general public. Make sure to add some spices to it to make it more entertaining and engaging. 

You can create content on video based on the real-life experiences of people, it will engage more of the audience, and once they resonate, they will engage with your brand. Once they engage, the number of times your content is shared will rise simultaneously. 

Short, Specific & Crisp
Don't put too much in the content. Length of the video matters to a great extent in forecasting your content's success rate. The shorter the video, the more engaging it's going to be. People are so busy in their life today that they have the least time to watch a video of 2 to 3 hours. It's like a movie for them. 

Try to grasp how shorter videos are made and how to put the right set of content on them effectively. If you can make a video of 30 seconds to 2 minutes with the valuable message that your audience relates to the most, then, believe me, you will win many hearts - which indeed is an ultimate journey to go viral! 

Key takeaways 

The same opportunity never or hardly knocks on your door the second time! By your side, do whatever it takes to make your content look engaging, entertaining & evoking. All these features decide whether your video is worth sharing or not. Once the targeted audience decides on this matter based on various parameters, then, believe me, there is no going back & forth. Once the sharing starts, it never stops - having said so, your content should be creating either some knowledge, joy, entertainment, or value of some sort in their lives, respectively.  


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