Is it possible to extend the life of your fillers and Botox?

Is it possible to extend the life of your fillers and Botox?

Those who anticipate missing their injectable tweaks while in lockdown, whether it's muscle inhibitors like Botox or dermal fillers, will be disappointed to learn that there are no magic alternatives that replicate the results at home. However, according to Dr. Wassim Taktouk, one of London's leading aesthetic doctors, there are ways to extend the life of your last needle appointment. He explains how in this section.

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"There aren't really any proven ways to extend the life of your Botox," confirms Dr. Wassim Taktouk"How quickly yours wears off is determined by a number of variables, and everyone will have a different experience."


Is it true that high-impact exercise can shorten the longevity of Botox?

Probably. "I frequently see patients who do intense exercise as part of their daily routine come back for top-ups more frequently," he says. This does not, however, imply that you should become a couch potato. It is critical that you take care of your body and mind during these trying times, and exercise should be a part of your daily routine.


Instead, he recommends that you keep your skin hydrated to ensure that your Botox results last as long as possible. We often see ‘returning fine lines' as a result of dehydration, so keep your skin hydrated with a good hyaluronic acid-based serum and moisturizer, and don't forget to hydrate from the inside as well. He suggests drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables while limiting your intake of coffee and alcohol.


Wear sunglasses when you go out to avoid squinting, which can cause lines to form. And, if you smoke, reduce your intake or quit entirely because smoking causes you to automatically screw up your eyes and lips, which can result in new lines, he said. 



Dr. Taktouk explains that different injectable products have different life spans due to product consistency and, in some cases, the positioning of the filler itself. "One thing I can confidently say is that filler frequently lasts much longer than the 'official time' specified; therefore, there's no need to worry – your lips will not deflate during the lockdown. Areas such as the under-eyes and deep within the cheeks will not degrade any time soon, and in some cases, product in these areas can last for years."


Again, it all comes down to hydration, he says. "Plump tissue is hydrated tissue, and dehydrated skin does not reflect light." Exfoliate the lips gently each morning using a dry toothbrush and use a lip balm multiple times a day to stop them from drying out, in addition to eating a healthy diet.


Again, quit the cigarettes. Smoking is a guaranteed way of breaking down collagen and accelerating skin sagging, which is why many of us opt for fillers in the first place.


Additional ways to help minimize the need for maintenance of botox: 

The doctor wants to emphasize the importance of good nutrition in maintaining plump and youthful skin, not just hydration, as previously mentioned. "That inner glow truly comes from within," he says, "so the more nutrients you feed your skin, the better." "Incorporate dark greens into your diet and don't be afraid of healthy fats, such as small handfuls of nuts and oily fish like salmon and mackerel."


Dr. Taktouk also advises avoiding excessive sun exposure, because UV light promotes the degradation of dermal collagen and elastin at a faster rate than normal aging. However, he also suggests limiting blue light exposure. "Consider limiting your screen time as well, as some studies show that sitting in front of a computer screen or smartphone can cause skin damage due to light exposure."


Finally, he believes that the most important thing to do to maintain youthful skin is to sleep. Sleep allows your body, including your skin, to repair itself. It's not called "beauty sleep" for nothing.


Skincare that boosts the effects of Botox and fillers: 

To begin, Dr. Taktouk advises that "every day, make sure you apply SPF50 to your face and neck, even on cloudy days, to reduce any sun damage." The products you choose should, of course, be based on your skin type and concerns. For example, what may be beneficial to older skin may be too rich for younger skin, he observes.


His inside-out approach to hydration is well-versed, but he believes that exfoliating the skin first, "to remove the dead skin cells and allow products to penetrate more deeply," is essential. But, he adds, do not over-exfoliate with aggressive products or daily treatments. It's critical not to damage the skin's protective barrier, which can lead to moisture loss. So, instead of exfoliating daily, exfoliate once a week.


If you want to really pamper your skin, he recommends using“The Teresa Tarmey Programme" in order to see the “fantastic results”. It includes a home derma roller and a massage tool, as well as specially-formulated products to give noticeable results. 


In terms of 'Botox replicators', he says "the only products I’ve seen that claim to mimic muscle inhibitor treatments are those that give a temporary line-filling or blurring effect which soften the appearance of fine lines." (Try the La Prairie Line Interception Power Duo, and the Rodial Pink Diamond Lip and Eye Filler.) Will they freeze the muscles? "No."


In conclusion, remember that during this period of self-isolation, we may be more focused on our reflection simply because we don't have much to do and are naturally experiencing heightened anxiety. You might just be noticing lines and wrinkles that others aren't,  so don't be concerned. (And definitely don't frown.)







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