What skills should teachers learn to teach online?

This pandemic situation has changed the education sector for the betterment of the student with the help of the improved and advanced technology. Millions of universities and schools all across the globe have chosen online teaching for their method of education and the Teachers are also providing best and quality education to their students after acquiring several online teaching skills in accordance with their subject knowledge.

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But several teachers who were technologically handicapped have lost their jobs too. In a survey, conducted by a national magazine, found out that 37% of the teachers from India have said that they are facing critical problems for this online teaching system. So, if you are a teacher and you are struggling with your online classes then you have landed on the right page as we have created a list for helping you to develop some skills which would be needed for crafting your inner self to carry out the best online classes. 

They are as follows:

Time management

The first responsibility every educator has is completing their syllabus within the provided time frame that has been set up for every academic session . For such cases a proper timetable needs to be developed in order to provide efficient learning and teaching experiences . That is why it is very important to have the perfect use of every moment wisely to make sure that there is no stress or confusion among the students. The basic step for time management is creating a time table and making sure that all the elements of the class like topics, questions answers, assignments, projects, exams or assessments and feedback needs to be included within that allocated time mentioned in the time table. It is also advised to include some short breaks amidst every session to ensure that there is relaxation of mind for students as well as teachers. So, keep in mind the following tips for developing your time management skills. 

  • Make a digital time label and sync that with your calendar as it would be helpful for your class

  • Do make sure that all your students are always on time for the life classes and set a perfect and fix time for your live sessions, brakes, activities, assignments, projects and feedbacks

  • Create folders for lessons for assignments and share it with every students

  • Make sure that every student is flexible in submitting their projects or assignments and set up reminders and send them to the students prior the deadline of submission.

Engaging students

If you are teaching online and even though the video of your students might be on, studies say that 71% of the students tend to get bored quickly at the online teaching sessions. So, to be a perfect teacher online the most perfect way for engaging students is by inculcating learning activities in the teaching pedagogy. You can develop some skills for engaging your students through  upgrading your teaching strategy and adding up some innovative and creative activities in your classes. 75% of the students are able to concentrate for a shorter time period because of disengagement. So it is very important for understanding the interest of your students and conducting helpful activities online. You can also create some activities which will allow the students to participate with proper enthusiasm. Do search for online tools and apps which will be helping you in implementing and planning engaging activities for all your students. You can engage your students through several learning activities, learning games, interactive assignments, online projects and even virtual tools. Providing some assignments like that of model making, quiz, debates, role play etc., would be very much helpful if they are based on the curriculum.

Collaborating with the students

Collaboration is the next most important thing for creating a very strong relationship with every student to give them perfect learning opportunities. You can even collaborate with other teachers and create videos for teaching sessions and all lectures if it is more helpful for the students. All the teachers from different subjects can even collaborate together by working with each other for uploading content in the online platforms where the students are able to learn properly at their own pace. Definitely it is not mandatory that every teacher needs to be perfect regarding Technology so approaching other teachers for collaborating to teach the students, is definitely a wise option. There are several online platforms which help you to collaborate with your colleagues, parents and even students for carrying out effective communication to make sure that there is steady progress in your student's career. Don’t forget to check out our other articles which will help you to understand such online platforms for developing collaboration.

Operating technological skills

There has been a huge advancement among the field of Technology since the past decade. Educational technology has also played a significant role for imparting knowledge and skills to every student all across the globe. The pandemic situation has added on the importance of Technology much more and it has been very important for teachers to update themselves with knowledge regarding technology to impart effective learning experiences to their students. So you have to make sure that you are using the perfect online learning tools which are right for the age group you teach. You can choose the platforms which are easy and simple to use in the beginning and slowly understand the online platform for learning and their application benefits methods. You can also download some educational applications or websites or even some tools for effective teaching. If you are confused at any moment then don’t forget to browse information for the technology used through authentic educational websites, journals, blogs, e-books or articles.


Definitely online teaching has been a turning point in the life of every educator . No doubt slowly this education sector is moving towards a complete online sector and that is why it is very much significant for adapting with the online platforms for teaching. Yes, we understand that previously teaching in the traditional classroom was more comfortable and is completely opposite to this online learning platform. But the main intention of education is giving important knowledge to every student to make sure they have a bright future. That is why you need to adapt yourself with the new learning platforms to make sure that every student is being effectively taught. For adaptability the basic thing is to stay organized and everything needs to be planned but depending on the needs like time table lesson plans activities assignments exams . You have to be flexible for adopting every situation which comes your way, even irrespective of the classroom management, administrative work, assessment, student behavior and curriculum. So for that you need to organize your teaching pedagogy in a single platform or in folders so that they can be easily accessible perfectly.

Hopefully this article is going to help you thoroughly and lastly keep it in mind that you also have to stay patient in the journey of online learning for you and your students because as we all know that there is an age old saying that patience is the key to success. Everyone has their own speed of learning and good things take up their time for bearing fruits, so have patience and keep believing in yourself as you can do this. 





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