A k - pop fan? Then what are the top 10 girl groups that you can't miss out on?

 A k - pop fan? Then what are the top 10 girl groups that you can't miss out on?

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K – Pop an abbreviation for Korean Pop Culture Music, is one of the biggest things trending in the world right and groups like BTS are dominating the global music industry and they don’t seem to step down from the position any soon. And the world of K-pop music is an ever growing full-fledged industry which was worth $578m as of 2019. And even as of today, the K – pop industry is doming the world music industry with it’s music and bands like BTS who is considered to be the biggest boy band in the whole of universe and BLACKPINK who are considered to be the biggest girl group in the world with both of them achieving many feats daily. 

Although the female or girl groups in K –Pop have become a global phenomenon now and they are not only appreciated for their music and lyrics but also because of their beauty, stunning visuals along with choreography, and amazing melodies and over the recent years we have come across some sensational girl groups like BLACKPINK, TWICE, Red Velvet Gfriend and so on, but girl groups in the K – pop are not a new thing instead they have been existing since the late 90’s. 

And if you are a huge K – pop fan then here is the list of top 10 girl groups of all time that you can’t miss out on.

K – pop fan – A  K – pop fan is a person who is genuinely interested or likes listening to Korean Pop songs irrespective of the language barrier that may be a problem to non  - Korean speaking people. 

So now, let’s have a look at some of best and famous girl groups of all time.

  1. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation tops the list and definitely is one of those girls groups that you can’t really miss out on. Girls’ Generation also popularly known as SNSD is a girl group under SM Entertainment. Originally a nine member group Girl’s Generation had rocked the nation with it’s amazing poppy music. Debuted in the year 2007, the group still garners a  lot of attention for it’s music, although the original group disbanded in 2017 when it’s 3 members left the group (one of them had been dismissed in 2014) and a new subunit named Oh!GG was created in 2018 with the remaining five members. Some of the best songs by Girls’ Generation are ‘Gee, Hoot, Oh, Party’ and the legendary song ‘I got a boy’.

  2. 2NE1 – 2NE1 is a four member girl group under YG Entertainment, active from 2009 to 2016, active for 8 years the girl group has given us number of hits. The quartet had dominated the K – pop world since their debut in 2009 with their single, ‘Fire’. 2NE1’s final album ‘Crush’ was on the highest ranked Korean album on the Billboard 200 for two consecutive years until BTS’s album ‘Wings’ dethroned it. Some of the best songs by 2NE1 are ‘Fire, Ugly and Lonely’.

  3. Wonder Girls – Wonder Girls originally a five member group, has seen a lot of changes in their member since it’s debut. But even after so many changes in the members, the group was able to gain attention of the audience with their modernized retro pop songs, they were even labelled as the ‘Retro Queens of South Korea’. Wonder Girls brand oriented ‘Reboot’ in 2015 is still one of the most impactful and successful rebrandings’ K – pop has ever seen. Some of the hits by Wonder Girls are ‘Tell Me, Nobody, I Feel You and Why so Lonely’. 

  4. Brown Eyed Girls - Brown Eyed Girls often abbreviated as B.E.G or simply BG is a South Korean four member girl group under Mystic Story or APOP Entertainment. Debuted in 2006, this girl group is still one of the longest running Girl group in the K – pop industry without any changes in their members. They have worked on various themes like promoting free speech to revealing female sexuality. Some of the most liked songs by the audience are ‘Warm Hole, Sixth Sense, Love, How Come and Abracadabra’.

  5. After School and it’s subunit Orange Caramel – After School and Orange Caramel (a subunit of After School) is a girl group formed under Pledis Entertainment. Although debuted as an act that tries to bring up the admission and graduation concept, After School and Orange Caramel has done a good job of exploring various genres like marching band, electropop and synthpop. Some of the best numbers released by After School are ‘Bang, First Love, Shampoo, and Because of You’.

  6. Kara - Standing on number sixth is Kara, is a South Korean girl band formed under DSP Music. They debuted in the year 2007 and were active till 2016 but during these nine years they had created a name for themselves through their propulsive beats. Kara was one of the most impactful K – pop acts in Japan and with addicting MVs Kara dominated the Japanese music charts and they also became one of the first international female act to hold a show at Tokyo Dome. They are considered as the leader of the Korean Wave’s heyday. Some of their best songs are ‘Step, Mister and Lupin’.

  7. F(x) – Originally a five member group later reduced to four after Sulli’s departure, f(x) is South Korean girl group formed under SM Entertainment. They are known for being the effervescent brand electronica and synthpop which not only innovative but also very easily available to non K – pop fans as well. And unlike many Korean acts f(x) focused on full length albums rather than Eps. Some of their popular albums are ‘Pink Tape, 4 Walls and Red Light’.

  8. 4Minute – 4Minute a five member girl group formed under Cube Entertainment were known for their edgy dance pop style and crush girl image that had attracted a huge female fan base since their debut back in 2009. They are also appreciated for their electropop and funky hip hop songs. Some of their greatest songs are ‘What’s your name?, Whatcha doing today?, Cold Rain, Crazy and Hate’.

  9. Apink – Originally a seven member group later on five, APink is a South Korean girl Group formed under Play M entertainment and debuted in 2011. This a girl group that is known for being saccharine and light hearted and their music is still very famous for the same reason. They were an act that stood out for their breezy pop tracks and innocent style. Some of the amazing tracks by group are ‘Mollayo, Five, My My, and NoNoNo’.

  10. Miss A – And last but not the least miss A stands at number 10 for being of the best girl groups of all times. Formed under JYP Entertainment miss A is four member girl group known for their amazing poppy tracks. They made big hit when their debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ reached number one on the Gaon Digital Charts. Some of their best songs are ‘Bad Girl Good Girl, Only You, I don’t need a man and Breathe’.

So my dear friends if you are an older K – pop fan or have just began your journey as a K – pop fan, it doesn’t matters but what matters is the fact that you to have to listen to the songs created by these top 10 female K – pop bands of all times.

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