How to get an abortion if you’re a teen?



abortion as a teenager


Deciding to abort a kid is not an easy decision but if the pregnancy was unplanned and you do not want to keep the baby and still have time to abort the baby, you can definitely go for it. Yes, you can abort the baby if you want to. It is better to abort the baby than to give the baby a life which he or she does not deserve. It is very sad that due to lack of sex education and information on correct usage of protection measures and products , teens end up in these situations. 

Especially girls, for them they are clear barriers of the unplanned pregnancy and their partners surely just had fun and now have a bit of stress and feeling of guilt but the girl has to go through a lot. Getting an abortion is not very easy as a teen. You go to the doctor's office with your parents and other people are just gazing at you. W

ell, I would say that I do not care about them a lot. It is your life and your rules. If you do not want to have it, then don’t. Those people passing looks there might be older than you but they are there for the same purpose. 

Also, keep in mind that if you keep the baby then they would not take care and manage your finances , they would still have that look anyway. So why to care when you have the option to not care. Just focus on yourself and your health. It can be difficult to get an abortion independently as a teen but it is not impossible, just get your parents to support you.




According to HMIS reports , the total number of unplanned pregnancy abortions during the year 2016-17 was 970436 , in 2015-16 it was around 901781 and during 2014-15 it was 901839 and lastly, around 2013-14 was around 790587. 

Further research on the study suggested that there are almost 47 abortions per 1000 women aged between 15 to 49 years. The study titled “the incidence of abortion and unintended pregnancy in India,2015” , almost 15.6 Million abortion cases took place in India. 

Around 3.4 Million cases which can be estimated to 22 percent, were done in health care facilities. Almost 11.5 Million abortion cases , which can be estimated to 73 percent, were performed through medical methods but outside the facilities and a shocking 5 percent of abortion cases were performed through other methods instead of medical termination. 

Another study suggests that there are almost 6.4 Million abortion cases in India per year. The study further suggested that only 31 percent of the abortions occur according to the permitted grounds of the MTP act and other abortions are just because of unwanted sex or unwanted pregnancy, or weak financial conditions. Almost 56 percent abortions in India are unsafe.

 According to standards of living, a study categorized women into three categories, poor , moderate and rich just to check which category of people seek much of abortion facilities. 

The study said that 57 percent women were poor, followed by 21 percent moderate and 22 percent rich. People tend to have many kids in Rural India due to lack of family planning information and other entertainment means.

 For them having intercourse in the only way to satisfy them and unprotected sex leads to unwanted pregnancy. 

58 percent women seek help from primary level facilities and around 67 percent women appear for post abortion complications rather than induced abortions at the place.


Ways to get abortion if you are a teen -


     If you are below 18


   Confess - I know it would not be easy for you to confess and tell the truth about your relationship and moreover the physical relationship you had which you probably feel guilty of being in with that person or if that guy is still there for you to confess it together. If you are alone, don’t worry, stay calm. Always remember , pregnancy is a thing you cannot hide. You can’t hide your mood swings, you can’t hide your desire to have something, you need care at this point of time. Wearing loose clothes and hiding reasons for not using sanitary products or you missed periods is not possible at all. So faking it until you lose it is not the way to go. If not today, after few weeks your parents and family will get to know about it, so it is better to confess early till the time you have an option to get abortion. If it’s late you would lose this option and get stuck in a situation, honestly you don't wanna be in that. Abortion should be done within 20 weeks of pregnancy. So make sure to confess before it is too late.


   Take action - after you have confessed, discuss the options with your parents. There are different procedures for abortion and make sure to get it done under medical supervision. If somebody forces you to go for other methods, ask for help! At this point what society and relatives think doesn’t really matter, you took that decision to have intercourse at that time even if you didn't want to , so you are brave enough to do this. Only consider proper medical options. Oral medicines or surgeries should be done under medical supervision only.


   Summary - as a teen below 18 years age , every girl has to take consent from their legal guardian before they could get an abortion. So, it is not really  an independent measure from the teen’s side. A doctor who is going to perform the abortion for you would also ask for the consent slip or ask your legal guardians which are you mom and dad to sign before you can get an abortion. Written consent is mandatory in case of females below 18 and females with some kind of mental illness , that is what the law says.


     If you are above 18


   If you are above 18 , then there is no need to worry . you can get an abortion with your own consent. Still it is highly suggested that you should inform your parents about this. Also tell them how your partner reacted to it, what his reaction was. They will help you take any steps if needed. People above 18 are considered adults and therefore can decide for themselves whether they want an abortion or not.



In any of the above cases, share it with your parents. They might scold you because it would be a major matter of shock for them but then they will slowly understand you and be with you. Also, make sure to go for proper medical measures instead of buying pills just like that. Seek doctors advice for sure and do not take random pills available in the market under anybody else’s supervision other than the doctors. Unwanted pregnancy can be a mistake and violation of trust. Therefore, make sure whom to trust with your body band whom not to and make sure to have protected sex in order to not land up in these situations. Always know that , you need not say sorry for not having sex because it is your own decision or have intercourse forcefully just to save the relationship. And if you are a pregnant teen and reading this article, trust me everything will be fine. Trust yourself.









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