Update on Condition of Women in Afghanistan in last 5 decades

 Condition of Women in Afghanistan in last 5 decades

Stating the condition of women and treatment towards them makes my blood boil like crazy. Women's staying in Afghanistan have always seemed to suffer because of some of the other reasons, say it their dressing sense, job choices, or early marriages! In every aspect of life, why women and young girls are the ones who have suffered enormously? The rights of women and justification regarding the same have been a big debate going on for years to date with no clear-cut solution at all. 

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Read the article below to help you understand all the depressive waves going on in Afghanistan and how badly the women there are affected by unjustified laws. 

Situation under US presence

Afghanistan was invaded by the US in 2001. With the withdrawal of the Taliban leadership and bin Laden, the mission of the US-centered all its focus on improving the existing condition of women, ensuring girls' safety, and giving them all the rights they deserve in Afghanistan. The 2004 constitution of the country consists of certain provisions that ensure the rights of women and treat them equally as men. It also ensures the quotas of women that make sure that these women have the right to take part in the political processes. During that time women took a lead and came forward as empowered women. They joined the army, worked as politicians, surgeons, anchors, television presenters, prosecutors, and judges. 

Situation under Monarchy presence

Under the monarchy, King Amanullah Khan ruled Afghanistan in 1919. He wanted to bring in the Western-style reforms there and planned to modernize the entire country. He ruled for a decade. He was very much inspired by the Republic of Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Inspired by him, he wanted to bring forth all the rights of women back to the nation. Under this rule, the situation was getting better - he worked hard on banning child labor and child marriage, wearing a veil was optional for women. In Kabul, a school was opened for women - it was the only girl's school founded by Queen Soraya. A new constitution was drafted in 1964, which helped women to take full fellowship of their rights. They then were permitted to vote online and take participate in the women's overall betterment policies. They also took a lead, started with their businesses, managed to work in good job environments, and become political leaders. 

Situation after Monarchy presence

The Soviet Union seems to have invaded Afghanistan in 1979. He brought the Marxist puppet regime into the country. All the rights and privileges of women seemed to get destroyed in a matter of seconds. It happened when the civil war took place between communist troops and other parties. Taliban gained the right of invading the country in 1990. Their entire strategy that went like that would do a lot for the women of Afghanistan to protect their overall rights but what they did was entirely different and shocking at the same time. Women came under distress, their rights and freedom seem to vanish and go here & there. From public speaking to their dressing style or going to schools or for work - everything seemed to get disrupted badly. Burqa becomes this ordinary dress and stepping out without it was considered to be a big crime. If they ever tried to go against the laws, they were either punished by public lashing and death by stoning. Healthcare segments were also badly affected by this reaction. The women started falling ill and were not having access to hospitals and health care clinics. Women were thrown out from all kinds of leadership and rights to be a part of the political parties. This ultimately leads to the rise in death rates due to the suicide of women as they no longer could bear this ill-treatment. It was the worst nightmare you could ever see, and more was in the picture to happen.  

Progress Gaps

Although various advancements have taken place in Afghanistan in the last 5 decades, yet the maternal mortality rate there stands at the highest number throughout the world. Undoubtedly, more than 90% of the women have been a victim of abuse and misbehavior - which hasn't changed a bit in the last 5 years in Afghanistan! As for the evaluation is done by the Human Rights Committee, the existing justice system ignores the 2009 law. This law consists of 22 acts almost all of which are inclined towards women's criminal violations. These crimes include rape cases, rape threats, Eve teasing, involuntarily doing early marriages, gender biasedness, no right of property for women, and no permission to complete their education. 

The human rights group also reportedly revealed that women living in the rural area of Afghanistan had suffered more than ever in terms of getting rape threats, sexual abuses, and whatnot? They also revealed that women have been exchanged and have been a victim of one-night stands for clearing the debts. Isn't it sounds pathetic? The rights of women in the last 5 decades have been reduced and badly affected by the military commanders. Afghanistan badly needs to have a central government to take care of all the women's rights there.  

Upcoming of Taliban 

With the upcoming Taliban party, the condition of Afghanistan isn't the same as before! Multiple changes have come forth after their arrival. They said that under Islamic law, they will respect all the rights of women under sharia law. Taliban gave the justification of all of their policies meant for women. Jurists, politicians, and clerics, all will be followed under this. Entire policies made out for women are going to sustained this itself. After the coming of the Taliban, women working under the Afghanistan International Bank were told to straightaway go home and leave the bank forever. According to the reports, women should not be seen out without their traditional and fully body-covered dresses. Moreover, forceful marriages have become a pattern today. 



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