What kind of breast implant is best for breast cancer reconstruction?

 Breast cancer is common today among women than ever. It happens when breast cells grow abnormally. Support for breast cancer survivors today has increased tremendously. Various surgeries and highly educated doctors are there to treat you well. The death rates due to breast cancers also have shown a big declination from the past two years. 

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According to legit sources, breast cancer stands at second number in terms of its commonality among women after skin cancer. 

In the article today, we will briefly make you aware of the best alternatives to choose for your breast implantation due to breast cancer. 

Is breast implantation available in different Sizes, Shape & Texture?

Yes, breast implants can be generally seen in various kinds of Size, Shape & textures. The size of the breast implants is measured in 'Cubic Centimetres.' And, the size of the breast implant normally ranges from 175 cc to 700 cc. The shape of breast implants can vary from being a teardrop to having a round shape. Even the texture of it comes with various choices, it can be - Smooth, Patterned & uniquely textured too. 

How to Choose the promising breast implant for breast cancer reconstruction? 

Options available for breast reconstruction are huge. The only thing to keep in mind while deciding the best option is to get consulted with the breast specialist. Based on your requirements and existing problem severeness, the most suitable breast implantation will be offered. Well, you can choose anyone out of the three options. All of them are best and the choice generally is made based on your breast condition. Let's learn them below -

  • Silicone Implants
The silicone implants are much thicker than the saline implants. It consists of silicone gel and that gel is harder enough to keep the implantation in place. It also looks like a natural tissue as compared to the saline implants. It completely gives the feel of breast tissue making it look less unnatural. 

With the silicone implantation method, the recognition of the breast implant burst might be difficult to detect easily. It a because the shape it takes in this procedure doesn't get altered. It more or less remains as it is. To overcome this problem and to ensure that there isn't anything inside of your breast implant breaking or leading to rupture, you need to follow a routine checkup program. 

  • Saline Implants
Saline implants can usually be accommodated based on their volume. Once they are placed in the designated area, they can be filled as per your needs. It consists of a sterile saltwater solution and is made up of silicone shells. It's mostly suggested if you are looking for an affordable option. These are made up of silicone shells and are available at highly pocket-friendly prices. 

In this option, the detection of the breast implant fracture becomes easier. It is due to the deflation of the breast. They often look less natural in comparison to silicone Implants. It is because they have more of the consistency of water. Because of them being prone to damage, it is often felt sooner than it's actual. It causes a very tiny breakage in the thin layer of your skin. 

  • Gummy Bear Implants
The implications of the Gummy Bear Implants have invaded the market recently. It's highly gaining popularity among all breast cancer survivors as it's is made up of silicone gel which is considered to be highly cohesive. It is more adopted among women facing breast cancer with its option of breast implantation because it is well known for keeping the position of the breast intact and in place. 

It indeed gives the perfect shape which looks highly natural. Nobody can detect that it's not your natural breast. It also leads to many other benefits to the reconstruction of your breast. The expected breakage rate of the Gummy Bear Implants is very less. The results it gives are highly outstanding making women happy. Also, its results are long-lasting as well. It can work for more than 10 years if taken care of properly with routine checkups. 

Things to take care of before going ahead with the breast implantation

Breast implantation works extremely well in more than 80% of cases. But, before going ahead with the breast reconstruction, make sure that you are aware of the following things - 

  • Breast implants afterward can lead to various unseen problems. The breast can change its shape or get harder after a few months of doing the breast implantation. It might happen due to the formation of scar tissue. 
  • Going through mammograms can be difficult for checking the breast cancer attack on the left out breast area. It will require a lot of tests, checkups, X-rays, etc. 
  • You require breast MRIs after every few years as suggested by the doctors. It helps you to detect if the silicone gel implant has broken. Also, the thing to note here is that most health insurance does not cover this under their terms and conditions. 
  • The task of getting the breast implanted doesn't stop here. It requires after protection a lot. These implants are not durable forever. Within 10 years, you will be needed to replace, alter or change your breast implants. 
  • Your ability to breastfeed your child by producing the milk from your breast naturally can be harder than expected. It might also lead to completely stopping the supply of milk from your breast area. 

Key Takeaways

Restoring the shape of your breast after breast cancer can be highly satisfying. Various kinds of breast implantation are available for breast cancer reconstruction. The methods discussed above are all good to adopt, however consulting is a better alternative. You can narrow down your choices, based on your views that would meet your needs the most. It can be done by consulting a breast specialist. Once you get the proper counseling on this subject, you will be able to manage the situation in a much better way ahead. 



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