Jisoo becomes the first K - pop star to feature in an Indian Magazine?

 Jisoo becomes the first K - pop star to feature in an Indian Magazine?

“Don’t ask me why I like K-pop, I’m too tired to explain you why life sucks” – A K – pop enthusiast.

Jisoo becomes the first K - pop star to feature in an Indian Magazine? ichhori.com

K – Pop an abbreviation for the South Korean Pop music, and a part of the South Korean Culture, which is influenced by styles and genres from around the world, which also includes pop, experimental, jazz, hip – hop, R&B, folk, country, classical and also it’s traditional Korean music roots. The term K – Pop for South Korean Pop music became popular only in the 2000s, earlier South Korean Pop music was called as Gayo. 

With the advent of the social media, and during the 2000s there was surge of the Korean wave known as Hallyu and Korean music, dramas and culture was spread far and wide. And steadily Korean Pop music industry became one of the biggest music industry in the world with groups like BTS known as ‘Princes of the Pop’ and BLACKPINK ‘Best Girl group ever’. In 2019 K – pop saw a significant growth with 17.9% increase in revenue which went up to a whopping 44.8% growth in 2020, thus showing enormity of the industry. And all this has been possible because of groups like BTS who are considered to be dominating the world right now with their soothing music and amazing choreography, as well as BLACKPINK, considered to be the biggest girl group to ever exist. 

And when it comes to groups like BTS and BLACKPINK, they are world famous and have fans all over the globe, they have some of the biggest fandoms in the world like A.R.M.Y and BLINKS and today we are going to talk about one of them and it is none other BLACKPINK. And when I said that groups like these have fans all over the globe, we have India as well. So, BLINKS get ready hear some amazing news about your favourite idols. 

BLACKPINK is a four member girl group formed under YG Entertainment. It consists of members Lisa, Jisoo, Rose and Jennie. The group debuted in 2016 with their album Square One, which included singles like ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah’, which gave them an entry into South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart and also Billboard World Digital Songs Sales chart, thus becoming a household name. The girls have also been recognized by Forbes Korea as South Korea’s one of the most powerful celebrities for three times in a row, as well as gained recognition for being the first female K – Pop group to be included in Forbes Under 30 list. And just like BTS they have also been appreciated for their contributions in the spread of the Korean Culture and music globally by South Korean President Moon Jae – In. 

Just like BTS become the first Korean boy band (and first k – pop group in many occasions) to achieve something huge, in a similar manner BLACKPINK became the first Korean girl group to enter and top the Billboard’s emerging artist chart and also to top the Billboard’s World Digital Songs Sales chart three times. Along with this they have also broken many records and the list of their achievement is huge and this time they have added another feather to cap by featuring in an Indian magazine.

Yes BLINKS you all have heard that right, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is going to be featured on the cover page of an Indian magazine. Jisoo is featured on the cover page of a well-known Fashion Magazine Elle India. And thus becoming the first K – pop and female K – pop star to feature in an Indian Magazine. The Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand edition of Elle with Jisoo on the cover page had been published way back but for India it was done very recently and that sent the Indian BLINKS in a frenzy to see their favourite idols on an a Indian Magazine and along with that also creating history for being the first female K – pop artist to feature on an Indian Magazine.

Now let’s also gather some information about Jisoo of BLACKPINK and Elle Magazine:

Elle Magazine – Elle is a worldwide, globally well – known lifestyle magazine of French Origin which focuses on various genres related to women like beauty, fashion, health and entertainment. It is a very old magazine that dates back to 1945, which was started by Helene Gordon Lazreff and her husband, which soon became popular with it’s unique style or representation. And the name Elle means ‘she/her’ in French thus living up to it’s main theme of discussion that is women. 

Jisoo – Jisoo is a member of the girl group BLACKPINK who is the visual of the group and is also known for her singing and acting (acted in the drama named ‘The producers’ along with label mates Sandara Park of 2NE1 and Kang Seung – Yoon of Winner). She is also one of the oldest members of BALCKPINK. Jisoo a;ong with her bandmates was soon going to make her debut as a solo artist but her plans took a hold with her being busy shooting for the upcoming drama ‘Snowdrop’, and thus BLINKS might have to wait a bit more for her solo singles and albums. 

The magazine shared the news of Jisoo being featured on the cover page for their Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand edition by sharing some excerpts of the interview with the star. (India included now) And the main reason behind featuring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is that according to them ‘BLACKPINK is a miracle that is blasting to new heights at unprecedented speed for the entire Korean Entertainment Industry’. And this is very thing has made the BLINKs happy and overjoyed for the achievement that BLACKPINK has achieved and added to their list. 

But what makes it all the more special for Indian fans and BLINKs? Well, the answer is simple. BLACKPINK like any other K – pop celebrity or group has been featured on various magazines globally but it is the very first time that they are being featured in the Indian edition of a well – known magazine. And this also proves to be a breakthrough in the Indian print media of the K – pop idols, although looking at their success rate and popularity worldwide and India being on the top lists of K - fans, Jisoo of BLACKPINK featuring in an Indian magazine is quite late. But then again, better late than never. 

And thus featuring of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo on the cover page of the Indian Edition of Elle has not been a happy news for the BLINKs but also for any K – pop fan in general, as this gives them a hope that soon may their favourite idols might also feature on some magazine, newspaper or advertisement, thus making them happy to have their idols as close as possible to them. 

Thus, dear BLINKs rejoice and be happy as much as you can because after all it is your idol that is featured on the cover of an Indian magazine, and as far as other K – pop fans be happy and don’t worry we are sure that soon you all can view your favourite idols featuring on Indian brands, as the concept of Hallyu is globalized more and more. 


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