Diplomatic passports and BTS is good to go for UN General Assembly on sept 20th!

Diplomatic passports and BTS is good to go for UN General Assembly on sept 20th!

BTS is good to go for UN General Assembly ichhori.com

K – Pop an abbreviation for the South Korean Pop music, and a part of the South Korean Culture, which is influenced by styles and genres from around the world, which also includes pop, experimental, jazz, hip – hop, R&B, folk, country, classical and also it’s traditional Korean music roots. The term K – Pop for South Korean Pop music became popular only in the 2000s, earlier South Korean Pop music was called as Gayo. 

With the advent of the social media, and during the 2000s there was surge of the Korean wave known as Hallyu and Korean music, dramas and culture was spread far and wide. And steadily Korean Pop music industry became one of the biggest music industry in the world with groups like BTS known as ‘Princes of the Pop’ and BLACKPINK ‘Best Girl group ever’. In 2019 K – pop saw a significant growth with 17.9% increase in revenue which went up to a whopping 44.8% growth in 2020, thus showing enormity of the industry. And all this has been possible because of groups like BTS who are considered to be dominating the world right now with their soothing music and amazing choreography, as well as BLACKPINK, considered to be the biggest girl group to ever exist. 

But no K – pop fan can deny to the fact that this huge increase or growth in the revenue of the Korean Entertainment is because of BTS and it’s influence worldwide. BTS a seven member boyband under Big Hit Entertainment, consists of members RM (leader), Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Debuted in year 2013, BTS has managed to make themselves a global sensation by creating new history everyday just in the short span of 8 years. BTS co-writes and co-produces their own music. Originally a hip hop group but over the time, they evolved themselves with a wide variety of music genres ranging from Jazz, R & B to Rock and Dance. And their lyrics often talk about a wide range of things right from coming of age to mental health, troubles at school to the journey of loving oneself. 

BTS has one of the biggest fandoms in the world known as A.R.M.Ys (Adorable Representative MC for Youth). And in the past few years BTS has managed to break a record every day and make themselves irreplaceable in history. Just a few days back they created history by making 23 Guinness World Records and entering the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame for the year 2022 and today they have created another history and a proud moment for the A.R.M.Ys to rejoice for. Already in partnership with UNICEF as a part of their ‘Love Myself Campaign’ since 2017, they have already addressed the audience two times at the UN. They spoke at the 73rd and 75th UN General Assembly to spread out the message of Love Myself and end hate and violence. And it seems this year it’s going to be a third.

Yes, my dear A.R.M.Ys it is time for you all to be happy and celebrate as our dear boys have been appointed as special presidential envoys by South Korean President Moon Jae-In and now they will yet address the audience at the UN on this 20th of September 2021. But let’s hear the deal in detail:

Last Year the Bangtan Boys RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook were appointed as the special Presidential Envoys for Future Genrations and Culture and the boys were present at the Cheong Wa Dae popularly known as the Blue House, Seoul, South Korea for the appointment and this new itself had made the A.R.M.Ys feel proud of the boys for attaining such global responsibilities at such young age. They were appointed as the special envoys of future generations and culture because of the effect that these seven boys aka BTS has on the world and it’s younger generation is commendable and thus when they say or promote something as important as future generation culture, it is more likely to be successful.

But it doesn’t just stop here, after being appointed as the special presidential envoys, the boys now, this Tuesday that is on 14th September 2021 received their first ever Diplomatic Passports and yet again this was a joyous occasion for the A.R.M.Ys. And this comes ahead of UN’s General Assembly Session, held in New York where our Bangtan Boys aka BTS will start their special activities as presidential envoys of South Korea. The Bangtan Boys RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are to attend the second meeting of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Moment of the Decade of Action on Monday, the 20th. (20th September 2021) 

And while we A.R.M.Ys rejoice about this big news, let’s also have a look at what benefits BTS will get because of the Diplomatic Passports, BTS now when on tour because of political and diplomatic works will use these red coloured Diplomatic passports instead of their normal green coloured passports that they will use only when on vacation, personal tours and so on. The benefits that the Bangtan Boys will get as a result of holding the Diplomatic Passports are as follows:

  • Diplomatic Lounge Use and Red Carpet treatment at most of the Airports.

  • No Tax Liability on several income sources.

  • Don’t have to wait and count days for the immigration process.

  • Easier visa restrictions and without visa entry in almost 200 countries around the globe.

  • Use of Consul Licence plates or CC or DD on vehicles.

  • Free access to Salon D’honneur Government Lounges.

  • Instant door opening at any foreign or International political or business environment.

  • Being able to meet top ranking officials at an instant of any country.

  • Sovereign inviolable status of home and residence.

  • Don’t need to pay the Airport Departure tax.

  • BMW and Volvo Diplomatic cars at 20 – 40% and can buy up to 2 cars per year.

  • And last but not the least gain prestige internationally for representing your country. 

And all of the above mentioned points just show us that how well the boys would treated with their Diplomatic Passports in hand. And as well know that not everyone receives Diplomatic passports as it is only issued to the current President, Prime Minister, Former President and Prime Minister along with their family members, Government officials on duty and Foreign affairs minister and no one else but BTS has earned this for themselves with their hard work and success. They have made themselves a global Phenomenon and as President Moon Jae-In said during their talk with BTS that whenever he is on foreign political tours, most of the world leaders break the ice and start conversation by talking about BTS, which clearly shows their popularity worldwide. To which leader RM says that ‘It is an honour to be at this position’. 

And to all of this, we as A.R.M.Ys just have one thing to say, that is ‘We are proud of you boys. You have done it and you deserve it. You have shown it to all those people who hated you and thought that you would be nowhere and doubted your abilities.’

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BTS meets South Korean President with fist bumps, receive diplomatic passports | Entertainment News,The Indian Express



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