Can you Pee with Menstrual Cup ?

 Can You Pee with Menstrual Cup?

We have noticed a lot of women having this question on several online portals, or under the comment section of social media posts and YouTube videos, asking whether women can pee with menstrual cup?
So we wanted to answer this question for once and always. Yes, yes you can obviously pee with menstrual cup as it has nothing to do with your urination. 
Can I Pee with Menstrual Cups in or I have to remove it every time I Pee?

Now let's get into the basics of down there:

  • Firstly, women have three holes:

The three holes are : the Vagina, the Anus, and the Urethra. You must understand that the three output holes are separately located from each other and we insert a menstrual cup inside the vagina. Menstrual blood gets collected in the cup since it comes out from the vagina and not from the urethra. You only urinate through your urethra.

1 out of every 5 women has the doubt that where they are inserting the menstrual cup. So, before using the menstrual Cup you need to know that you are inserting it inside the vagina and theoretically the vagina has nothing to do with your urination as they are two different holes so the menstrual cup is not going to block your urine or catch your urine.

  • Coming to a real issue:

Around 40% of the women using a menstrual cup complain that at times they have faced difficulties while they try to pee with menstrual cup in. Well, we have an explanation for this and this is mainly a result of the minor region of the female anatomy down there. Firstly, as the urethra and urinary bladder are very much closer to the vagina so that is why the menstrual Cup at times creates a pressure on them.

So, there is a chance that the menstrual cups put pressure over your bladder or over the urethra and this pressure is provided in varying degrees to different individuals. This pressure sometimes creates discomfort and that is why few women feel that they are having a problem urinating because of the menstrual cup. The cup sits in a particular place with respect to the urethra or bladder and that is the reason why it can create pressure.

You can identify the problem of urinating while wearing your menstrual Cup if you take a much longer time to urinate than usual and if the stream of urine is slower than normal times.

Also, some women feel a frequent urge to pee while wearing the menstrual cup. It is mainly so because due to the pressure created by the menstrual cup the urethra for the space inside the urethra gets restricted and so you also take a bit longer time to empty your bladder completely than usual days.

  • Ways to fix this issue:

Yes, definitely changing the size of the cup is going to help you with this issue but before you do so we have a few suggestions:

  1. You can try to place the cup in a different way and create a different placement by placing it a bit lower or higher as per your comfort inside the vaginal canal.
  2. You can also try to flip It inside out and believe that a new position or shape is definitely going to help you to relax yourself from the pressure or annoyance.

  • Trying different types or sizes of cup:

Even after placing it slightly above or lower than your usual place you feel that you are not able to resolve the disturbance with the help of your menstrual cup then you can definitely try out another cup.

Usually, to deal with such a situation you would need to use a cup that would be sitting in a lower position inside your vaginal canal and is also going to have a much less pronounced stream. Even a cup made out of a soft kind of TPE or silicone is going to be helpful. Even a new kind of Tampax cup has been released which is specially designed for relaxing you from the issue of the pressure created over the urinary bladder.

The best way is to wear the menstrual cup lower inside the vaginal canal but this cannot be possible for every woman as it is dependent on their individual anatomy. Going for a softer Cup can be the best solution having a medium firmness. 

Why do the menstrual cups shift while urinating or at the time of bowel movement?

Well at times the menstrual Cup can definitely get moved slightly or during rare cases the cup can even get pushed out totally at the time of pooping or peeing. This is mainly because there is a shift inside the pelvic area and also there is a movement of the muscles at the time you urinate or you carry on with your bowel movement. Some women even need to check back that if their menstrual cup is exactly in the perfect place after pooping or peeing.

This is very important as if the menstrual Cup gets misplaced then it might start leaking. That is why, whenever you feel that you need to check over the menstrual cup then go for it. But always make sure that you must wash the hands and sanitize them prior to confirming the position of the menstrual cup. Never, we repeat never you should touch the menstrual Cup with dirty hands as it might be a crucial issue for your intimate area.

To solve the shifting issue, having a medium firmness in the Menstrual Cup is very important because the soft menstrual cups are usually prone to shift while you are urinating or pooping. But that doesn't mean that you have to use a hard menstrual cup as it can be very much irritating and pressurizing to insert. 

It is very important to wear the menstrual cups perfectly!

We have already come to know that menstrual cups are known for creating pressure over the urinary bladder. So whenever you feel any kind of excess pressure or discomfort after wearing the menstrual cup then without any second thought remove it and try to insert it again in the proper procedure that is mentioned in the usage guidelines which comes with the menstrual cup.

If you are using the menstrual cup for the first time then we suggest you go through the guidelines properly and refer to some YouTube videos which give insights regarding the exact method of inserting and using the menstrual cup.

If you have any other doubts about using a menstrual cup, check out this article.

Our Takeaway

Once again we would like to remind you that yes you can definitely pee with menstrual cup even if it is inserted in your vagina and that too without any hindrance.

So darling if you have been wondering till now whether to use a menstrual Cup or not since it might be creating an issue with urination especially at public places then don't worry at all! You are absolutely fine to use it as it is going to provide you a lot more comfort especially during those long days at work rather than your regular sanitary pads. You just need to empty the blood collected inside the menstrual Cup as per your flow, clear it off and then insert it again.

That's it and you are ready to go! To know more about menstrual cups, read this article.





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