Rise in depression, social media addiction cases: here is doctor's take

Rise in depression, social media addiction cases: here is doctor's take  


Doctors have said that there is a big rise in cases of depression and social media addiction among youth thanks to the Coronavirus-19 widespread 

The Coronavirus pandemic has harmed the psychological state of many people within the past one and a half years. A team of doctors from a personal hospital has observed that the amount of cases of depression and social media addiction has risen significantly during the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, which has resulted in several lockdowns.

Suggesting methods to urge these children out of this state of mind, the doctor suggested that ought to keep a reference to their child and ask them regularly so that they can notice behavioural changes in them.

The spokesperson of the hospital said that doctors compared the number of such cases in the year 2021 thereto in the year 2019, which helped them reach their conclusion. The doctors also talked about the rise in screen time and internet usage thanks to the conduction of online classes, because it is that the only choice to continue studies during the pandemic.

As children have been forced to stay home during this pandemic, the daily physical activity has decreased, which has had an impact on the behavioural characteristics of the school and college students. All these factors, combined with a stagnant and sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic, have triggered a sense of agitation and helplessness among them.

The doctors from Apollo hospital have observed that students and youngsters have been restricted to their homes thanks to the curbs on outdoor activities amid the Coronavirus lockdown, which has subsequently lead to irritability, erratic sleep, appetite problems, and weight gain in these youths.

Dr Sandeep Vohra, senior consultant, mental health and psychiatry, was quoted saying as per media reports, “The number of OPD consultations for young adults have doubled for anxiety, depression, gaming, and social media addiction and inability to concentrate and specialise in studies.”

Doctors stated that there are certain hormones, like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, which are released during physical activity and may keep the mind calm and happy. They further said that oldsters and teachers should take a step towards addressing the psychological state issues in students.

The doctors further advised that if these issues continue for the kid, then they ought to seek professional help. They also added that adolescence is an evolving stage of life, and any physical and psychological state disturbance at this stage can hamper the long term experiences of that individual.



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