Am i intimidating to guys? (19 signs you are intimidating to guys)

 Am I intimidating to guys ? (19 signs you are intimidating to guys )

Am i intimidating to guys? (19 signs mennare intimidated by you)

Still, you might be wondering, “ Am I intimidating to guys? Why do they behave differently with me, If you tend to have confusing interactions with guys? 

Guys find some women intimidating for different reasons. We have identified some of the classic signs a male existent is covered by you and the possible causes. However, then are some of the effects you should know If you want to make a palatable relationship with a joe without him feeling bullied by you. 

Here are some signs you are intimidating: 


Utmost men can sense when a woman is not impressed by superficial stunts. For illustration, using material possessions to gain favour with her. However, it can get some male individuals intimidated, especially if they have nothing to offer If you prefer to have meaningful partnerships. 

Still, your presence will make them uncomfortable, If they can not strike up an intuitive discussion or concentrate on getting to know you. In such a situation, the problem is not from you. Being self-assured on what you want in a relationship can be frightful to those that simply desire casual partnerships. 

You should not change your personality to feel less threatening to these individualities. Rather, wait for the right person who’ll warm up to your character. 


One of the signs you are intimidating is when he can not approach you despite his interest in you. He might stare at you but does not dare to start a discussion. His hesitance is caused by his feeling of inability or uncertainty about the situation. 

Still, or feels you won’t be impressed by his advances, he will retreat, If he is doubtful how you will respond. More so, certain factors you might display, like being a confident woman, might demoralize him. 

Some sociable women believe in starting a discussion, especially when they suspect a man might be too frightened to do so. You can decide to loosen up around specific people to ease the stress they might feel around you. 


In the dating world, successful women act threatening to some guys. However, he might retreat in his advances, If the male feels the lady is more accomplished. The reason for this action is that utmost guys desire their girls to depend on them for certain things. This process is also known as the hero instinct. 

They want to be regarded as their women’s prince charming that protects and provides for them. Thus, when a woman becomes too independent, it can make them feel unimportant. 

Still, it proves they are threatened by your success If your thriving career seems to be a turn-off for some guys. Hiding that aspect of your life to impress them might also be detrimental to the relationship in the long run. 


There are numerous ways to spot a man that is frightened by your accomplishments. One of the signs he will display is trying to pull you down or make you inferior. However, it proves he feels threatened by you If you suspect this type of behaviour from a man. 

In such a situation, you should not allow his insecurities to discourage you from fulfilling your dreams. Utmost women hide their success from others to help men from feeling inferior. On the contrary, dating someone who is not proud of your success is a bad thing altogether. 

A healthy relationship involves two parties supporting one another. You can only achieve this type of success when you discuss the truth about your ambitions with your partner.


Still, some males might feel intimidated If you sometimes forget to wear a smile on your face. They suppose that approaching you would get you angry, so they prefer to keep their distance. More so, they do not want to be turned down and feel paralyzed. 

An easy way to combat this circumstance is to smile more constantly and wear brighter colours. Still, ensure you wear colours that your features If you have pale skin. Wearing icy colours would only make you look cold and unobtainable. 

More so, have a friendly aura around you and be open to talking to new people. Incorporating these pathways can help you feel warmer around the manly gender. 


Another prominent sign that men are hovered by you is when they do not feel to ask you out indeed though you are a suitable girl. Indeed so, you find it hard to keep a relationship for a long period, compared to your friends. However, it proves there is a commodity about you that intimidates guys If these circumstances are constantly in your life. 

Some of the possible reasons are that you are a strong woman or largely ambitious. Since utmost men thrive on the reliance of their ladies, an independent woman might menace their sense of virility. 

It is a proven fact that men are bullied by strong women. However, any man might be terrified of not being wanted, If you have his own life under control and can cater to the demands of others. 


Still, there is a high chance some of your rates are hanging to them, If you have a history of making men feel paralyzed. Still, not all of these rates allude to a bad character. For illustration, if you play hard to get, prohibit bad behaviours in your partnerships, and are bold enough to point out a man’s miscalculations, men will be bullied. 

They will watch their words and conduct to avoid stepping on your toes. Your character will also set the bar on the type of associations you prefer to have, which would be shocking to the wrong people. 

Understand that you don’t have to go below your norms to impress many individuals. However, it might allude that they are not right for you If they feel hovered by your ideals. 


Beautiful women can make indeed the toughest men stumble on their words so its one of the signs you are intimidating.  However, there is a good chance you will blackjack a lot of Men individualities If you have an alluring quality. They will want to impress you, which might make them nervous about what to say. However, it proves they are shaken up by your presence If this script tends to be relatively frequently. 

You can mince in casual or funny statements to reduce the pressure between you and other guys. However, you can choose to help him out, If you feel a man desperately wants to be close to you but stammers and blushes awkwardly around you. 

Make him feel comfortable around you to ensure he expresses himself duly. This process will give you a better chance of erecting the perfect relationship. 


Still, numerous men will be intimidated by you, If you are a straightforward type of lady that speaks without a sludge. The male gender thrives on the praise and appreciation of their ladies. However, utmost men will be alert around you, If you are not scared to point out people’s miscalculations. 

Since they want to feel valued and important to women, they will avoid any form of commerce that demoralizes them. Being open might also make them feel paralyzed. Thus, it comes with its advantages and disadvantages. 

People will appreciate your genuineness, but might be too afraid of the trueness to interact with you. Balancing this quality to make others warm up to you will be profitable in the long run. 

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