Can laser hair removal cause cancer?

 Can laser hair removal cause cancer? 


Most of us have usually heard that you can get cancer from the radiation involved in undergoing laser hair removal. Is this true or just a myth?"

The long-term effects of laser therapy, including the possibility of an increased risk of cancer, have not been studied. Some researchers have observed changes in atypical moles (dysplastic nevi) after laser hair removal.

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As a result, they advise people with a personal or family history of skin cancer or atypical moles to use cosmetic laser therapy with caution until further research determines whether these changes are malignant or not.


Non-ionising radiation is used in laser therapy in the form of a concentrated light source that produces a very fine laser beam. Laser hair removal uses a laser beam to kill hair follicles (cells from which hair grows), resulting in the loss of hair growth from those follicles.


Laser therapy does not use the same ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths as those found in sunlight (i.e. UVA and UVB), which are known to damage the DNA in cells and cause skin cancer.


Although laser hair removal uses light energy, no UV light is used. The wavelengths used to target hair follicles have a longer wavelength and are less energetic. Because there is no risk that they will damage the genetic material in your cells, laser hair removal will not increase your risk of skin cancer.


Non-ionising radiation is also distinct from ionising radiation (e.g., nuclear radiation, x-rays), which has been linked and known to cause cancerIn addition to hair removal, laser therapy is used for other cosmetic (e.g., tattoo removal) and dental procedures, varicose vein treatment, prostate, skin, and eye surgery, and kidney stone removal. It is also commonly used in the treatment of cancer, including skin cancer.


In conclusion, since the lasers used for hair removal do not emit UV light, they cannot cause skin cancer. However, you may be concerned that the treatment will put you at risk of developing other types of cancer.


When performed by an experienced doctor in a reputable clinic, laser hair treatment is extremely safe. There is no evidence that laser therapy increases the risk of any type of cancer or other illness.

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