Is online dating making people lonelier?

 Is online dating making people lonelier?

Is online dating making people lonelier?

While there are more possible companions to be found online, the quality of the relationships can be lacking. People who live in a hook-up culture are less sensitive to the needs of others. According to the Fresh Statesman, the lack of closeness and stability is related to the availability of something new. You are not alone if you believe that online dating is increasing your loneliness.

According to Tech Jury, there are an estimated 57 million Tinder users and 12 million Bumble members worldwide. These figures only represent two of the most popular online dating sites. There appears to be no shortage of people searching for a meaningful relationship. However, a growing number of people are becoming disillusioned with the system.

In real life, most people follow certain social rules when interacting with one another. People are less likely to observe traditional politeness norms due to the anonymity of the internet. While the number of individuals who like your carefully chosen photos can increase your self-esteem, getting passed over repeatedly can have the opposite effect. When you're ghosted, the feeling can become much more intense. Dating burnout is so common that Bumble has advise on how to deal with it on its app.

"Dating is just one aspect of life, which includes friends, family, hobbies, self-care, and enjoyment. If you're ever feeling burnt out, it's also healthy to focus on these things," it tells its users.

Banz Mthembu*, who has used Tinder three times, credits her great experience to having rigorous interaction boundaries.

"I've made it a rule that I'll only entertain two gentlemen at a time." I don't care if I'm talking to them on the platform or if I've given them my WhatsApp number. That's just so I don't get confused or overwhelmed, because I've found that I've been that way before.

"I'm overwhelmed because I'm talking to too many people," she says.

Mthembu's experience has also been improved by being deliberate about what you want rather than swiping for a dopamine rush.

"The people I entertain are more in tune with my desires. We're searching for long-term partnerships, not just one-night stands.

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