How do you get skin cancer?

How do you get skin cancer?

How do you get skin cancer?_

The abnormal growth of skin cells leads to skin cancer. This abnormal growth can badly increase its speed leading to skin cancer. You might face irregular shapes, bulging body, lumps, itching, and vaunted skin color & texture when you start having the skin cancer cells on your body. Skin cancer has been able to trap millions of people worldwide from Indians to the US, it has left none. 

In this article, you will learn about the daily habits or ways that might be harmful and lead to skin cancer. 

How do you get skin cancer?

You can contract skin cancer without any arrangement or order. It happens generally at any time to anybody. All you can do is stay focused on your lifestyle, follow strict skincare routines to avoid any inconvenience further. The following paths can make your body sick and lead to skin cancer. 

  • If you have ever been treated earlier in your past for any skin cancer, and have gone through radiation therapy, then according to the researchers your risk of getting basal cell carcinoma skin cancer increases by 10 fold. It's also said that children who have been treated by radiation therapy are more likely to get basal cell carcinoma when they grow up. This risk of getting basal cell carcinoma generally heightens after 10 to 20 years from your first cancer treatment through radiation therapy. 

  • Your body reacts to the arsenic poison, especially if you work in the chemical industry. More and more exposure to it and other harmful chemicals increase your risk of getting Merkel cell cancer sooner than expected. This particular chemical named arsenic is heavily poisonous to your skin. 

  • Your body is prone to getting other types of cancers if you ever have been diagnosed with one form of cancer. According to the research-based studies and online legit sites compilation, if you ever had the basal cell carcinoma skin cancer before and had recovered from it then your risk of getting it or other forms of skin cancer increases by 35 percent to 45 percent in the next 5 years of you having the first basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. That's why it's being said to keep a special tab on your skin health if you ever have been diagnosed with any kind of skin cancer as it's subject to come back after 5 years of the time interval. 

  • People who reside in the regions that are more exposed to ultraviolet type B radiation are more likely to get skin cancer. Although, researcher-based studies have also found out that ultraviolet type A type of radiation can also be a leading reason for squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma & basal cell carcinoma. These harmful radiations lead to wrinkles, aging, and sunburn. 

  • According to the researchers, a person suffering from the HPV - Human papillomavirus is prone to getting squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. 

  • People having Bowen's disease are more prone to getting skin cancer. In such cases, they have the actinic keratoses where the victims of it develop the reddish, brownish, or rough patches on their skin area. It further leads to the development of skin cancer cells. The most common skin cancer caused due to this disease is squamous cell cancer although it's seen in only a small percentage of people. 

  • As per the scientist, people who use indoor tanning alternatives like tanning beds, tanning lamps, tanning parlors are at a higher risk of developing melanoma skin cancer. 

  • According to the researchers, the Merkel cell polyomavirus and Merkel cell skin cancer have got a huge interrelationship. It has been revealed that Merkel cell polyomavirus - MCV is scientifically found in almost 80% of the Merkel cell skin cancers. 

  • It's been also researched that various genitive conditions can lead to basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. It's also known as the Gorlin syndrome. Other syndromes include the Rombo, Bazex Dupre Christol, & epidermolysis bullosa simplex type of syndromes.  

  • According to the researchers, a certain intake of medicines especially steroids can cause the skin itching and burn it even more. This uneasiness in the skin can further lead to skin cancer cells. It is because your skin gets extremely sensitive to sunburns. You will expectedly and likely to get squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer in such cases. Medications like voriconazole & vandetanib have proven and shown the increased risk of squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer in multiple numbers of individuals. 

  • Generally, people who are above 50 years of age are likely to develop basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas skin cancer by 20 times more chances. The quality of skin deteriorates with aging. Henceforth, even at your young age, if you are not keeping enough care of your skin, you will be prone to developing the risk of skin cancer cells. People who have crossed their age above 70 years are more prone to develop Merkel cell skin cancer. The Merkel cell skin cancer is rarely seen yet it's there in India. You need to be extremely cautious of your everyday skin routine to avoid such issues. 

Key Takeaways 

Your lifestyle, toxic eating habits, age, color, etc - Like almost anything can cause Skin cancer. You need to be extra sensible of what you are letting inside your body. Apart from this, you need to take special care of where you are going, what all radiation you are allowing to pass through your skin. Like going a lot in sun rays can harm your skin to the core. These harmful rays can at some point in time accumulate and settle inside your body and cause skin cancer cells. Further, to this, it only multiplies its number. The toxins damage your skin, leading to worsening the DNA of your skin. This worsened DNA further leads to amplified growth of skin cancer cells. As soon as you spot any sign of it, immediately reach the doctor for a checkup. He further will be able to deeply analyze your case and tell you which type of cancer you are having.


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