Riding high on success, now BTS shocks their fans with new dance room?

 Riding high on success, now BTS shocks their fans with new dance room?

Riding high on success, now BTS shocks their fans with new dance room?_Ichhori.com

Bangtan Sonyeondan popularly known as BTS is one of the biggest boybands in the world right now. Debuted in the year 2013 (June) under big Hit Entertainment, the band consists of seven members; RM (Leader), Jin, J – Hope, Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook. BTS, now a global phenomenon, are known for co – writing and co – producing their own music, and although originally a hip – hop group, their musical style has evolved over years and has now included wide range of genres, however they themselves have become a genre of their own now. Their lyrics focus on various themes like coming of age, social commentary, mental health, troubles at school and many more. 

Titled as ‘Princes of the Pop’ and ‘Next Generation Leaders’, BTS is literally dominating the world right now, with their sensational choreography and soothing music. And BTS is so huge that it alone brings in more than 8, 00,000 tourists in South Korea every year due to their enormous fan following and charisma.

Even though dominating the Global Music Industry right now, BTS wasn’t always this big or popular, on the contrary they were labelled to be failures when they had just debuted because of their style, clothing, and music and even because of the way they looked. But as we all know that hard work and love & determination towards one’s work will always bring them success, and that is exactly what happened with these seven. Their constant hard work and determination towards producing music to make this world a better place brought them all the success and fame that they have today. 

Till date, not only they have broken numerous records but also have gained an amazing feat of 23 Guinness World Records thus entering into the hall of fame for the year 2022. Along with they have also addressed the youth at UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) thrice, twice through the medium of their campaign ‘Love Yourself’ and once as the special Presidential Envoys of South Korean President Moon Jae – In. 

Alongside this, they have also brought immense happiness to ARMY when they got nominated for the GRAMMY but unfortunately were able to win. But we as ARMYs (which stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth, and one of the interesting facts about A.R.M.Y is that it is one of the world’s largest fandom ever. BTS’s A.R.M.Y is not just the world’s largest fandom ever but also one of the strongest fan base ever) didn’t lose hope, neither did our idols and this year they again have given up their blockbuster, record – breaking song ‘Butter’ up for nominations and we are praying hard for them to win this year. Although it’s only recently that they were nominated for an award at GRAMMYs but they started performing at GRAMMYs since 2019. 

And all their performances whether be it their concerts or an award show performance are just mind blowing. Their performances are fully loaded energy, warmth, love and inspiration and as an A.R.M.Y myself, I can vouch for the fact that they never disappoint with their performances because they give their everything into it in order to please the A.R.M.Ys for their love and constant support but all of it doesn’t happen so easily. For a successful performance, they not only have to practice hard but they also have to give up on their food and sleep, and we have an interesting story share with you all about how hard they practice. 

Recently an A.R.M.Y posted online on a popular forum, that is on November 5, 2021, where he/she has posted a picture of BTS’s dance room with BTS written on the floor and captioned the picture “They say BTS practices this much”. Well, there was reason behind why the A.R.M.Y captioned the picture like that is because if one sees the photo he/she can see that the dance floor is worn out thus showing how much these seven guys practice in order to deliver one single perfect performance. And like I already mentioned that they will have a performance at the GRAMMYs this year, one can only imagine how much is BTS working hard and practicing to be perfect and in synchro when they perform. 

The netizen also wrote "BTS practiced until [it became] like this before going to perform at the Grammys." And it is the truth one can hardly find any other artists like them who take their very seriously even after being titled as ‘The Princes of Pop’. They make sure to live up to their titles and work accordingly.

Although when the A.R.M.Y posted the picture of BTS’s dance room, many people thought that the guys got themselves a new room dance room but instead it was the exact opposite as it was a picture that showed the netizens and the A.R.M.Y as to how hard they practice. It showed their dedication towards their work and their love for music and dance. 

And this post brought many comments from A.R.M.Ys worldwide, where they couldn’t stop praising the guys for their hard work and dedication towards their career and work. They also moved onto say that in just a 30 second video, the guys do a dozen of retakes, which only shows how dedicated they are.

And their worn out dance room is not only proof of their hard work but also their humble and kindness, these guys don’t mind working on a worn out dance floor but what matters to them is what are they doing and for whom? RM, Jin, Suga, J – Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have managed to win and make A.R.M.Ys proud but also their parents and their nation and all of this has been possible only because of their hard work and dedication that they have towards their work.

And like everyone knows BTS is phenomenal but there is a reason behind it and that is their immense hard work and never give up attitude. All the seven members RM, Jin, Suga, J – Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have their own stories to tell, while still in their teenage, these guys were bullied, poor, rejected and laughed at by many of their peers and friends but today in their mid and late 20s they have managed to make themselves a household name. They have A.R.M.Ys from all over the world belonging to different age groups, race, caste, religion and countries but what brings them together is BTS’s music. 

And these boys always make sure to motivate their A.R.M.Ys through various videos, music and quotes of theirs, like their recent Music Video ‘Permission To Dance’ includes many steps that are nothing but sign languages that state ‘We don’t need permission to dance’, thus promoting that dancing is for anyone and for everyone to do that they don’t need anyone’s permission and BTS achieving different feats like 23 Guinness World Records, addressing the UNGA meet thrice, and breaking numerous records, is truly an occasion for us A.R.M.Ys to rejoice and celebrate. But let’s also keep one thing in mind that is to never give up just like our idols because like they always say,

“The only time you should look back, is to see how far you have come.”

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