Five Ways to Improve Your Sexual Wellness!

 Five Ways to Improve Your Sexual Wellness!

Five Ways to Improve Your Sexual Wellness!_

SEX is just a three-letter word but it holds a whole bucket of emotion and the stigma associated with it. While some sexes may be a way of expressing affection, while for others it is a natural instinct for pleasure or for others this may be offensive. But what we all know is that SEX is one of the basic human needs, as stated in Maslow's theory.

But this might make you wonder why we are talking about sex and sexuality today? We like to share five ways to improve your sexual health, so before we do that it is very important that we warm up and start talking about it, so that some of you may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

“Remember, sex is never something you have just experienced but it is always more than that. Sex is a union, i.e. a union or a union, for both of you and who you are — to make your spirits come together. People often ask, "How were you?" The answer is always the same, "It was good." But is this question really the answer? No! Instead, people ask themselves a question and then ask, "How are you?" And one has to respond in depth. So, look into each other's eyes and tell the truth, the truth: "I'm over a month," or "I love you," or "I'm melted and just come back to me", "Thank you for loving me". - Alexandra Katehakis, Erotic Intelligence: Hot Flashes, Healthy Sex While Recovering from Sexual Addiction.

 All right! Now that we have a clear idea of ​​how we should feel after having sex, let's get to the very important point of sexual life. Although Sex is a basic human nature but it is important to have a healthy sexual health and today we will present 5 ways to improve your sexual health.

When we talk about health, we need to incorporate sexual health, which plays an important role in our well-being. "Anything that negatively affects a person or relationship is likely to have a sexual impact," said Emily Jamea, Ph.D., an accredited sex therapist and member of the Women's Health Advisory Council. He added that not having enough rest (due to increased household responsibilities) and lack of retail facilities such as group negotiations and exercise may leave some people too tired to have sex.

This is one of the reasons why it is important to record time to focus on your sexual life. "Sexual satisfaction is an important aspect of sexual well-being. If sex is unsatisfactory or unsatisfactory, you will not want to do it. This creates relationship frustration and emotional decline," explains Jamea. And the following are five ways to improve your sexual health presented by Drs. Jamea.

1.      Do your research

Jamea sees ignorance as a major barrier between people and sexual well-being. That may be the result of growing up in a stable or religious household where shame may be associated with sexual immorality. "It's deceptive because these feelings can persist," said Jamea, adding that it is possible even if people are already married and have "consent" to have sex. "It's like emotional trauma. The discomfort of people talking about sex is a direct result of the shame most of us have."

Schools may also not provide adequate sex education. Information about masturbation, fun and how to talk to your partner about sex is often not discussed, says Jamea. In addition, barriers to knowledge and sexual health care, such as stigma and discrimination, exist in the minority and in LGBTQ + communities.

This is why it is important to find a health care provider who will work with you or do your own research.

“At the very least, finding well-researched books and websites is a first step,” advises Jamea.

Or you could call a group of friends and talk to a sex teacher about a presentation. Jamea said even adults can use refresher courses on sex education.

2.      Get comfortable with your body

Once you have taught them, the next step is to apply that knowledge.

"A lot of people don't really understand what fun is and what it means to them," said Jamea. "You should spend time finding out what makes you happy and how you can talk about it with your partner."

Know your body by touch. Find out what you like about your body and what it feels like and what it doesn't like.

"Developing a positive attitude towards your body and sexual pleasure is very important," explains Jamea. "It will create a sense of power."

3.      Learn to communicate

Simply put, you need to be able to talk to your partner about sex.

“Learning effective communication skills is very important,” says James. "People have to learn to use their voice to connect with their partners who like you and who don't like you."

The American Sexual Health Association recommends that you talk to your partner about boundaries and desires before you start dating. That being said, it can also be fun to try and talk to a colleague at the same time, giving instructions for interaction at the same time.

Find a respectful partner, who feels safe and comfortable with him, and learn to work together, “says Jamea.

And remember: Just because something worked or went well with your last partner does not mean that the same will be true for your current (or future) partner.

"Good sex is about having fun and having fun," says Jamea. "If those two things don't happen, it's not really healthy sex."

4.      Be flexible

Like other aspects of your life, your sexual needs (and those of your partner) may change over time.

"Talking about what they like and dislike is not a one-off event because sex will vary from the honeymoon stage to five years," Jamea said. "When the [honeymoon stage] ends, that's when you need to learn to develop good sex."

Be willing to adapt to all the differences from changing your love and sexual partner to your desires and preferences.

"A lot of people think that sex should be spontaneous and easy, and for some people it doesn't happen," says Jamea. "Look and check and re-negotiate and keep talking."

5.      Bring an expert

If you and your spouse are unable to do this yourself, do not be afraid to seek help.

"If you feel like you're hitting a barrier to communication, if you're having a hard time with sex, it can be time to talk to a professional," Jamea said.

A therapist can help couples talk about desire and arousal and deal with any other issues that concern them.

"It's difficult, especially for women, to achieve a high level of sexual satisfaction when emotional contact is weak," says Jamea. "It is better to seek treatment early. If the problem persists, it is often difficult to overcome it."

These problems are not found in an empty space: Just because one partner is struggling with his or her sexual desire, for example, does not mean that he or she is the only one who needs help.

"It's a few issues and should be discussed as a couple," Jamea said.

Well, that’s it from our side, but what we would like to tell you all is that to pay attention to your sexual health as well because it is just as important as the mental health and your physical health.

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