How Australian’s use tinder?

 How Australian’s use tinder?

How Australian’s use tinder?-

Tinder has launched their Year In Swipe, revealing what Aussie members have been up to this year, what they are looking for in 2022, as well as all the details on their Dating Sunday event happening on the app on January 2nd.

Here is what they have found:

Tinder has revealed that the phrase ‘couple goals’ in bios has skyrocketed fifty-three per cent year on year

Tinder members are already setting their aspirations for the new year

  • Forty-seven per cent of Aussies would be up for travelling again
  • Twenty-two per cent are keen to eat less junk food
  • Twelve per cent are keen to give up on goals completely and procrastinate until 2023
  • Nineteen per cent say that they would join the gym.

When it comes to 2022, forty-one per cent of Aussie Tinder members are looking for their partner in crime, twenty-one per cent are just looking to finish what they start, eighteen per cent want to have a goal in the first place and nineteen per cent say they want to find time for themselves in the year 2022.

As for dates, Aussies are looking for:

A staggering forty-eight per cent revealed they are looking for someone who has a sense of humour

  • Twenty-one per cent seek a trustworthy connection
  • Eighteen per cent are on the lookout for someone who “is not an ass”
  • Thirteen per cent are looking for a kind date

Aussie members have also revealed that when it comes to promising their future matches, forty-one per cent will meet you IRL, twenty-five won't ghost you, twenty-two per cent will look like their pics and twelve per cent will send the first text.

Now, for Tinder’s Year In Swipe, they found:

Aussie members are showing further optimism to 'shine bright like a diamond' and manifesting positive energy, with two emojis that ‘understood the assignment’ – the shooting star and sparkles emojis.

To ensure singletons are all set for Dating Sunday, Tinder's tips are:

3/5/11: share at least 3 Passions or Interests - add at least 5 pictures or videos - write at least 11 words in your bio!

Be online at prime time - just as midnight on NYE is the time to be on the middle of the dance floor, watching the fireworks, or snogging your crush, 7:10 pm is the slot on Dating Sunday to find a new flame on the app. So cancel all your other plans!

Digital-first, IRL second - Before meeting in IRL, why not video chat first? Take a moment to get to know your match before you plunge into that New Year in-person date.

Plus, in January, Tinder members will be able to select from a series of '2022 Goals' in Explore to find a New Year 'partner in crime who shares their goals!

Happy dating in 2022!


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