Karnataka Hijab Row: Muslim Women are always Present and Absent at the same time.

Karnataka Hijab Row:  Muslim Women are always Present and Absent at the same time

Karnataka Hijab Row:  Muslim Women are always Present and Absent at the same time_ ichhori.com

Hello! I hope this conversation finds you well. I am comparatively bemused about how to start a discussion. Someone from the ‘Ichhori community’ posted a comment that we should cause a conversation regarding the secularism aspect of women in our country, like India. We researched the topic and believe me, there is one quote that becomes adhesive to our mind. The quote is from a famous newspaper-” The Muslim Women are present and absent at the same time.’

If we analyzed the scenario, Muslim women have always been gained in the political discourse. From the origin, it has discoursed the fact that being auctioned online to denial of educational institutions wearing hijab -something stereotypical still exists. The entire team questions whether there is a problem in secularism or the ‘Islamophobia’ anticipated in such a manner that it operates as a potential threat. Well, the issue cannot be certainly deciphered at the countenance value. But always the colleens are being the easy targets and that too in the safest place- that is the classroom. The recent news events in Karnataka, several colleges have denied women wearing hijab from continuing education. Now, there comes the linkage of two questions: how any hijab can induce an unease for the educational institution? 

Now, let us not keep the fundamental role aside, every student should adhere to uniformity. This is a responsibility. However, if we are creating an accusation on wearing hijab, then we should make create of other proliferation of the religious institutions. As per the statistics published by the Pew research, 84% of the women from the religious background follow their religious pattern in public places. The point to be raised is that the expectation is that religion is to be taken at a stance where the expectation of religion to be left at home is influenced by the French model that finds no place in the Indian model of secularism. 

It is the Muslim women’s identity to take her hijab or not. That should not be her replicated the st of identity? Experts suggested that making a representation of the hijab - a piece of cloth a dull scenario and tactfully linkage the constitutional secularism is inconsequential and confusing. 

However, we are happy that the majority of other religions generated an instant reaction over the Karnataka news and stood against French Secularism will not apply to the Indian secularism which beholds the argument of ethical beliefs. Don't you think that we are making fun of our constitution that our ancestors made a legacy of the ethical representation than the equidistant?

Classroom or social community is a representation of all the fellow beings that behold the true spirit of representation. Nevertheless, we are unaware of how our future women's representation would be if they had to weed out their ethical norms and customs to just get our education and professional setup done. All the content team of 'icchori-community ' was in a discussion that this is not the end of the extremist element. You are going to that level, where all the ethics and religiosity have to be eradicated just to follow western secularism? And believe me, the worst sufferer will be our women. It is ridiculous to think, that what has happened right now in Karnataka, will stay in Karnataka. 

The repercussions we are seriously going to face in the other parts of the world. Sources revealed that One teacher in Puducherry has asked a student to leave the class because she was the full-fledged representation of a Muslim elite.

Now, I create a room to think once, about where we are heading? What is the benefit of the constitution, if we are not aware and educate ourselves to achieve that line of development of ethical representation and secularism? the two aspects that question everyone's mind, has our liberal ideas become so fragile that we need to focus on our clothing than the religious aspect? Why every time do women have to get questioned about their clothing style? This is a great scar. Someone correctly pointed out that scars seldom heal.

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