WakeUp Korean Babies, Good news from Korean Band BIGBANG.

WakeUp Korean Babies, Good news from Korean Band BIGBANG.

WakeUp Korean Babies, Good news from Korean Band BIGBANG.- ichhori.com

You know, Icchori is delighted. We cannot express my happiness. Finally, My Suga Kpop Big Bang actually comes back in spring with a New Album. These are the messages flooded in the WhatsApp girl groups. You must think, what on the earth I am talking about? If you are well aware of the conversation, that means you are a true K-Pop fan. And if not, then we as a “Ichhori” will definitely not allow you to upset. Introducing to the newfangled news that has straightly arisen from the South Korean Entertainment News sector. According to the sources, I went through stated Boy group BIGBANG will come stern this springtide after four years of intermission because of the members’ mandatory military duties. They have confirmed the sources from the group’s management agency said Monday.

Also, a piece of exciting news for all the Korean babies out there- “BIGBANG” is about to release new albums in the upcoming springtide said in the YG Entertainment The group has completed their recording of the latest track. And is going to film a music video for the song. However, there is no confirmation of a new song or the group’s return at this moment.

It is so interesting right, Let us proceed backward and appreciate the debut of “Big Bang” in 2006 as a five-member group. BIGBANG has released several hit songs-” Fantastic Baby” and “Bang Bang”, bolstered in the forefront of an Asia -wide boom of the Korean wave.

The four precious members had a long hiatus-T.O. P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung were registered in the military services in that order. We all need to know that the Korean government has had an unbending regulation for about two years in a country that faces constant security threats from North Korea.

The newspaper also covered Seungiri, who has not accomplished his service, was expelled from the band and YG Entertainment after being sentenced to a three-year prison on nine charges, including prostitution, meditation, and overseas gambling, in August last year.

The Group’s main rapper, T.O. P, who once gained a suspended prison sentence for smoking cannabis in 2017, is expected to stay away from the music scene for the time being. YG stated they respect his opinion that he wants to expand the domination of his individual activities, not only as a member of the BIGBANG, and discussed the matter well with other members. They have also assured it to join BIGBANG activities any time if he is available.

This is all they are talking about in the past few days and this is actually a fresh start for the people who want a comeback in the springtide.








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