Should i date someone with anxiety issues?

 Should I date someone with anxiety issues?

Should I date someone with anxiety issues?_

Dating someone with anxiety can be a tough gig. As much as you love them, a partner’s anxiety can be draining for both you and your relationship. Still, numerous people date someone with anxiety successfully and numerous people fall in love with an anxious better half. 

 So how can it be done? And what can you do if you feel like your better half has anxiety issues? 

 Then, we look at ways to identify people with anxiety disorder so that you can know full well a person’s psychological health when you start falling for them. Knowing what the traits of this psychological health condition are can also help you deal with the symptoms as constructively as possible. 

 A person does not have to parade all of the below symptoms of anxiety for them to be feeling anxious or suffering badly from any anxiety illnesses. Rather, they may just show one or two of these symptoms. 

When that is the case, it can be difficult to pick up on when a person is acting as they are because of anxiety or an oncoming panic attack, or simply because their thinking patterns are different from yours. 

1. Nervousness 

 An extremely common trait of anxiety is feeling nervous. However, you may well see them feeling and acting nervous a lot If you’re dating a person with anxiety. However, or in situations that are familiar to them, but also act nervous when different challenges are set their way If you know them to be confident in the home. 

2. Insomnia 

One of the reasons that someone with an anxiety illness feels tired all of the time is that they suffer from wakefulness. If your better half finds it very difficult to get to sleep despite feeling exceptionally tired it could be down to their internal health and the challenges that living with anxiety promotes. 

 Getting into a good sleeping habit can be beneficial but difficult to do. However, it can be exceedingly helpful to do some calm contemplation with them before bedtime, If you are in a relationship with someone with wakefulness due to any anxiety disorders. Also small effects like ensuring no screen time in bed materially improve their chances of a good night’s sleep. 

3. Panicky 

 Of course, one of the key signals of a person with an anxiety disorder Is the fact that they can get easily panicked as this disorder is occasionally also generally seen with panic disorder as well. 

 Panic attacks in people with anxiety are exceedingly coming and need to be dealt with in a formative and proactive way. However, it can be largely beneficial for you and your relationship if you learn the stylish way to support your better half through such an attack If you are trying to help the better half’s anxiety or someone you love is prone to panic attacks. 

4. Cancels plans at the last minute 

 One of the managing mechanisms of someone who has anxiety issues isn’t to put themselves in situations that make them nervous or panicky. However, you will thus frequently see your better half cancelling plans at the last minute for fear that they are putting themselves into a situation that makes them incredibly uncomfortable If you are dating someone who has anxiety issues. 

5. Irritability 

One of the characteristics of anxiety disorder but not numerous people are apprehensive of, is the fact that when someone is exceptionally anxious they can come veritably irritable. This can be veritably delicate if you are the better half of someone who suffers poorly from anxiety. It may frequently mean that during your relationship you are on the short end of the tongue. 

 Still, it can be a good idea to start setting boundaries about what he will and won’t tolerate If you suppose that this is a problem that is affecting your cooperation with your other half. Also, it’s largely salutary to have open lines of communication at all times during a relationship but at times when your better half is being irritable. You need to be suitable to call them out on behaviour that hurts your feelings. 

6. Avoiding people 

 Another way that your better half may display their anxiety is by avoiding people that they do not particularly like. This is how people with anxiety manage. It’s helpful to them because they can take control of any future situation that they would like to stay clear of. Some people will make your better half more nervous than others. 

By avoiding particular individualities your better half is suitable to take control of potentially stressful situations and not feel nervous or panicky at all. 

 7. Anger 

 Along with perversity, wrathfulness is another species of anxiety that people frequently display. Again this can be delicate if you are in a relationship with a person with anxiety. Wrathfulness can frequently mean that you are always being criticized for certain effects or simply arguing about issues that you would not naturally be troubled with. 

 Still, you do need to have the space to be suitable to tell them so without fear of causing further anxiety, If you feel your better half is being overly angry towards you and it is not called for. Trying to identify situations where they might get angry before they are, can thus be a good precautionary measure. 

8. Stomach issues 

 Still, it can be linked to the anxiety disorder if you believe they have one If your better half suffers from IBS or any other type of stomach issue. 

 The adrenaline pumps through a person’s body when they suffer from anxiety is that much further than someone who is not troubled with such a psychological health issue. It can thus cause an upset stomach and plague a person’s digestive system. Stomach issues are a frequently overlooked symptom of anxiety. 


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