Are you a victim of the dowry system?

   Are you a victim of the dowry system?

The dowry system, which is an infectious greedy social tradition, and a selfish custom prevailing in the society where the bride’s family gives money, assets, gold, and luxurious things as gifts to the groom and his family. They initially practiced this selfless system as a choice where a bride’s family would give such things according to their comforts, wishes and wills. After a certain period, this system has undergone so many changes because of greed and narrow-minded thinking among people.

  Someone widely practiced the Dowry system among people where women brutally tortured to death, faces disrespect by all cruel methods which included physical abuse, mental torture, blackmailing, sexual violence, domestic violence, threatening them, killing them, and burning them alive as punishment.

 In this article, you could learn how to identify the victims of the worst evil, shameful practices practiced by many places and how to take action against this and why this is still breathing and  surviving in society . Strongly inspect the various laws, punishments, fines, rebels, various campaigns, and rallies.

  In conclusion, they consider dowry being the dominating, selfish, unjust social practice where women have to pay some consideration to marry a man and to have a peaceful married life.

 They pay the main reasons dowry to the groom without neglecting it by the bride’s   :


           Returning of a woman after she is married to her parents' home is often considered a sign of disgrace for her. They considered a failed marriage a disgrace. Society turns its eyes blind even when the woman is tortured, or abused, for any ‌needs, if she is suffering from the marriage, it is not considered being a disgrace or a disgraceful marriage.


Most the ‌give dowry, to avoid any kind of torture from the groom‘s family, to their daughter in her future.

They give dowry to protect her, from humiliation, and any kind of torture.


Dowry's demands aren’t considered as they should be. Demanding dowry is a sign of a cheap -thinking mentality and hunger for greed. Many people consider dowry as their honor. Getting Dowry from women ‘ families makes the groom‘ families proud instead of shame.

Some cheap people force their bride’s families to give dowry according to their demands , as to maintain their honor, among others, in the society.


Some people demand dowry at marriage events, or after the marriage, so there is some invisible social pressure on the bride and her family to pay the dowry for the marriage.  This is a torture and betrayal by the groom’s family.                                                    


They backbite marriages that take place without the dowry they in a wrong way, so the bride‘ family is under invisible pressure to maintain their standards and respect among , so they provide a dowry for their daughters to prevent them from any insults, humiliation, 

            and protection from the groom‘ family.

Indian women, they don’t have full control of their own life, parents often give more priority to society and don’t consider their daughter‘ happiness, opinion, and safety as their first choice. You should not ignore these signs. Among your females, your ignorance and non-responsible behavior could cause the death of your near ones.

Parents should prioritize their daughter's life and happiness, rather they focus on unwanted, all the concern of the society and its unwritten rules.


  • Be alert. Always look for the signs in the behavioral changes, and identify if there is any abnormal behavior of your daughter or sister.

  • If your in-laws are constantly talking about dowry and showing off how much dowry they received, and how much they paid, they should question constant mocking and taunts.

  • In case your in-laws are demanding dowry, inform your parents and gather evidence and report that to the police.

  • See if their body has any signs of physical abuse and marks.

  • Look for all kinds of possible red flags.

  • Talk to them openly, ask them to be free, and share their problems regularly.

  • Pay attention to their moods, and way of talking. See whether they are depressed and if there are any signs of mental torture, emotional black-mailing, abuse, or emotional abuse.

  • Observe if they are asking for money regularly in large amounts than their usual expenditure.

  • Don’t force them to return to their husband’s home against their will, don’t advise them to always adjust constantly, don’t fulfill the demand of dowry if they are threatening, go to the police, and file a case.

  • Tell them to be brave rather than be silent and tolerate their abusive behavior, and encourage them to take a stand for themselves



You should act wisely and inform the issue to your close ones, whom you trust, who can help you in all the ways such as your father, mother, brother, sister, and close friends. If you are constantly troubled by any means and you cannot inform anybody, then you should leave the home without informing, or informing any reason anything that is not suspicious at all and go to a safe place, then inform the police and live in a safe place until.

  • COLLECT VALID EVIDENCE: You should have any form of evidence so that you can show proof to everybody in the court if you want to win the case in court and punish those who were cruel to you.

  • REPORT TO THE POLICE: Even if there is nobody to help you, you should have the courage and wit to escape and inform the police about the incidents and punish the people.

There are thousands of cases where women lost their lives badly to the daily demands of the dowry.

 This system is illegal inside India still, but it is prevailing and practiced among many people in the country.

There are so many laws and amendment acts that are still present to protect women from these sorts of problems, make use of them when needed, make sure you know that and take the right action at the right time.

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