A Guide for Dating in Mumbai.


A Guide for Dating in Mumbai.


The hardest aspect of going on a date, in my opinion, is actually finding one.

Where hasn't the contemporary man (or woman) gone in search of one? He's been to every party in town and consumed every alcoholic beverage available. He's gone after his friends' friends, their friends' friends, and even friends of friends' friends' friends. He's on Tinder now (along with Bumble, Hinge, Ok! Cupid, and so on), but swiping left and right isn't working for him.

Finding a date, especially in a city like Mumbai, is like trying to find a road without potholes: you believe you know one but you don't.

So, what's a person to do? For starters, don't be concerned. Second, put the phone down. Finding a date may appear to be a difficult chore for some, but it does not have to be. The opportunities have always been there; unfortunately, you've been glued to your phone the entire time.

Whatever anyone says, none of those interchangeable dating apps is going to bring you your next date.

Yes, there are a plethora of profiles to peruse, and when we're rushing from one meeting to the next or spending most of our time caught in horrendous Mumbai traffic, it's only natural to turn to the ease of a dating app. You might be anywhere, and there's a world of possibilities waiting for you on your phone - all you need is an internet connection. It's also effective. It is for the majority of people. We all know a slew of folks who have found whatever they were looking for on these apps. Is it time for a fast sack roll? Check. Is there a date for a party? Yes, of course. Is there anyone you'd like to have a drink with? Yes. Is there a connection? That, as well.

But you're not one of them, are you? You're either done with these apps or refuse to give them a chance. That's all right. Let no one persuade you otherwise. If you don't spend all of your free time swiping left, right, and center, you're not missing out on anything. Some folks simply desire a genuine connection - a dialogue that takes place offline and isn't laced with emojis.

So, where should you go on a date? Is there even a spot where you can locate someone in Mumbai's busy city? It appears that it does.

Where in Mumbai should you go to find a date?

1. Gym

You never know when you'll run into a date while on the treadmill.

A gym (or a yoga/pilates/kick-boxing studio) is a terrific place to meet someone, whether you're a fitness freak or not. For starters, you've already discovered something in common with the other person: a shared interest in fitness is a wonderful ice-breaker and discussion starter. Furthermore, unlike in a bar, conversations in a gym are sober and not fueled by an unwarranted adrenaline boost from imbibing excessive amounts of alcohol. Most essential, we're our natural selves in the gym, sweating and panting. You don't hide behind our best clothes or exhibit our best selves; you see each other for who you truly are.

Where: Here's a good list of gyms in Mumbai that you should go to. We recommend that you try Reset in Reclamation, Bandra (West). Anytime Fitness is also a terrific option if you're searching for something more budget-friendly.

2. Music Concerts

There's sure to be energy, enthusiasm, and electric chemistry in a packed stadium gyrating to the same melody.

It's time you got over your obsession with bars and nightclubs as their places. If you want to date, and want some music and alcohol on the side, a music concert might be your answer. Whoever you meet there will share the same taste in music as you and that is very important for some people. Also, the atmosphere at any concert is so intoxicating, that it's way easier to strike up a conversation. Besides, everyone's got their guards down and the mood is good - basically, the chances of you being turned down are relatively lower.

Where: The Jio Gardens, MMRDA, and Mahalaxmi Race Course are all excellent locations for most concerts in Mumbai. DY Patil Stadium is as well. When it comes to upcoming huge events in the city, one of the most anticipated is Rihanna's visit in October - yeah, you read that correctly.

3. Art Events

Yes, they're specialized, but that's precisely why you should attend one of them.

First and foremost, you do not need to be an art expert to attend these events. Trust your own capacity to appreciate good and abstract work, and you might just find yourself in a conversation with someone who appreciates your interest in something off the beaten path. Because these events attract a select group of people, you can expect both substance and style. It will also be easier for you to strike up a conversation here if you simply talk about art.

Where to go: The Bombay Art Society in Bandra is the place to go. In the city's Kala Ghoda district, there's also the Jehangir Art Gallery. The National Gallery of Modern Art in Colaba, of course.

4. Plays

If there was ever a prize for the most underappreciated date spot, the theatre would have easily won it.

We all enjoy watching films on a large screen. We all enjoy watching Netflix and unwinding. However, how many of us set aside time to watch a play? Have you ever seen a play? No one is raising their hands for this one, so don't bother looking around. The theatre isn't boring; a good play may be just as entertaining as a movie or a performance. It also has an edge over the other two in that it allows you to socialize with the city's most advanced mines. We recommend coming to a play if you want to have meaningful talks and challenge your thinking. The pre-show area is an excellent opportunity to pick up a conversation with someone, and ideally, by the end of the event, your own actions will have taken off.

Where: The legendary Prithvi Theatre is located in Mumbai; if you haven't visited it yet, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible. Other alternatives include the Royal Opera House and the NCPA.

5. Walking Tours

Your next date is only a few steps away; all you have to do now is take them.

Please accept my apologies for waxing poetic, but walking tours are, without a doubt, the under-utilized instrument of modern-day dating. Walking tours are becoming increasingly popular among the young and happening who want to learn more about their own city. They are no longer limited to tourists. There are tours devoted to food, shopping, wildlife, history, and just about anything else you can think of. How do they assist you in getting a date? Needless to say, all that walking and exploring will provide you with a wide range of topics to discuss. Furthermore, the nature of these tours allows for a lot of interaction amongst the volunteers, so you won't have to worry about being the first to make a move.

Where: While the classic Dharavi Tour is popular, we recommend the Mumbai Night Tour instead. The Market Tour is a fantastic idea if you enjoy shopping. The Bandra Walk is the same way. The Mumbai Pub Crawl is the greatest option for individuals who can't get enough of partying.


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