South Korean girl group- STAYC Unveils Schedule For February Comeback

South Korean girl group- STAYC Unveils Schedule For February Comeback

South Korean girl group- STAYC Unveils Schedule For February Comeback young-luv.com_

STAYC is a six-part young lady band under High Up Entertainment. They appeared on November 12, 2020, with their first single collection "Star To A Young Culture".Their name means "Star To A Young Culture". 


2020: Debut with "Star To A Young Culture", being a fan name

On September 8, Highup Entertainment revealed that the maker team Black Eyed Pilseung will make a big appearance as their first newbie young lady bunch in the last part of 2020. Around the same time, the gathering's first part, Sieun, was declared. The following day, September 9, Sumin and Seeun were uncovered as the gathering's second and third individuals separately.

On October 7, 2020, it was uncovered the gathering would comprise six individuals and would make a big appearance at some point in November.

On October 12, 2020, the gathering's appearing name, STAYC, was uncovered. From October 13 to 15, the introduction secrets for the individuals (Bae Soo Min, Yoon, Park Si Eun, Isa, Seeun, and J separately) were delivered, and on October 16, the gathering's mystery was delivered.

On October 23, a scheduler was posted on the gathering's social media, denoting their presentation to November 12. On this day, the gathering formally appeared with their first single collection "Star To A Young Culture" and its title track "So Bad".

On December 31, 50 days after the gathering's introduction, STAYC reported their authority being a fan name to be "Switch". The name, which was browsed a rundown of the north of 1,000 passages by fans, is a blend of STAYC and "WITH", signifying "Together with STAYC" or  "I'll be by STACY's side." Additionally, as "Swith" seems like the Korean way to express "sweet", the name likewise alludes to STACY's "sweet and wonderful" fans.

2021: First rebound with "Staydom", Stereotype, first music show win

On March 18, it was uncovered that STAYC was getting ready for their very first rebound. A secret posted onto the gathering's social media on March 24 declared their second single collection, named "Staydom", which was delivered on April 8 with its title track "ASAP".For this rebound, they changed their logo to a more humorous effervescent structure, to match the subject of the rebound.

On April 1, STACY's office Highup Entertainment uncovered that the gathering was chosen as models for LG Household and Health beauty care products brand.

On August 4, a source from High Up Entertainment affirmed reports expressing that the gathering was getting ready for a rebound. Be that as it may, a particular date was at this point to be set. On August 15, a spoiler picture was delivered for STACY's first scaled-down collection, Stereotype which was delivered on September 6.

On September 14, STAYC accomplished their first music show win with the melody "Stereotype" on SBS's The Show.


Subsequent to affirming on January 28 that young lady bunch STAYC is as of now amidst setting up another collection, HIGHUP Entertainment has at last delivered more subtleties! On February 8, STAYC uncovered the mystery plan for the gathering's rebound. The young lady gathering will be delivering its second small collection, 'YOUNG- LUV.COM', on February 21, at 6 pm KST (2:30 pm IST).

As per the mystery plan, we can expect idea photographs to drop on six sequential days, from February 10 to 15. Following this, STAYC will likewise be delivering two music video secrets as well as a feature mixture, paving the way to their rebound on February 21.

In the interim, on February 7 at 12 PM KST (February 6, 8:30 pm IST), STAYC had delivered the 'spoiler secret' for their rebound, declaring the name of the smaller than expected collection, 'YOUNG- LUV.COM'. The gathering additionally has a site set up with the words 'YOUNG-LUV.COM', with a commencement set up paving the way to the rebound.

STAYC appeared in November 2020, with their lead single 'SO BAD'. Following this, they delivered their second single collection 'STAYDOM' in April 2021, and its lead single,  ‘ASAP’. The gathering's most recent delivery is their first scaled-down collection ‘STEREOTYPE’, which dropped in September 2021, alongside its hit title track of a similar name. STACY's 'YOUNG-LUV.COM' will be their first rebound in around five months, as it discharges on February 21, at 6 pm KST (2:30 pm IST) Stay tuned for additional updates about STACY's forthcoming release!

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