Why don't guys find me attractive?

 Why don’t guys find me attractive?
Why don’t guys find me attractive?_ ichhori.com

Do you worry that you are not an attractive woman? 

Do you think guys don't find you attractive through no fault of your own?

Are you starting to lose faith in the buddies who tell you that you will find someone one day?

There is a lot of fluffy feel-good lovemaking advice out there for women, which is not based on reality.

I think ladies (and men) should understand the reality of their situation so that they can make moves to repair it.

That is why I have created this list of signs that you are an unattractive woman. Do not worry, it is packed filled with tips on what guys find attractive and can help with attraction.

I would also like to partake in the story of how you can win the heart of your dream man, anyhow of how naturally alluring you are.

In the past, I used to be the lady who would have a man's attraction for brief casual connections, but nothing more.

I wanted a loving beau and felt like I was a catch-but man would consistently fade before we got to know each other.

This all started to turn around when I began to learn about a cerebral trigger in the male mind called the' Hero's Instinct'.

When activated, this trigger can release intense and continuing feelings of desire within a man. Do it for long enough and it is possible to urge him ADDICTED.

I know because this was how I turned my lovemaking life around-and I know you can do the same.

This is my hashtag one tip for all women feeling frustrated with their love lives, whether they consider themselves alluring or not.

Either way, this list of not attractive traits within women will surely prove useful. Some might be the smallest amount of unexpected things, while others might be obvious and expected but a touch hard to measure with, accept or change. Then are ten signs to know if you are an unattractive woman or it is each in your head.

1) Advice on a skincare routine

One of the signs of not being attractive you ought to look out for is when people continuously advise you on your skincare routine. It means they feel you have got bad skin, and you have got no clue the way to a lookout of yourself so that they continuously suggest different skincare routine types for you. This happens when you have numerous skin reactions or labels that look out of control.

That is their little and indirect way of claiming, “ you look unattractive together with your skin because it is bad.” Some people could volunteer to buy you the products, supervise the routine, or volunteer to assist you to look after your skin.

2) You are quite loud

Attractive people are calm, mature, and only talk when asked to give suggestions or contributions. When they want to speak, they ask if it is okay to do so. Being loud means you are exorbitantly open about things, and you can't control your voice tone or the way you talk to people.

It means there is no filter, and you do not know when the time is right to mention certain things. Loud people occasionally get involved in fights, substantially if you stop them from expressing themselves. They have no control over their words and say unpleasant and stupid effects without minding their action's consequences. Being loud can diminish a guy's attraction for you. 

3) Low self-esteem

Your self-esteem is just the opinion you have got about yourself, negatively or positively. Having low self-esteem is one of the first signs that make you feel like an unattractive woman. It makes you unable to handle any problem you face with yourself as an individual and messes with your psychological health.

When you see yourself in a critical light and negative way, you tend to attract that to yourself. No matter how beautiful you may be, people will not find you attractive if you do not admit it first. The process of attraction starts from you.

4) Your sense of humor

People love funny women. A bad sense of humour is a major turn off for numerous people. It is okay if you flow with any discussion you have with a man by just responding with competent answers rather than trying to get too familiar with them by making fun of their points. On the other hand, guys find a good sense of humor to  be attractive

Having a bad sense of humour isn't just about telling jokes that are not funny; it is also about saying jokes that are hurtful or out of context to the content of the discussion. When you talk to a man, you tell jokes, and you observe he is not laughing at them, it could be a sign that your sense of humour makes you sound unattractive.

5) Poor personal hygiene

Still, that is another sign that you are unattractive If your hygiene is poor. Nothing wants to relate with a woman that wears unclean clothes or smells bad. So if you barely use fragrances, your clothes are dirty, and you do not care about them, also it is one of the signs that you are unattractive. People will avoid coming close to you because they would feel disgusted if they are doing.

Some would think if they tell you ways you look or attempt to give some corrections on how you appear, you will take it the incorrect way. So they would get on the safe side and stand back. Keep this in check.

6) Sense of fashion

Another physical thing that may go wrong is if your dressing sense does not fit — your dressing appearance matters. Imagine wearing tees and jeans to the beach once you should wear a bikini. That is unattractive. alluring people love to look and feel good about themselves, so they try as much as possible to stay on track when it comes to their outfits.

Another problem could be if your dressing does not fit with your body type. For instance, always wearing a straight dress all year round when you have a beautiful coke body shape, or wearing a skintight dress when you do not have a firm abdomen. A bad sense of fashion may be a sign of unattractiveness.

7) You always have a bad hair day

A woman’s hair is part of her pride. Your hair is one of the first effects people see on your body. A bad hair day ruins your whole appearance if you do not pull it off well. So it is okay to say that bad hair makes people look unkempt, hence unattractive.

Some women indeed go with stinky, untreated hair or rough-looking ones with dandruff, which is not alluring for a girl. It makes it worse when you are comfortable going out with it for occasions or places that have numerous people present. However, it is one of the signs that you are not alluring, If they react to it negatively.

8) Bad attitude

As minor as a bad attitude may sound, it makes people look unattractive. However, it may take time for him to relate with her again If a man has an experience with a woman that has a bad character. So try to hear the way you respond to people. Do not be rude or manner less in your discussions.

Respond politely and if you are feeling it is going in a negative direction, say it in a friendly way. Bad attitudes ruin good potential connections indeed when you are drop-dead gorgeous. It is one of the signs you should look out for if you feel you are an unattractive woman.

9) Lack of confidence

Confident people always appear as attractive people. They are known to be successful generally. When women have nothing to supply but are confident about themselves, they tend to get all the eyes they have from people. The opposite happens to a lady that lacks self-confidence.

Indeed though she has the world and more to offer, nobody seems interested because she can not defend her skills. Her level of boldness may be so low that it affects her speech and appearance as a boss. However, it is a negative trait, and it may be one of the signs that you may not be an attractive woman If you are going through this.

10) You worry about what people think

Attractive people do not mind what people have to say except they are going to hurt others. They live life the way it comes, and that they stay as happy as they need to be. You get more unattractive once you begin to be conscious about other people’s opinions about how you ought to look out of yourself as a lady, dress, ask people, or appear in public.

When you start thinking of the way to please everyone that complains about your lifestyle, it is one among the signs of unattractiveness, and you ought to be careful about it. Try not to mind much about what people have to say.



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