A women groped in MetaVerse!

A women groped in metaVerse! 

A women groped in MetaVerse!_ichhori.com

A forty-three-year-old British female claims she was groped in the virtual world by a group of male avatars. The woman named Nina Jane Patel has talked about being “verbally and sexually harassed" by three or four male avatars in Horizon Venues of Meta.
Moral issues have started showing up on the Metaverse already, and the newly- coined Meta network has added problems coming it is the way. A forty-three-year-old British female claims she was felt in the virtual world by a group of male avatars. The female named Nina Jane Patel has indeed penned down her ordeal in a Medium post, where she has talked about being “ verbally and sexually harassed" by three or four male avatars in Horizon Venues of Meta.
"It was surreal. It was an agony", is what Nina wrote in the post. She has indeed talked about the male avatars touching her character’s body inappropriately, and took screenshots for several minutes.
All these instances prompted Nina to sign out from the virtual metaverse immediately. She told The Mail that she had to take off the virtual reality (VR) headset to end the agony.
Nina’s post also touches upon some critical aspects about the metaverse created by Mark Zuckerberg and Co. She wants people to understand that beneath all the character play and surreal experience, there's a certain genuineness to the environment. But if ladies are going to face harassment in the metaverse or any virtual world for that matter, also the issues are largely symptomatic of the people living in both worlds.
Responding to Nina’s story, Meta spokesman quoted by Business Insider said, ‘We're sorry to hear this happened. We want everyone in Horizon Venues to have a positive experience, and effortlessly find the safety tools that can help in a situation like this and help us investigate and take action."
It seems like a case of deja vu with the Nina episode, and we're hoping Meta gets to the depth of the case and prosecute the culprits to set the right illustration for its future in the metaverse.
Talking about Metaverse, Facebook owner Meta Platforms shares plunged 20 late as the social media company missed on Wall Street earnings estimates and posted a weaker-than-expected forecast. The after-hours slump in Meta shares vaporized$ 200 billion worth of its market value, with another$ 15 billion in value lost from peers Twitter Inc, Snap Inc and Pinterest Inc.
According to a report by Reuters, net loss from Meta’s Reality Labs, the company’s augmented and computer game business, was$10.2 billion for the complete year 2021, compared with an a$6.6 billion loss the previous year. It was the primary time the company had broken out this segment in its results.
"Meta said it faced hits from Apple Inc’s privacy changes to its operating system, which have made it harder for brands to focus on and measure their advertisement on Facebook and Instagram, and from macroeconomic issues like supply-chain disruptions," as per the report.



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